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Chronology of Events on Lozada's LSGH Sanctuary

Chronology of Events:

LSGH Brothers' Community as Sanctuary for the Lozada Family

13 February 2008

We wish to offer you this narration of facts concerning the De La Salle Brothers' role in providing sanctuary to the family of Mr. Rodolfo Noel ("Jun") Lozada in order to dispel any questions that may remain unanswered as a result of inadequate media reporting and/or half-truths being propagated by officials who purport to know the facts. These, then are the facts:

06 January 2008, Sunday

The Lozada couple asked if they could seek sanctuary in the school for the safety of their children if the need should arise.

30 January 2008, Wednesday

Mrs. Violet Lozada called Brother Felipe in his office around 11 AM and temporarily entrusted the four Lozada boys who are students of La Salle Green Hills to the care of the Brothers. She picked them up in the afternoon of the same day.

04 February 2008, Monday

Mrs. Lozada called Br. Felipe requesting the Brothers to take care of the family. She came late in the afternoon after fetching her daughter from her school. The family spent the night in the Brothers' House. Carmen, Jun's eldest sister, arrived in the Brothers' House around 9:30 pm

05 February 2008, Tuesday

Around 5:00 pm Mrs. Violet Lozada reported that Jun Lozada was "missing". She was distraught the whole time while calling relatives and the media to help in the search for her husband. Two trusted Religious Sisters came early evening to comfort her and her children

Around 9:00 pm Br. Felipe contacted Mr. Mike Enriquez, an alumnus of La Salle Green Hills and newscaster of GMA 7, to inform him that the Brothers were providing sanctuary to the family of Jun Lozada. The call to Mike Enriquez was made in confidence.

Around 10:15 pm Carmen called up Br. Felipe and told him Jun Lozada will arrive in La Salle Green Hills with the police.

Around 10:30 pm Jun Lozada arrived in a police vehicle with the markings Police Security Protection Office accompanied by Col. Mascarinas and about six (6) other policemen. Only the driver was in police uniform. Carmen and Br. Felipe met Jun Lozada at the entrance of the Central House of the Brothers. Immediately Jun, Carmen and Br. Felipe went up to the Brothers' House. Col. Mascarinas went up the Brothers' House and left shortly after. Jun Lozada embraced Br. Felipe and said, "Brother, it was a close call. I'm just so glad I'm alive." Carmen called Violet and Jun embraced her in the corridor of the cloister in the Brothers' House. The children also kissed and embraced their father.

Around 10:45 pm Col. Mascarinas talked with Br. Felipe and told him that he does not want media to know that Jun Lozada is in LSGH. Br. Felipe walked towards Gate 7 followed by a policeman and called the guard stationed at Gate 2. Br. Felipe gave instructions not to allow anyone to enter the campus, especially media, without his knowledge.

Around 11:00 pm The brothers and sisters of Jun Lozada arrived. They talked in the Lanai in the Central House for about 20 minutes.

06 February 2008, Wednesday

Around 10:15 am Jun Lozada was taken out of La Salle Green Hills by Col. Mascarinas and the policemen.

Around noontime Sr. Roseanne from the Social Action Office of the CBCP arrived and talked to Violet and Carmen.

Around 2:05 pm Sr. Roseanne called to say that she had not yet talked to Bishop Pabillo but that she left word for him.

Around 3:30 pm Jun Lozada is returned to La Salle Green Hills by Col. Mascarinas

Around 3:45 pm Sr. Roseanne informed Br. Felipe that Bishop Pabillo will see Jun Lozada around 8:00 pm that day.

Around 7:00 pm Col. Mascarinas asked Br. Felipe to clear former Secretary Mike Defensor to enter La Salle Green Hills to talk with Jun Lozada. Shortly after, he arrived with his wife and was met by Br. Felipe in the elevator lobby of the Brothers' Community. Jun Lozada and the Senator talked in the herbal garden of the community in the 3rd floor.

Br. Felipe requested Col Mascarinas to move to the Lanai in the 2nd floor of the Central House

Around 8:00 pm Bishop Pabillo arrived and was briefed by Br. Felipe. Around this time, Br. Felipe was informed that Atty. Bautista was coming to LSGH to meet Mr. Lozada

Around 8:30 pm Brothers Dodo, Armin, Felipe and Bishop Pabillo met in the office of Br. Dodo.

Around 9:00 pm Brothers Dodo, Armin and Felipe and Bishop Pabillo went up to the Brothers' House.

Carmen, Violet and the children wre praying the Rosary in the community chapel. Br. Felipe asked Carmen to call Jun Lozada at the request of Bishop Pabillo. Jun Lozada was, at this time, in the Lanai talking to Atty. Bautista. Jun Lozada arrived and narrated his story to the Bishop in the presence of the three Brothers and Violet. After his narration, Bishop Pabillo and the Brothers decided to support Jun Lozada in his desire to speak out.

Around 10:15 pm In order to ensure the family's safety, Brothers Armin and Dodo called the Religious. Around a dozen Religious came. Bishop Cortez also came. Bishop Pabillo proposed that a press conference be held at La Salle Green Hills.

07 February 2008, Thursday

Around 12:01 am The Religious Sisters, Brothers and two Bishops met to discern and look at various options. Mr. Lozada was again invited to narrate his story.

Around 1:15 am A decision was reached by Mr. Lozada, in consultation with the Bishops and Religious present, to hold a press conference at La Salle Green Hills and to have Mr. Lozada turned over to the Senate Sergeant-at- Arms immediately after.

Around 2:00 am A press conference was held at the National Shrine of the Divine Child of LSGH.

We remain committed to supporting Mr. Lozada in his desire to speak out the truth. We uphold his right to speak the truth as he sees it or as he has experienced it. We are not in a position to judge the veracity of what he has presented or will continue to present as his testimony. That is for the proper investigating bodies to determine. Our only concern, as Christians and as religious, is to make it possible for this Filipino citizen to speak his truth without intimidation or any form of harassment.

As we would for any persons who perceive that their lives are in imminent danger, we are committed to providing sanctuary and a safe abode for Mr. Lozada's family. We believe this to be our duty as Christians and as religious.

Br. Edmundo L. Fernandez FSC
Brother Visitor

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