"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

The Contuining Saga of the Probinsyanong Intsik Against the Establishment

I give Five-Star rating to ABS-CBN's live coverage of the Senate Hearing on NBN. Too bad, GMA7 missed this kind of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The show is at most melodramatic and serious, philosophical and dumber, mundane but very hilarious despite the absence yesterday of Madame Senator Meriam Sannity D' Funsore.
Probinsyanong Intsik aka P.I. Jedi

Here are some snippets from the Senate proceedings. Enjoy!

'Don't mess around with my wife!', Sen. Joker Arroyo to handsome Lozada.
"Huwag mo akong paikut-ikutin!", one exasperated former General, Sen. Biazon, to another exasperating former General, NAIAA Security Chief Angel Atutubo.

"Ayoko ng magtanong, hmmp..." an incensed Sen. Biazon.
'Gusto mo bang Inglisin ko? Bisaya ka ba? Conversation between Sen. Jinggoy and General (problem) Atutubo. (You have to listen to the entire tape or at least read the whole transcript of the exchanges between Sen. Jinggoy and Gen. Atutubo - this one really rocks!)

"Ayoko na!" an infuriated Sen. Jinggoy.
'Are you still my friend?' Sen. Chiz Escudero to Mike Defensor.
"I noticed that there is some kind of an attitude on the part of our law enforcement people, government officials from the executive department, like there is a tendency to prevent [Lozada] from attending to the Senate," Sen. Villar said. ( Finally, the light, he saw the light!)
"I never mentioned the name 'Ma'am' in my official functions in getting Lozada protected. I was acting on my own," deadma Sec. Atienza in reaction to Lozada's quoting him earlier: "Mag-uusap kami ni ES and ni Ma'am (I'll talk to ES and to Ma'am.") Atienza claimed he said "Mag-uusap kami ni ES at ni Ma..nny Gaite."
"I did not instruct him to go abroad. I did not prepare his travel papers or his flight (papers)," Manny Gaite told senators after admitting, even stressing earlier that he sent Lozada to London on Jan. 30, the day Lozada was supposed to face a Senate probe on the ZTE mess..
"There was no violation of security procedure or any breach of security," Angel Atutubo, head of airport security, told senators. "I am proud to say airport security is compliant with international aviation standards."

'So, is it a standard procedure for a VIP to arrive at departure?' Sen. Chiz Escudero to Gen. Atutubo.
"Let it be clear that there was no kidnapping nor abduction, the Police Security and Protection Office provided security for Lozada upon Lozada's request," Director-General Razon told the senators. "The PNP did not hold him, but were in fact securing his person. Lozada went with the PNP out of his own free will. Lozada was free to use his cell phone all the time. Lozada was free to leave the PNP at anytime," Razon said.

"He was a free man. He was free to use his cell phone all the time. He was free to leave the PNP any time he wanted to," Razon pointed out.

"I did not feel they were my protectors," Lozada to the senators.

'I am his lawyer, through third-party' lawyer Bautista to Senators.
'Sabi nya, lawyer ko daw sya.' Lozada refering to Bautista. 'But I did not ask him, I don't even know him!'
'Bakit walang pirma yung affidavit? Sen. Lacson to lawyer of 50 years Bautista.
'I am trying to test your morality' Sen. Enrile (a known Marcos henchman for 20 years) to Lozada, on why he did not immediately tell his friend/boss Romulo Neri about the NBN corruption.
Overall, this NBN hearing may be one of the most entertaining, if not 'd Best' Senate investigations so far, in aid of legislation/destablization since the Glory days. "The Saga of the Probinsyanong Intsik against the Establishment" has all it takes to hit the takilya bigtime. This real life experience of the country's Forestry Chief moderating the greed of the powerful dark forces of Philippine Society has all the makings of a good 'art imitating life' blockbuster. I think Dolphy or Ya Chang can play Lozada, a.k.a., the Probinsyanong Intsik Jedi (P.I. Jedi). But then again only Lozada himself can give justice to his 'heroic' role. Lozada has the face, the looks, the character, the demeanor of a great upcoming comedy/kung-fu/jedi non-action star, P.I. Jedi. Only Lozada has 'The Force' to fight a corrupt government and an imbecile script-writer. Only Lozada has the face all mothers would love their daughters to have for a husband with generous insurance policy. Only Lozada has the smile to captivate not only the nuns in the convent but also the priests in exclusive Greenhills' boy's school as well. Only Lozada can outsmart "George", the stocky colonel who moonlights as tourist guide/securer/kidnapper, but I swear, is the reincarnate of Comrade Vladimir Lenin, without the goatie. I know Seinfeld will object, but heck, George's real name is Paul Macarena, of the famed Trio Los Bobos company. The other two general members are: Angel Atutu BO Adada and A BO Lino Razmatash.

But even a real Jedi like P. I. Jedi is not all infallible. He's too human to err, i.e. Accordingly, he stole a little of the people's money here and there, but just the same, very miniscule compared to the boys of Big Boy of the Dark Force. Matter of fact, P. I. Jedi was sorry for being caught no less than by the very loquacious/lokamotive Sen. Meriam Sannity D'Fensore. And one wonders why the human rights Senator Arr Yo dude became ballistic when he learned that P. I. Jedi visited his wife in his very own home without his knowledge. Senator Yo sternly warned the P.I. Jedi: "Don't mess around with my wife!' Dang, that was strong!

That's why this Continuing Saga of the Probinsyanong Intsik, a.k.a. P. I. Jedi, is a great storyline with a life of its own, worth watching. Despite the PI Jedi's continued denial: "AYOKONG PUMUNTA SA SENADO, simpleng probinsyanong intsik lang po ako, ayokong sumali sa pulitiko", the booboo from Mr. Wetness of the Erap Empeachment fame, and the pogi points from Mr. Noted, Booted, Hooted, etc., one cannot hide the fact the plot thickens as PI Jedi assumes temporary residence at the Senate.

Meanwhile, read the following comments from the Senate's two young promising leaders. MAY THE PORCHE BE WITH YOU!!!

"May cover-up na nangyari at siguradong sisirain ang kredibilidad ni Lozada lalo na't ang kanyang mga istorya ay consistent (There is a cover up and they are trying to destroy Lozada's credibility especially that his story is consistent)," said Sen. Manuel Roxas.

"From the very start naman hindi nakikipag-cooperate ang mga taga-gobyerno marahil dahil may tinatago (From the very beginning the government witnesses are not cooperating. Maybe because they are hiding something)," said Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano.

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