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Massive Rally Demanding Gloria's Resignation

International Herald Tribune headlines' "2 former Philippine presidents join thousands at rally calling for Arroyo's resignation" estimated at 80,000 by rally organizers reduced to 15,000 by the police.... hahaha are they blind or did they apply DAGDAG (add) BAWAS (substract) Comelec counting formula?

BBC News report Ex-presidents Cory Aquino and Joseph Estrada at Philippine rally in what Correspondents say was the largest demonstration against Gloria Macapagal Arroyo since the allegations emerged weeks ago.

Thousands gather in Manila for anti-Arroyo protest, in Reuter's Carmel Crimmins report and picture by John Javellana shows massive crowds.

Philippine military warns troops from joining rally calling for president's ouster in another International Herald Tribune article reported by Associated Press only shows the regimes desperation to counter the popular clamor for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's resignation that may turn into an ouster movement. Military chief of staff Gen. Hermogenes Esperon was quoted as saying:

A military intervention would surely weaken democratic processes and institutions. That goes against the aspiration of those who fought to regain our democracy.

Hello, in case the military backers of this lady does not notice she is the one that hinders the democratic aspiration of the people and not vice-versa.

The coup rumor and postponement of the trial against the military rebels shows that they are edgy and nervous at the prospect of having a military mutiny unlike that of the previous EDSA I opportunist group motivated purely by power grab and nothing more. This group of idealist soldiers should they succeed will hopefully distinguish themselves from the military opportunist of the past that will hold all those guilty of institutionalized corruption accountable.

Protest rallies were reported in other parts and outside of the country, dubbed as the biggest gathering so far under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's regime. The international press is starting to cover the news events sorrounding the scandal only shows that this "political noise" is not just a noise anymore but may turn into a tsunami of people's outrage and demand for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to be held accountable and responsible for all the scandals that points to her and her minions...... I say goodbye Gloria, heed the peoples call.....C'mon bloggers on with Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm.

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