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New People Power - GMA

Joel Guinto reports' on Arroyo's call for ‘New People Power,’ in a spit errr speech at a cabo (lieutenants) ooops cabinet meeting urging the public to keep a close watch on the legal processes to ensure the truth to come out.
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Is this a sign of dementia, out of touch or is she lying through her teeth? This is definitely not a stand up comic act so when you see such grandiose stance amidst the raging scandals as if she was not the scandal herself, seems she is so out of it or deliberately fooling herself into thinking she still has some semblance of credibility.

She calls on the people from all sectors to come together for a “New People Power” when she has the ridiculous if not stupid E.O. 464 that exempts her lieutenants from testifying is just absurd. I wanted to laugh at the farce of it all but at the same time feel insulted at how she denigrates the intelligence of the people, thinking they will easily fall for it is just unimaginable. Unless she is desperately trying to reinvent the wheel on the dynamics of people uprising someone really needs to go seek medical help…. definitely should seek the best shrink kickback money can buy.

How we wish we can say that this is just plain hypocrisy on the part of the administratong people because whatever they are trying to shove in our throats is beyond hypocrisy, this is plain criminal behavior. How can you appeal to the citizens in the interest of truth when your lap dogs errr injustice department runs after the whistleblower? Instead of investigating the major players such as the Full of Greed errr First Gentleman and his golf buddy former Comelec chairman Benjamin Abalos they are going after Jun Lozada. They even have the audacity to broadcast their misdeeds in the print media that they will charge Lozada with violation of confidentiality. And La Presidenta expect people to cooperate with her legal processes that is nothing but a joke and a tool to silence people in the know or privy to shady dealings in her scandal plagued administration?

A history of lying, an inquirer editorial sums it aptly:

The Arroyo administration has had a long history of dishonesty, deceit and lying. Its leaders are caught in a tangled web of deception. They have lost all moral authority to govern the nation.

In a society where people are honest where cheaters and liars are the aberration people in elective position resign at the slightest hint of scandal. In the Philippines when a group of people expressing their collective disgust and demand the resignation of the culpable leader, (not just once but a mind boggling never ending scandals that deals with hundreds of million dollars not even counting the electoral cheating) their motives are questioned and lumped with the "demonized enemies" of Gloria Arroyo as if she is the state such as what this lady columnist is peddling. Is it possible for a change, just once por favor señora de quack quack to focus on why people are outraged and demanding her resignation?

You know when she came out with a supposedly ‘partial conclusion’ she left out the most crucial part of the equation……. exculpating La Presidenta dearest since there is “no” evidence linking her “directly.” Yeah, now we know why she is saying that, she wants her to stay but are we surprised? Of course not because you can’t expect people like the crooked trapos (traditional politicians) to be accountable and in the interest of truth will not relinquish their position just like the Mafiosi boss will have to be taken out feet first. But then again these are people with no decency so to expect them to resign is like expecting hell to freeze over. That does not mean that people should stop their demand for her resignation and in their cunning mendacity tries to dissuade people into the inevitable culmination of a people power as the anger and frustration builds up.

Manolo Quezon cites Belinda Cunanan’s portrayal of the oppositions ‘intellectual dishonesty” as if she even has a concept what that means when husband dearest Ret. Gen. Thelmo Cunanan was appointed head honcho of the SSS (Social Security Service) while writing for and in favor of the administratong constitute what then? Anyway, MLQ is probably too exasperated to deal with it, and I quote:

I leave it to Uniffors, though, to chew on in. If anyone can get her goat, that blogger will. Perhaps Bel has no diplomatic experience and so needs to be informed what it means when a head of state witnesses the signing of any sort of official document.

The problem with Philippine ATM Journalism errr journalism is they don’t seem to have a clue on disclosure and this is true with other industry as well. You can’t expect these people to disclose material facts so one can make an educated decision, and it will be nice if the liepapers require proper disclosure especially to their kotonglist errr columnist. So if that is in place Belinda’s column should have a disclosure that his husband is under the payroll of the government in the same manner that Alex Maligno (my apologies to the malignos for mistaking them for Alex) errr Magno should disclose his “government agency consultancy,” then let us see if people will even bother reading their opinions. Why even bring this issue down the level of the trapo (traditional politicians)power struggle in their game of musical chair when this is all about integrity and dignity of the Filipino people is just so shallow. Is it because their very corrupt existence and "livelihood" depends so much on which side of the corrupt political group prevail thus they tend to ignore the peoples clamor for meaningful change?

The spin doctors of the administration are having a hard time keeping up with the evidences pouring out of the hearing with the addition of Dante Madriaga in an Inquirer account implicating quite a few accordingly lumped into what he termed, Filipino group & Chinese group. The Filipino group known or referred to as “Greedy Group Plus Plus” composed of resigned poll chief Benjamin Abalos, Ruben Reyes, Leo San Miguel, retired General Quirino Dela Torre, and the “First Couple,” now we know why they try to “MODERATE the GREED.” Damning testimony indeed if this can be proven that also implicates the ZTE officials of bribery in advancing US$41M to the "Greedy Group Plus Plus" to make sure they get the deal. You may want to check on Ellen Tordesillas blog titled “The Madriaga files on NBN/ZTE” purportedly coming from Dante Madriaga and see for yourself.
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Is this their response to what they foresee as the inevitable outcome of her refusal to vacate her post? A people power that is new not from her cunning definition but one where accountability and retribution that was lacking in the previous EDSA uprising will be the logical conclusion. As the events unfold and slowly they are exposed for what they are, the people have been frustrated for so long and suffered long enough that it will be unrealistic not to expect retribution this time around……………. will it happen, let us see….. but right now even if you are for ouster of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Pedestrian Observer GB is still on Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm. Why? Because it makes no difference at this point whether you are for ouster or demanding her resignation since it all boils down to one thing... we have had enough of the lying, cheating and institutionalized corruption from the top. If you are an Overseas Filipino and prefer to sign a petition online go to Migrante’s Bagong Bayani Ayaw kay Gloria (BABAY GLORIA)……..

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