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Without Access to TRUTH, RIGHTS are mere PRIVELEGES from an INHUMANE SOCIETY

"Perry Diaz" PerryDiaz@gmail.com at Fil-Soldier, 2.22.2008, citing a report on her interview with DZRH radio commentator, Joe Taruc, wrote that GMA admits knowing about the allegations of corruption before she signed the ZTE Deal:

MANILA, Philippines--President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo admitted Saturday she was aware of allegations of high-level corruption in the National Broadband Network project, but she did not stop the signing of the deal with ZTE Corp. last April 21 because she felt then that diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China were in peril. The President, speaking mostly in Filipino, made this disclosure in an interview with radio commentator Joe Taruc over dzRH.

and observed that:

Finally, Gloria Arroyo admitted that she was aware of allegations of high-level corruption in the NBN "sweetheart deal." But she did not stop the signing of the deal because she didn't want to jeopardize her "special" relations with China. Ha ha ha....

In the end, Perry Diaz aptly said that:

This is the biggest joke so far in the NBN corruption scandal. She placed the interest of corrupt Chinese officials over the interest of the Filipino people. She could have come up with a good excuse and told her Chinese friends that the review of the contract was not yet completed. I guess US$70 million for FG Mike Arroyo was too enticing to let go of the deal.

And if we may add further, why did she not direct her trusted ailing Secretary of (in) Justice, Raul Xanax Gonzalez to look into the matter immediately before or after she signed the deal? Is it because she had learned that those involved in the corruption are people close to her? Is this not a form of criminal omission on her part? Why cancel the deal only after the odious ZTE story came out publicly? Or IS THERE SOMETHING DEEPER BEHIND THIS RECENT INCANTATION FROM GMA? ,

Is this not a mere ploy of GMA to distance herself from the principal players in the aborted ZTE deal and create before the public, a KOSHER PERSONA for GMA regarding this deal, in order TO STYMIE for a while the rising public outrage against the aborted and graft riddled ZTE deal, while she and her cabal try to arrange for an acceptable exit strategy for her and family, in the eventuality that one is needed because of the ever rising repugnance of the public from this aborted ZTE deal?

This is a most propitious admission from GMA and it could not have been accidentally made, given the dire consequence for any missteps she could make at this moment! Yet from this admission, we could readily smell the same obnoxious and repulsive odor that accompanied as well Manuel Gaite’s admission, assaulting the very core of our common sense, when he said that he was the one who gave P500,000.00 for Jun Lozada while Lozada was in HK but, with a straight face, clarified, even before any body asked him about it, that the money given was from a private source (implying that it was not stolen from public coffers) and for Lozada’s personal use only(to show that it was not given to induce him not to appear before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee). The is the same engulfing odor that followed the wake of Neri’s ala OBAMA’s pious call for the resurgence of the “ Politics of Hope’ after describing GMA," an evil woman", while he continuously refuses to appear before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee!

These admissions, denials and official posturing of people from Malacanang on the ZTE deal, in the light of Jun Lozada’s testimony as well as the manner which this regime had managed issues of truth, regarding scandals after scandals involving people and public officers close to the powers of the realm, engendered in us various unanswered but fundamental questions on the culpability of certain public officers and the privilege of this regime to continue managing the country during the remaining period of its term.

Necessarily, these unanswered questions bring us back to that particular advice of Father Manoling Francisco, S.J. in his homily last February 17, 2008 during that mass celebrated for Jun Lozada at DLS Greenhills, when he said:

By conflating one's responses to all these questions does one arrive not at hard evidence showing culpability on the part of some government officials, but a ghestalt, an image which nonetheless demands our assessment and judgment. I invite all of you then to consider these two methods of evaluating and judging the moral credibility of any government, the moral credibility of our present government.

It is true that simply by merging our answers to these fundamental questions , we could not be provided NOW with hard proof showing the guilt of those concerned. But these same answers are not without use. As Fr. Manoling Francisco, S. J. pointed out in that homily, these answers could lead us to a clear image how this present regime, how this government handles and takes TRUTH and all its challenges, as a vital and indivisible cog for a just, humane and free society. And it is for that matter that we , the Filipino people , regardless of our political orientation, station in life or religious persuasion or gender, must pass judgment on the moral integrity of this government NOW.

To wait for tomorrow; to simply MOVE ON; to wait for the right successor to GMA ; to let the rule of law runs its course, to wait until 2010 etc. is simply to procrastinate before the PESTILENCE strutting like an “ ovulating peacock ” in our midst . It is tantamount to our approval of GMA and her regime to continuously default in their most basic obligation to the FILIPINO people and it is no different from a surrender of one of our most fundamental rights as a human being – ACCESS TO TRUTH.

Without access to truth, all our rights become mere privileges, virtual slaves to the whims and caprice of greed and injustice while we bequeath to our children an inhumane society.


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