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A follow up article on the Questionable OFW Party list.

This Ahon Pinoy brouhaha is getting interesting and from Manny Amora came this blog from a so-called “philosopher”, named Lloyd Luna a “webdeologist” whatever the hell that means:

To those who don’t know yet, I’m helping my friend Klink Ang, the President and CEO of The Manila Times on his nomination in the Congress to represent AHON PINOY Party List, a party-list for OFWs. To me, helping him is already a privilege.

Ok, so now we know and glad we are learning more of this “confederati of women network” (according to votester) disguising as Champion of OFW Party. At least the guy is “honest” confessing like the self confessed little brother Jose Pidal and Lady Telebabad on her “indiscretion” (yeah, sure I believe that uhuh) that gives us some insights on what this is all about. Will someone please tell this “Pilosopong webdeologist” that the party list is intended for marginalized sectors and his chicken (as in manok di bah) running as representative of the OFWs when he is the CEO of MT. Here’s another “good” one from Mr. “webdeologist”, motivational (If you ask me it’s more of motivational conspiracy to screw the OFW sector) speaker:

Today, I personally meet his campaign manager, his dad, Sec. Dante Ang of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas. We scheduled this meeting on Thursday after Ian and I visited him in his office in Osmena Highway. I thought I would just present the initial website study but when Klink and I got there (at the Bayview Hotel which was originally set in their office in Aduana), we just had some chit chat and eat.

Sec. Dante Ang, from nowhere, said if the party wins he will surely ask to be a consultant. If they would win three slots, then I would have three consultancies, he said.

Hah, there it is in black and white patronage politics in digital form for the world to see. Now what in heaven’s name was that all about, don’t they know that Father don’t know best should not get himself involve directly or indirectly in his son’s campaign. Either they are too deluded or think they can just get away with Akbayan’s electioneering charges or they think they are untouchable. In countries where people adhere to strict ethics and code of conduct they resign their public position or take a leave of absence if they are to get involve in campaigning for anyone not just close relatives.

This “webdeologist” is promised 3 by the Elder Ang the campaign manager, yes you got it 3 consultancy if they win with the required number may just get such and what is in store for OFWs, nothing but bogus representation. What about that Klink, so you say you are your own man, uhuh yeah I believe that. You are your own man alright but daddy dearest directs the campaign and offering people position in your “future pork barrel tongressional” seat contradicts your “feeling insulted” with Ms. Rosales.

There are a lot of people in the OFW sector and not one I repeat NOT ONE has ever claimed or deluded themselves into thinking they are the champion of the Migrants. I am sorry Klink Klunk but I have never heard of you or what exactly it is that you have done to deserve such distinguished “champion” of the migrants title.

And then we have another anonymous feedback on the article wherein he sees the uncanny similarity of Ahon’s website header with that of the government website http://www.gov.ph/ . Hmmmmn, looks fishy to me and I hope these people are not squandering government resources to further their questionable ends.

Let me end this with Manny’s sentiments and repost the 11 questionable party lists supported by a convicted rapist, confessed Jueteng bagman, elder brother of Abalos, reincarnated vigilantes and numerous characters of the self admiration club of rejects:

Are they legitimate OFWs? Who sacrifice loneliness away from home and love ones, poured tears and blood for our motherland to uplift our economic condition? Are they truly Bagong Bayani?

Questionable Newly Accredited Party-list Organizations listed by Akbayan

Sigaw ng Bayan Groups

Babae Ka! - Sigaw ng Bayan Member (Pro Peoples Initiative group). The group has links with Malacanang’s Office of External Affairs (OEA). In the recent SWS survey, it has a threshold rating of 1.5 %

Ang Kasangga- Has links with the Office of External Affairs (OEA) of Malacanang, the government office behind Sigaw ng Bayan. It is also associated with the Beta Sigma Fraternity. Its president is FORMER Assemblyman Jose Tumbokon. He started his career as messenger, rose through the ranks and served as chief of office before he became assemblyman and presidential adviser. He was appointed minister of state of information and official spokesperson of the Interim Batasan Pambansa and the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan during the Marcos regime.

Akbay Pinoy- Its Chairman is Bong Guro. This group is also a member of Sigaw ng Bayan. It was legally charged by Makati residents together with Sigaw ng Bayan for manufacturing signatures for the GMA administration’s People’s Initiative.

AKSA- Aksyon Sambayanan (AkSa) is a phony social democratic movement affiliated with the government ally Partido Demokratiko Sosyalista ng Pilipinas (PDSP). Norberto Gonzales and its Secretary General Beth Angsioco head it.

Initiated by government officials or traditional politicians

KAKUSA - Its Chairman Emeritus is convicted child rapist and former Zamboanga
del Norte Representative Romeo Jalosjos. It is represented by its national president, R. Dodong Canonigo. The Lamb of God Foundation, an outreach program for elderly inmates established by Jalosjos, is supporting it.

AHON PINOY OFW Party - backed up by Dante Ang, Chairman of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas and CEO of the Manila Times. The Number One nominess of Ahon is “Klink” Ang, son of Danter Ang. It has a 1.2% threshold rating in the recent SWS survey. Its president is Director Nicon Fameronag of the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Information and Publication Service (IPS) (2003). He is also a member of ONE VOICE.

Biyaheng Pinoy- An association of tricycle drivers, Arsenio Abalos sits as director and national council member of the party. Who is Arsenio Abalos? The elder brother of COMELEC chairman Benjamin Abalos. Also, The group was founded and is chaired by Mandaluyong Vice-Mayor Jesus Cruz, who claimed to be a tricycle operator before.

ANAD- was formed in February 2003 by the National Alliance for Democracy (NAD), the movement that supplanted the dreaded Alsa Masa, a vigilante group organized by the government in
Davao. NAD serves as the umbrella organization for all anti-communist forces in the country. In 2004, NAD registered ANAD as its party-list group.

AANGAT TAYO- Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) Pharma Executives Vice President Teddie Elson Rivera is the group’s president. PITC is a government-owned international trading company with over thirty years experience in the export, import and marketing of a wide range of commodities, industrial products and consumer goods.

In August of 2004, PITC was designated as a key agency in the implementation of the GMA’s 10-point legacy, which includes the lowering of the prices of essential medicines by 50%, by 2010. PITC is also in charged of importing medicines for GMA’s Botika ng Bayan.

Aangat ang Kabuhayan (ANAK) -Its number one nominee is Supt. Eduardo Octaviano of the Philippine National Police (PNP) National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

AGBIAG!- Marcelo Farinas II, Malacanang’s Secretary for External Affairs is the group’s Secretary-General. Agbiag enjoys the backing of Chavit Singson.

As if the likelihood of fraud is not bad enough in the national and local level it now appears that the party list system is the subject of abuse and outright bastardization of the process. What’s up with this, where are we headed with all these?


Update 4/2/07 3:00pm

GMA news came up with this sketchy report:

The Urban Poor for Legal Reforms (UP-LR) and Bantay R.A. 7941 (the law that created the party-list system) have sought the disqualification of 44 sectoral nominees led by Biyaheng Pinoy bets lawyer Jesus Cruz and Dr. Arsenio Abalos.

The two groups argue that Cruz, being the incumbent vice mayor of Mandaluyong City, and Abalos, brother of Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr, could not represent Biyaheng Pinoy which is a tricycle drivers’ organization.

Myrna Porcare, UP-LR secretary general, said some people have sought the “bastardization" of the party-list system to deprive the poor from being represented in government.

“Do you believe that a transport group would be represented by a doctor who is a brother of the chairman and by one who is a vice mayor?," she asked.

“The party-list system was set up for the poor. The way it is happening now, the rich are stealing the rights of the poor," she added.

The poll body’s legal department has been refusing media access to the list of party-list nominees saying that doing so would defeat the spirit of sectoral representation.

The 41 party list groups whose nominees are being asked to be disqualified are:

1-United Transport Koalisyon

Aangat Tayo

Abante Ilonggo


Abgbiag Timpuyog Ilocano Inc.

Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines Inc.

Ahon Pinoy

Akbay Pinoy OFW-National Inc.

Aksyon Sambayanan


Alay sa Bayan ng Malayang Propesyonal and Repormang Kalakal

Alliance for Barangay Concerns

Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy

Alliance of Neo-Conservatives

Alliance of People's Organizations

Alliance of Volunteer Educators, The True Marcos Loyalist Inc.

Alyansa ng mga Grupong Haligi ng Agham at Teknolohiya Para sa Mamamayan Inc.

Ang Galing Pinoy

Ang Laban ng Indihinong Filipino

Angat Antas Kabuhayan Pilipino Movement

Angat Ating Kabuhayan

Arts Business and Science Professional

Asosasyon ng Maliliit na Negosyanteng Gumaganap Inc.

Association of Administrators, Professionals and Seniors

Babae Para sa Kaunlaran

Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines

Bagong Alyansang Tagapagtaguyod ng Adhikaing Sambayanan

Barangay Association for National Advancement and Transparency

Bigkis Pinoy Movement

Biyaheng Pinoy

Biyayang Bukid

Filipinos for Peace, Justice and Progress Movement

Hanay ng Aping Pinoy

Kapatiran ng mga Nakakulong na Walang Sala

Kasangga sa Kaunlaran Inc.

Kasosyo Producer-Consumer Exchange

Pwersa ng Bayaning Atleta

Sulong Barangay Movement

The True Marcos Loyalist Inc.

United Movement Against Drugs

NOTE: I have removed PARENTS ENABLING PARENTS (PEP) in the list of Urban Poor for Legal Reforms (UP-LR) and Bantay R.A. 7941 they are petitioning for disqualification based on feedbacks from Scumey and Yuko Takei. They are victims of this educational plan company and it seems they are being victimized again in the conduct of dirty electoral contest populated by "fixers" (as reported by TV news crew) and inept body tasked to oversee clean and honest election.

Carbon Cebu Market Photo courtesy: Andre Cawagas an excellent Artistic Photographer check out his flckr page.

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