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A Call to Catholic Bishops


by Ning Santos

N E W S B R E A K!!!!


In today’s (February 10) issue of Philippine Daily Inquirer, here is the story on “Why Lozada opted to testify at last minute:”

“Lozada said (Mike) Defensor assured him (Lozada) the media will be managed (“tatrabahuhin”) and that GMA 7 news anchor and senior vice president for radio Miguel “Mike” Enriquez will be “in charge of your press conference.” (Mike) Enriquez said he was shocked.

“Lozada, in an interview with the Inquirer and GMA 7 last night, said Defensor told him to deny he had been abducted because the controversy was hurting President Macapagal-Arroyo.”

February 9, 2008

Dear INTERNET Friends,

In view of the Revelations of RODOLFO “Jun” LOZADA JR. on, among others, the $130,000,000.00 “Commision” demand by former COMELEC (of “Hello Garci” notoriety) Commissioner Benjamin Abalos, Sr. in the $329,000,000.00 aborted contract with China’s ZTE Corporation, aside from the MANY LIES and LIARS in HIGH GOVERNMENT and MILITARY, I am resending copy of letter I sent last October to Archbishop Diosdado A. Talamayan.

ALL the about 100 Active MEMBERS of the CATHOLIC BISHOPS CONFERENCE of the PHILIPPINES or CBCP were sent hard copy of the letter!!!

While the letter is addressed to a Catholic Archbishop, it is actually a Reasoned Demonstration and Exposition why LIARS Rule the Philippines, an ACTUALIZATION or REALIZATION of what I wrote on February 1, 2005 in the Preface of my book “The PRESIDENT and Her MEN KISS the ASS of RAMON TULFO:

“What more picturesque sight can one find to demonstrate this power of Satan over Philippine Society than the spectacle of the President and Her Men Kissing the Ass of Ramon TULFO, the Super, Super Liar son of Satan?”

LIARS Rule the Philippines !!!

October 29, 2007

Most Reverend Archbishop
Arsobispado nat Tuguegarao
Rizal Street, Tuguegarao City
3500 Cagayan North , Philippines

Dear Archbishop TALAMAYAN,

Pax Christi!

This refers to the news item which appeared in the October 26, 2007 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

“ North Luzon bishops want GMA to stay.”

“In a statement, Tuguegarao Archbishop Diosdado Talamayan said 12 bishops from the North had prayed together and discussed the issue and agreed not to support the call made by three bishops from Luzon for Ms. Arroyo to step down.

“We, twelve bishops, after praying and discussing the problem, believe the alleged bribery between Malacanang and some government officials is an issue that has to be primarily resolved in the sphere of temporal affairs, particularly politics. Thus, we are not in a position to render judgment on the veracity of the matter,” Talamayan said.

“Therefore, as ministers of the Church, it is not our prerogative to support the call for the President’s resignation. However, as pastors, it is our duty to look after the moral life of the faithful. Therefore, we welcome the idea that a thorough investigation should be done in order for the truth to prevail.”

TRUTH Can be Reached by the Human MIND, even UNAIDED by Prayers or Divine Revelation

The Archbishop and his Companions of 11 Bishops, I am sure, recalling their classes in Scholastic Philosophy, specifically elementary logic and epistemology or gnoseology, firmly believe that the human mind, unaided by any Divine Revelation, can arrive at ABSOLUTE TRUTH with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY like one plus one equals two, or, if two statements contradict each other, one of them must be NECESSARILY and SURELY FALSE although BOTH could also be FALSE.

GMA, One BIG LIAR, Leader of Equally BIG LIARS!!!

This “paper” will PROVE and DEMONSTRATE, without the aid of “Divine Revelation,” that President ARROYO is One BIG LIAR aided by her TOP Advisers (CABINET Secretaries) who are Equally BIG LIARS.

Let us start with the recent P500,000.00 Cash Dole-Outs handed to several officials in a meeting (early this month of October) of over a hundred Government Oficials, in Malacanang.

LIARS in the P500,000.00 Cash Dole-Outs

On the P500,000.00 cash dole outs handed inside Malacanang of which one of the recipients is Governor Ed Panlilio of Pampanga, Archbishop Talamayan and the other Bishops can arrive at the ABSOLUTELY TRUE CONCLUSION that either Presidential Political Adviser and Cabinet Member RONALDO PUNO--- or--- Eastern Samar Governor-League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP) Secretary-General BEN EVARDONE and Palawan Governor-LPP Spokeperson JOEL REYES--- are LYING--- or that ALL the THREE Government OFFICIALS allied with the PRESIDENT are LYING.

Why is this so? Because RONALDO PUNO said the money came from Speaker JOSE de VENECIA. This claim is CONTRADICTED by both Governors EVARDONE and JOEL REYES of the LPP who said that the money came from them.

Also, GOVERNOR PANLILIO said that the bundles of P1,000.00 bills given him are wrapped with papers bearing the name “Bank of Commerce” whereas the LPP cash assets are deposited in three banks namely Philippine National Bank, Land Bank of the Philippines and Banco de Oro.

The above statements are proofs enough to make ABSOLUTE CONCLUSIONS with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that EVARDONE and JOEL REYES could also be LYING, in which case these THREE OFFICIALS ALLIED with the PRESIDENT could ALL be LYING!!!

I have demonstrated to you, Archbishop Talamayan, that one can arrive at ABSOLUTE TRUTH with ABSOLUTE CERTITUDE (that at LEAST THREE—it could be FOUR---OFFICIALS Allied with PRESIDENT ARROYO Are and Could Be LYING) by USING Ones UNAIDED (by Divine Revelation, or by Prayers) MIND. And one need not be a PhD to achieve this feat!!!


So that Archbishop Talamayan and his Companion Bishops will be enlightened even without going into deep prayers and meditations for guidance, I present here some of the LIES Coming out of the PALACE and TOP PALACE AIDES:


There are MANY LIARS here because the LIE was formulated by Members of the CABINET, led by Finance Secretary Margarito Teves. That such a group of “elite individuals supposed to posses brilliant minds” were not able to “see” the “GRAND STUPIDITY” of the decision is a FULFILLMENT of the warning made centuries ago that “whom the gods want to destroy make crazy first.” The decision to “Smash the 18 Luxury Vehicles” is ONE CRAZY, Insane, Very, Very STUPID Decision.

This LIE on SMUGGLING Cost the Filipino People P40.0 Million to Show on TV Worldwide, A Cecil de Mille Production for WorldWide TV Exhibition of the LIE and Stark and Utter STUPIDITY of the Philippine PRESIDENT and Her CABINET Secretaries!!!

Although it is a little difficult to demonstrate this as a LIE, I will try to explain it as a LIE ACCORDING to the SCHOLASTIC Philosophy definition of “to LIE” which is “Loqui Contra Mentem” the English translation being “To Talk Contrary To Ones Own Mind.”

The Archbishop and the Bishops, I am sure, because of their thorough groundings in Scholastic Philosophy, can easily understand my explanation

how the PRESIDENT and Her MEN LIED to the FILIPINO PEOPLE and to the WORLD in this instance.

It is assumed here that God has implanted some Truths in the hearts (in cordibus) and minds of all human beings as they are created to enable them to live in communities.

To lie is to pronounce or speak or say or utter words to ones audience (Latin for listeners) whose meaning(s) is (are) contrary to the contents of the mind of the speaker.

President Arroyo announced on the third week of August 2007 that she ordered the smashing of 18 smuggled luxury vehicles (valued at P40.0 million) to send a strong message to the smugglers that “they will not be allowed to redeem other cars that may be auctioned off through their paid proxies.”

THIS is a LIE!!! (and a Very STUPID LIE) because it is not by smashing the cars by which you send a strong message to the smugglers to teach them a lesson. You teach them a lesson by CATCHING them and IMPRISONING them, not by Smashing the immobile Cars , HELPLESS and UNABLE to DEFEND THEMSELVES (Ha! Ha! Ha!) against the Presidents’ VERY STUPID DECISION carried out by EQUALLY UNTHINKING huge machines!!!

If this is a LIE, what then is the TRUTH that RESIDES in the MIND of the PRESIDENT and Her CABINET Secretaries?

The TRUTH in the MIND of the President is this: I and my TOP AIDES KNOW ALL ABOUT SMUGGLING. But we will HIDE from the FILIPINO PEOPLE our knowledge by FOOLING them, by a show, TELEVISED WORLDWIDE: the destruction and smashing of P40.0 million worth of luxury cars on the PRETEXT of teaching the smugglers a lesson. The Filipino People, because We Consider and Treat Them STUPID, will BELIEVE this LIE, and we will be safe from the suspicion of the people that WE KNOW ALL ABOUT THE BIGGEST SMUGGLINGS going on at Customs Ports and other parts of the country!!!

If the PRESIDENT and Her TOP PEOPLE are NOT PRETENDING that they REALLY DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the SMUGGLINGS going on, then the MULTIBILLION PESOS Intelligence FUNDS of the President, the Cabinet, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and All Other Law Enforcement Agencies of the Government were all USELESS. Then, also, all the Top Officials of the Bureau of Customs, the thousands and thousands of Customs Policemen and Intelligence Agents, and Inspectors and Collectors are ALL BLIND, STUPID PEOPLE and all SMUGGLERS are Super, Super INTELLIGENT, Super, Super SMART, Super, Super EFFICIENT so that they were able to FOOL ALL the over 100,000+++ Military People, the Philippine National Police, the Navy, the Coast Guard, the National Bureau of Investigation, the over 5,000 Customs Employees and Officers with all their contacts among the Brokers, Shipping Companies, Importers, Exporters, Banks, Truckers and Haulers with whom the Smugglers must make arrangements, pay charges, etc.

But the MULTIBILLION PESOS Intelligence Funds are NOT USELESS, and the over 5,000 CUSTOMS Officers and Employees, and over 100,000+++ MILITARY, POLICE, and other GOVERNMENT LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS are NOT ALL STUPID AND BLIND!!! Also, The Smugglers are not Super, Super INTELLIGENT, Super, Super EFFICIENT, Super, Super SMART!!!

ERGO, President Arroyo and Her Top People

Come on, you 12 Archbishop and Bishops, I am sure you understand my explanation and you have no way of refuting it, that the President LIED about the SMUGGLERS and SMUGGLING when she announced she was having the 18 luxury cars destroyed to teach the smugglers a lesson.


As Filipino Citizens, Archbishop Talamayan and all the other Bishops have the RIGHT (not OBLIGATION) to CHOOSE to SUPPORT or NOT to SUPPORT President ARROYO.

As Filipinos, they are FREE to SUPPORT the President EVEN though She Has Been PROVEN to Have MASSIVELY LIED to the FILIPINO PEOPLE.


BUT DO the Archbishop and the Bishops think they could still be EFFECTIVE PASTORS to Their FLOCKS at the same time that They ARE SUPPORTING a LYING PRESIDENT?

Archbishop Talamayan and the 11 Bishops, YOU are FREE to SUPPORT President ARROYO But YOU Should CONDEMN the LIES of the President and her Top Aides If You Want to be Worthy of Your Appointments by the Vicar of Christ on Earth as SHEPHERDS of CHRIST’S FLOCK. You know your Latin, Qui Tacit, Consentit!!!

Satan’s LIARS Rule the Philippines through President ARROYO

On February 1, 2005, I wrote in the Preface (page viii) of my book “The PRESIDENT and Her MEN KISS the ASS of RAMON TULFO,” these prophetic words:

“What more picturesque sight can one find
to demonstrate this power of Satan over Philippine Society than the spectacle of the President and Her Men Kissing the Ass of Ramon Tulfo, the Super, Super Liar son of Satan?”

I say prophetic because a few months after these words were written, the Filipino People were subjected to Many LIES Coming from MALACANANG and TOP People Allied with the PRESIDENT, such as:

  1. The “Hello Garci” tapes.

  2. The non-release of the “Mayuga Report,” supposed to be the results of the investigation of the “Hello Garci” tapes.

  3. The Flight to U.S.A of Joc-Joc Bolante to Hide the Truth about the P728 Million Fertilizer Fund Scam

  4. The Secret Private Funding (US$75,000.00 monthly)of the Venable Contract

  5. And now, the SECRECY and DENIALS (meaning LIES) by TOP OFFICIALS Allied with the PRESIDENT surrounding the US$10,000,000.00 BRIBE OFFER offer to Jose de Venecia III and P200,000,000.00 BRIBE OFFER to former NEDA Director-General Romulo Neri by COMELEC Chairman Benjamin Abalos in connection with a US$329,000,000.00 Government Project to be shouldered by the Filipino People.


Archbishop Talamayan and the 11 Bishops can be excused for SUPPORTING the PRESIDENT if the ONLY LIES coming out MALACANANG and Leading Officials Allied with the PRESIDENT are the ones in connection with the P500,000.00 Cash Dole-outs about which they have prayed for guidance before making a decision to SUPPORT GMA as against the Support of People allied with Bishops Julio X. Labayen, Deogracias S. Iniguez Jr. and Antonio R. Tobias.

But the LIES (to the Filipino People) of GMA and Her TOP AIDES are TOO NUMEROUS!!!

I am sure the 12 Bishops know that Christ CONDEMNED LYING above murder, stealing , fornication, etc. by His assertion that “Satan is the father of liars!!!

The 12 Bishops, as Filipino Citizens, Have All the Rights as Filipinos to SUPPORT the CONTINUED STAY of the PRESIDENT in MALACANANG.

BUT since they are ALSO the PASTORS of the Filipino People, it is Their DUTY to DENOUNCE LIES COMING from MALACANANG and the TOP OFFICERS ALLIED with the PRESIDENT.

NOT to DENOUNCE LIES from the PALACE and ANNOUNCING the Bishops’ CONTINUED SUPPORT for the PRESIDENT would SURELY CONFUSE the FLOCKS of these Bishops. The Archbishop and his Bishop Companions would be guilty of committing SCANDAL!!!

(Dear Archbishop and Bishops, Please consult your theological notes on SCANDALIZING the Small Ones.).

For the SCANDAL Arising from their OPEN SUPPORT of GMA without CONDEMNING the LIES of GMA and Her BOYS, the punishment to be meted them, coming from the mouth of Christ Himself is as follows:

“Utilius est illi, si lapis molaris imponatur circa colium ejus, et projiciatur in mare, quam ut scandelizet unum de illis!!!”( “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.” (Luke 17, ii).)

You are FREE to SUPPORT the President even if she has been Found to be MASSIVELY LYING to the FILIPINO PEOPLE.

BUT You are NOT Free to be SILENT About Her LIES and those of Her AIDES!!!

Let me share with you, dear Archbishop Talamayan and the other Bishops, another appropriate Biblical passage that NOW Describes the FIGHT in which your fellow BISHOPS (of which Bishops Labayen, Tobias and Iniguez are active combatants) are now engaged in MORTAL COMBAT!!!

“Quonian non est nobis colluctatio adversus carnem et sanguinem; sed adversus principes, et potestates, adversus mundi rectores tenebrarum harum, contra spiritualia nequitiae, in coelestibus…”(ad Ephesios, 6, xii).

Deo gratias!!

In Christo

Ning Santos
Author: “Liars, Intimidators and Extortionists in Philippine Media,” and “The PRESIDENT and Her MEN KISS the ASS of RAMON TULFO”

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