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Arroyo's Open Dishonesty & Concealed Hypocrisy

One thing worst than an OPEN DISHONESTY is a CONCEALED HYPOCRISY .

Even the blind could see clearly through GMA’s call to the FILIPINO PEOPLE for a ‘new people power’ during her cabinet meeting last February 26,2008, as reported by
Joel Guinto at INQUIRER.net.

The new people power from GMA exhorts everyone in the society from the government, church, people and media to help each other to prove that truth and democracy exist in our society. Quoting GMA, she says:

Dapat pagtulungan natin lahat, gobyerno, simbahan, mamamayan at media, upang mapatunayan ng mamamayan ang katotohanan at katarungan sa ating mga institusyon ng demokrasya at hustisya. [The government, the Church, the people, and the media should help each other, to prove to the public that there is truth and justice in our democratic and legal institutions].

Ito ang bagong people power, nagbabantay sa mga proseso ng batas upang lumabas ang buong katotohanan [This is the new people power, watchful of legal processes to ensure that the truth will come out].
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For all of us who have been following GMA’s record since she usurped the position of the Supreme Trustee of the welfare and interest of the Filipino nation and its people in 2004, this is another spin to hoodwink the Filipinos from the truth about the rapine of decency, truth and justice in public service during her watch.

From the time she fraudulently took the highest civilian position in the land in 2004 to the present, she left, in its wake, a swath of depredation in national governance.

Propelled by the bottomless greed for money and power, the hallowed values of a free, just and humane society were scuttled into smithereens. Statutory privileges were manipulated or abused to protect those in power from their criminal acts or omission in the performance of their obligations to the people. The vigilance of the people to secure transparency in the national governance by their leaders in government were received with mailed gloves, often times with fatal consequence on many young social activists and journalists. The principle of check and balance between the principal branches of government were more observed in violation than adherence. Accountability in public service has become a farce as close political allies, family and friends turned public office as a cash cow. Public service virtually became a cottage industry for private profit for the chosen mortals in our midst.

Now, with the explosive Lozada expose on the ZTE deal clearly reminding ONCE AGAIN the public of her dismal record of service to the people, she piously presents a facade of honest sincerity of concern and care for the law, people and country.

Tama na naman itong moro-morong ito.

This administration is foolish to believe that it could lie to us again this time. Your lying days, ladies and gentlemen are over.

After all that we were made to suffer, we already know that no one could ever cure a fool of its greed. This administration had lied to us so many times before in order for it to buy time so that it may continue in its merry greedy ways. This call for a NEW PEOPLE POWER is simply another version from the mouth of a die in the wool LIAR who has turned now into a HYPOCRITE, in order to hide the true nature and intent of the messenger to weather this growing rage of a people, long maligned and abused, for truth and justice.
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