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4/2/07 Update

In an Inquirer editorial Party Time Ahon Penoy (nah, not a typo they actually represent penoy balut and not Pinoys) once again is in the “lime light”, unlike this urot has zeroed in not just on Klinkity Klink Ang whose Daddy a MT publisher and CLOSE ALLY of Arroyo, but the rest of the pseudo OFW representatives. The other two are Ernesto Herrera III is a son of a labor leader and former senator. Bernardo Ople is a brother of the late labor secretary, senator and foreign secretary Blas Ople.

The party list indeed was introduced by post Marcos constitutional framers to embed marginalized sectors in a congress dominated by the powerful and privileged rich minority ruling elite, what the heck are these pseudo leaders making a mockery of a good intent to afford the marginalized representation. There’s a word for that in the vernacular, SWAPANG AT MAKAPAL ANG MGA MUKHA (greedy dense callous bastards) out to scam marginalized sectors of genuine representation.

Here is a good one from the Inquirer editorial:

Yesterday, the Comelec's officer in charge, Commissioner Resurreccion Borra, acknowledged the obvious. "We are not hypocrites. Some nominees are well-to-do who don't represent the marginalized," he said in a TV interview. (Would that Chair Benjamin Abalos spend more time abroad and leave the interviews to officials who know whereof they speak, and who speak with becoming candor.)

Afterwards, in a phone interview, Borra was just as candid: "It's a reality we have to face. The party-list system was created for the marginalized sector but the reality is, some nominees are other than that [that is, marginalized]."

Now what was that all about, shame on this Borra he should get bura (erased) from his useless position if he can openly admit such incompetence and open admission (que barbaridad, that is just the dumbest) that people are breaking the law and he say’s they are not hypocrite. If this is the kind of people tasked to oversee this coming May election what are the chances that we will have a clean and honest election? Where is Abalos and why is he leaving someone like Borra to speak for them, well he is out on junket according to the editorial. Ok, will it make any difference if Abalos was there? The editorial has this to say at the end on the reasoning behind this abuse and fraud:

If Akbayan party-list Rep. Etta Rosales is correct, the Arroyo administration is now in the middle of an attempt to smuggle in its own party-list representatives through that same door. Last week, she charged that the Comelec had accredited at least 11 suspect party-list groups, with varying degrees of connection to Malacañang or Palace officials. (At least one party has since been removed from the list of accredited groups.)

The object is clear: The administration has seen the potent role played by a bloc of like-minded party-list representatives in both attempts to impeach the President. Now it wants to fill the party-list seats with friendly bodies.

That, not to put too fine a point on it, is an abuse of the party-list system. One way to stop it is to make the list of nominees transparent; another is for the Comelec to act on the evidence, and disqualify those who pretend to live on the political margins.

It’s a good recommendation but too soft, they are openly violating the law. They should not just get disqualified; bringing them to court charging them with fraud is a better option to discourage anyone from making a mockery of our electoral laws.


Another follow up on this pseudo OFW party list a shameless ploy out to pull a fast one on OFWs and the electorate. A search on Ahon results in this find below (what a gas):

Votester 2007

Ahon Pinoy is a confederation of different community-based mothers' clubs which aims to address the concerns of women. Last edited by halalan_admin [ Report ...
votester.yehey.com/global/partylistmain.php?id=20070220133732621 - 16k - Naka-Cache - Mga katulad na webpage

These are some of the reactions from Overseas Filipinos on the Ahon Patrty List and obviously no one has even heard of Klink Ang and his party.

Jun Aguilar: Being just one of the convenors of the PPP, I'd like to comment on the issue of AHON as the Chair of the Filipino Migrant Workers Group.

First, all the nominees were never known to me nor to any of our allies when we were fighting for the passage of the Absentee Voting Law, Dual-Citizenship Law and the Anti Money Laundering Act. I can say that I personally attended countless Meetings, Forums, Workshops etc here at ground zero but never did I encounter any of those so called "Champions of OFW's". I never seen them in any Congressional hearings or Rallies that were conducted in the past for the Sector that they wanted to represent.

Second, the timing of their Candidacy obviously smacks with dubious machinations. They are like "instant noodles" that in three minutes they became the OFW Gladiators in shining Armor.

Third, if they think the Overseas Filipinos are short of memory and dumb stupid not to see what is obvious, and then they better think twice.

I have seen so much of pseudo-leaders who took advantage of the Sector with some of them able to make millions out of it. There are those who are making a living by continuously misrepresenting the Sector.

These are the Champions who have never thrown a punch!

Daphne Ceniza: I agree totally with Jun.

Me Ann Pineda: Heard of Dante Ang first in Hong Kong when they launched their magazine. Besides providing an avenue for OFWs to bring out their issues in his paper,

I am not aware how else he or his group has advanced the cause of OFWs.

I have been there when the Party List system was first implemented. even before an information campaign could be started, there were already (and amazingly, OFWs themselves) those who didn't encourage to do the info drive because for them, the more informed the people are the more will participate and thus making their chances of winning slim. We saw how others would strategize by affiliating with the big national political parties just to win, and more realized that they don't even have to win. Just get in the wagon for the money. That is how the OFWs in politics have evolved. They became the people they once criticized! It indeed could be the law of attraction working.

Mila Aguilar: It's a pakawala of the admin, Me Ann. One of the 11 or more party list groups that Gloria's team has fielded to ensure that they have a Congress solidly against impeachment. They're not even campaigning, but you'll find their names on ballots upon counting.

Winda Lagumabay : It is a sign of desperation, this frenzied creation of
bogus party lists among other things. Another is the number of praise
releases that extol the many wonderful' things kuno that this administration
has done to the country.
I suppose they realize they can't kill or imprison all of the opposition in time for
the election

Leo J. Santiago: I am now fully convinced that indeed the Administration had organized some partylists to counter the influence of the progressive groups. I am certain now that those listed by Rosales of Akbayan are not the only one.

Consider: The Bigkis Pinoy is another one that has been accepted by the Comelec for partylist. As far as I know the group has been disqualified by the Comlec some six years ago as a partylist. It has been there for years now and nobody touches it until this time.

How it was able to get accreditation is the big question. I know, because the friend of the First Gentlemen was so vocal that they have the funding in the campaign until they were disqualified.

My friends, it is up to us to do something to expose some machinations that will thwart the people's voice or people's victory. It is still safe to fight and vote for the progressive groups for you know they will expose the cheating, corruption and highhandedness of people in government... I am sure they will do what they are expected to do: expose people in government who abuse our trusts, and hope.

Go forward. Let us do our task of uniting our people, overseas and inside this country.


There are now a total of 91 party list and may climb to 93 if their petition goes thru with the comelec. I am sure this is not what the constitutionalist intended when they introduced the Party List system but leave it up to opportunist and scalawags, they can really mangle the pure intent into a terrible muck of scams. Just so no one forgets here is the list again:

Questionable Newly Accredited Party-list Organizations listed by Akbayan

Sigaw ng Bayan Groups

Babae Ka! - Sigaw ng Bayan Member (Pro Peoples Initiative group). The group has links with Malacanang’s Office of External Affairs (OEA). In the recent SWS survey, it has a threshold rating of 1.5 %

Ang Kasangga- Has links with the Office of External Affairs (OEA) of Malacanang, the government office behind Sigaw ng Bayan. It is also associated with the Beta Sigma Fraternity. Its president is FORMER Assemblyman Jose Tumbokon. He started his career as messenger, rose through the ranks and served as chief of office before he became assemblyman and presidential adviser. He was appointed minister of state of information and official spokesperson of the Interim Batasan Pambansa and the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan during the Marcos regime.

Akbay Pinoy- Its Chairman is Bong Guro. This group is also a member of Sigaw ng Bayan. It was legally charged by Makati residents together with Sigaw ng Bayan for manufacturing signatures for the GMA administration’s People’s Initiative.

AKSA- Aksyon Sambayanan (AkSa) is a phony social democratic movement affiliated with the government ally Partido Demokratiko Sosyalista ng Pilipinas (PDSP). Norberto Gonzales and its Secretary General Beth Angsioco head it.

Initiated by government officials or traditional politicians

KAKUSA - Its Chairman Emeritus is convicted child rapist and former Zamboanga
del Norte Representative Romeo Jalosjos. It is represented by its national president, R. Dodong Canonigo. The Lamb of God Foundation, an outreach program for elderly inmates established by Jalosjos, is supporting it.

AHON PINOY OFW Party - backed up by Dante Ang, Chairman of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas and CEO of the Manila Times. The Number One nominess of Ahon is “Klink” Ang, son of Danter Ang. It has a 1.2% threshold rating in the recent SWS survey. Its president is Director Nicon Fameronag of the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Information and Publication Service (IPS) (2003). He is also a member of ONE VOICE.

Biyaheng Pinoy- An association of tricycle drivers, Arsenio Abalos sits as director and national council member of the party. Who is Arsenio Abalos? The elder brother of COMELEC chairman Benjamin Abalos. Also, The group was founded and is chaired by Mandaluyong Vice-Mayor Jesus Cruz, who claimed to be a tricycle operator before.

ANAD- was formed in February 2003 by the National Alliance for Democracy (NAD), the movement that supplanted the dreaded Alsa Masa, a vigilante group organized by the government in
Davao. NAD serves as the umbrella organization for all anti-communist forces in the country. In 2004, NAD registered ANAD as its party-list group.

AANGAT TAYO- Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) Pharma Executives Vice President Teddie Elson Rivera is the group’s president. PITC is a government-owned international trading company with over thirty years experience in the export, import and marketing of a wide range of commodities, industrial products and consumer goods.

In August of 2004, PITC was designated as a key agency in the implementation of the GMA’s 10-point legacy, which includes the lowering of the prices of essential medicines by 50%, by 2010. PITC is also in charged of importing medicines for GMA’s Botika ng Bayan.

Aangat ang Kabuhayan (ANAK) -Its number one nominee is Supt. Eduardo Octaviano of the Philippine National Police (PNP) National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

AGBIAG!- Marcelo Farinas II, Malacanang’s Secretary for External Affairs is the group’s Secretary-General. Agbiag enjoys the backing of Chavit Singson.

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