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My Dad's a Rich Fatso - Luli Arroyo

Ok that is not exactly what Luli Arroyo said but basically she was lamenting the fact that her dad Jose Miguel Arroyo is an easy target by politicians because he was fat and rich to begin with thus they pick on him. Playing the rich vs. poor card is she?
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Bravo! Daddy’s little girl defending her dad is normal but really, is she naive or does she see a different reality from the rest of us ordinary mortals? Are we the one’s not getting it when she says that it was so obvious that all the accusations against her dad are politically motivated?

Granting that what Luli Arroyo is saying is true and it is also safe to say that majority of the accusations are politically motivated, are we going to dismiss it even if it has factual basis. Obviously Philippine politics is dirty but if there is no dirt to begin with then no matter how hard their political opponents try to discredit her family it will be all for naught.

Here is a quote from the article titled Luli: My family never made money illegally that was emailed to ABS-CBN correspondent RG Cruz:

My family has never made money illegally, much less made money from government contracts. My father (First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo) has always steered clear of any action that might even cast doubt on my mother's integrity.

She lamented that her family is being targeted because of her mother’s (President Gloria Arroyo) campaign against institutionalized corruption, being met with fierce resistance by corrupt people in government who are used to the old system of shady government deals. She then asks:

Why do people want to destroy my mother? Because she has tried very hard to take out the institutionalized corruption, so the way they fight back is to try to destroy my family's reputation.

It makes you wonder if she is on some drugs or something or maybe she had been sniffing the polluted murky Pasig River for too long that her perception of reality is clouded at best. Citing previous occasions where her dad showed professionalism and lost opportunities errrr situation back then when her mom was just the secretary of trade for her self validation in seeing her dad’s “virtue”.

In one magic stroke she thinks or perhaps deluding herself that the people will now dismiss Jun Lozada’s revelation. So in effect she is saying that the likes of Jun Lozada is their political enemy and perhaps this explains why SiRaulO Goonzales and the injustice department in tandem with the NBI aggressively investigating the whistleblower instead of the big fishes which unfortunately may include daddy and mommy dearest.

What is sad is she can only see the "attacks" against her family but never see the hypocrisy of the leaders her family and their supporters included in what apparently is a power struggle among traditional politicians quarreling over the spoils. She failed to see the demeanor of her mother’s followers in a glaring display of arrogance especially Presidential Chief of Staff Sergio Apostol’s racial slur heaped on Jun Lozada and the Filipino-Chinese in particular. As I was writing this I received an email from one of Among Ed Panlilio's supporters on an email sent by Kry’s Choi in Kaisa Yahoo group, a very powerful blog entry on how she feels about the scandal and the endemic corruption plaguing the nation. This is a young woman who makes more sense than Luli who is supposed to be sensible as the praise errr the press pictured her to be.

Poor girl, she is the only credible person among the Arroyo clan and now they have used their last card so ineffectively to get people’s sympathy to their side robbing errr rubbing us in the wrong way. Then Gloria Arroyo the following day cites Luli’s email in an interview by Manny Mogato of Reuters shrugging off speculations that she will not finish her term due to the raging ZTE-NBN kickback scandal, saying she knows her family well.

The disturbing news by Reuters is that Arroyo is here to stay till 2010 according to analyst because the opportunist errr opposition are too busy positioning themselves for the presidential election that they have no stomach to push for a protracted ouster. Besides she still controls the majority of tongress errr congress while enjoying the backing of the military so it will be a long uphill battle ahead unless, all the major stakeholders get their act together and have one course of action in mind………. pressure her to resign. GLORIA RESIGN! There that was easy so go ahead and say it.... grab the banner GLORIA RESIGN courtesy of Arbet at Blog @ Blogholding or Pedestrian Observer GB's Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm at this entry Join the Gloria Resign Blogswarm, also available at Flickr if you want a choice on size

Gloria RESIGN!

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