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Investigating state witness Lozada

The zarzuela begins with full page ads in major newspapers by a “group” called Kongreso ng Mamayan (Citizens Congress) declaring Jun Lozada is not a hero calling for the “investigation” on the "brazen" irregularities committed by the star witness on the ZTE-NBN anomalous deal. Why in the name of Lady Madaya (Lady Cheat) are they investigating state witness Lozada instead of those he accused as the mastermind who concocted the deal in the first place?

Now why would an unheard of group of morons errrr Citizens Congress out of nowhere suddenly run an ad to discredit a “probinsyanong intsik” (Chinese hick) when the poor guy was just an accessory to the crime masterminded and orchestrated by his superiors high up the ladder all the way up to the stinking Pasig river?

In Newspaper ads won’t destroy Lozada’s credibility – Villar a report by Dona Pazzibugan quoted senator Manny Villar:

Those hit by Lozada’s exposé will try to destroy his reputation and will come out with that.

Unfortunately those who are drunk with power do not see the moronic if not comical brazenness thinking it is effective in fooling the people with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordering Injustice Department to investigate the witness instead of those named by Lozada is just dumb. Like a loyal lapdog SiRaulo Goonzales immediately set up a group of persecutors errr investigators led by Undersecretary Ernesto Pineda. Joining Pineda in the kennel errr panel are Asst. Chief State Prosecutors Severino Gana, Migeul Gudio, City Prosecutor Emilie Fe Delos Santos and Senior State Prosecutor Aileen Marie Gonzalez as members.

As if this is not enough we see the NBI’s “swift reaction” raiding Jun Lozada’s office which they claim was not a raid but nevertheless they or he whoever is telling the truth ransacked Lozada’s office looking for “evidence” to implicate Lozada. The NBI are either criminal conspirators of the scam artist high up the ladder or plain stupid judging from this statement:

NBI Deputy Director Victor Bessat said the bureau sent an agent to the PFC office in Fort Bonifacio after a Senate hearing revealed allegations of corruption against Lozada.

Sounds familiar isn’t it? One is reminded of Acza Ramirez the poor whistle blower turned principal suspect paraded by GMA on National TV and those BIR officials alluded to laughs their way to the bank. Is this a repeat of the Acza Ramirez sad experience? What are these people thinking? That people are so dumb to fall for this brazen criminal harassment of the witness because this time around the tables are turned against their favor? It makes me wonder why Chavit Singson a self-confessed Jueteng bagman was never investigated for the crimes he committed who was even appointed as presidential adviser on games and amusement. I hope he was not instrumental in Pampanga becoming the Jueteng capital of the Philippines, or was he?

Norman Bordadora of Inquirer reports Evidence from NBN probe enough to charge Mr Arroyo & Abalos according to former senator Jovito salonga, to quote:

The former Senate president, who wrote a book on the rules of evidence said the citizens' watchdog groups Kilosbayan, Bantay Katarungan and Bantayog ng mga Bayani were set to file a complaint before the Ombudsman against Mr. Arroyo, Abalos, Neri and even Environment Secretary Jose “Lito” Atienza for allegedly trying to prevent broadband deal witness Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr. from testifying in the Senate.

"If his testimony was about his personal knowledge and experience, it won't be hearsay. I'm pretty sure there are parts of his testimony that are based on his personal knowledge and experience," Pangalangan said.

For instance, he said, Lozada "dealt with Abalos face to face. He deal with Neri face to face."

These people are so comfortable with their shameless brazen act in their lame attempt to cover up their greed, using the state for their criminal act to suppress and bully the very people they should protect. The people can see this and it is not working anymore. In the same article former senator Jovito Salonga further stated the involvement of Abalos, Jose Miguel Arroyo and even Gloria Arroyo:

"According to the transcripts, former Commission on Elections chair Abalos is heavily involved.... The First Gentleman is also involved," Salonga said in a news conference at the Kilosbayan House in Mandaluyong City.

In the case of the President...she was the one who went to China...to witness the signing of the deal when the contract was not government-to-government but with a private company. She went to Boao, China and she was...directly involved in the case of a contract with a Chinese corporation.

The Lozada revelation has further eroded whatever credibility this government has and how can we the people allow such brazen act of impunity as if the nation is populated by dumb unthinking horde of zombies? We will see if majority of the people share the same sentiments of Trillanes & Lim's hope that the NBN witness’ testimony to awaken people in a report by Joel Guinto:

"Dissent without action is consent,” he said. “We are all after the truth. Without the truth, we are bereft of morality," Gen Danilo Lim

Speaking of truth here is another dumb moronic response coming from Vivianne Yuchengco a stockbroker lamenting MBC’s (Makati Business Club) statement urging those involved in the ZTE-NBN scandal to resign and tell the truth. She was protesting the act as political in nature, “destructive” that “destabilizes” and calls for the Makati Business Club president to resign, tracing back their long tradition of Makapili errr collaboration all the way to the conjugal dictatorship. Of course she is not happy because it affects the stocks but what may I ask is wrong with asking for the truth and accountability from government official? I even find the statement too lame because they should have asked for Arroyo's resignation which is the right call. Instead of asking for the resignation of a president racked with scandals she opts to call for those seeking the truth and accountability to resign is truly a perversion of morality to the lowest degree. This is akin to blaming the rape victim instead of going after the rapist, heaven forbid with this kind of sick mentality and attitude it is no wonder why we are the basket case of Asia.

At the rate these geniuses conduct politics and business dealings in the Philippines it comes as no surprise to see The Australian with this headline, Arroyo's man in 'Sopranos graft bid' and they are indeed right on target.

If only the Supreme Court acts on the question of "executive priviledge" case of Romulo Neri in the same DOJ & NBI's "swiftness" then this scandal would have been done and over with. They are the last bastion of sanity in this dysfunctional governance unless they deliver soonest there maybe some dire consequences on those seeking justice or those using justice as a tool to perpetuate their greedy stranglehold to power and corruption that goes with it..

Greed & Corruption is like a jar of Jalapeños. What you do today…………….. might burn your A$$ tomorrow. Or are we having too much fun watching The Contuining Saga of the Probinsyanong Intsik Against the Establishment that no one is paying attention anymore? Now is the time to pressure Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to RESIGN! If not now when? Investigating state witness Lozada shows perverted dispensation of justice, have we not have enough of this insanity?

Today is Valentines day..... give us some LOVE Madam President and spare us the agony of your scandal prone administration, step down now, have mercy on the people. A lasting gift we truly appreciate restoring the nations sanity and dignity should you set an example to the rest of the equally corrupt trapos (traditional politicians) that we need real change now or forever sink in the quagmire of corruption and mal-administration.

Let it be known that Pedestrian Observer GB supports the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo RESIGN BLOGSWARM, how about you? To join the BLOGSWARM post your "favorite" picture of Lady Madaya demanding her resignation and expressing your indignation at her scandalous corrupt administration.

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