"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Ang kapatiran banking on Principle, Integrity & Honesty in the 2007 Election

There’s a new player in town, a team unlike the disUnity or the GO between in a game that is tilted to favor the traditional players who has never heard of level playing field and fair play. Unlike the ones who promise you a Super Highway Robbery errr project, Fertilizer Scam errr funds that fattens their pocket instead of the farmers’ crop, or give known big time tax evaders amnesty these team promises nothing but their honesty and credibility. Yes, unlike the old tired shady characters we confused for our leaders and mostly jokers laughing their way to the bank this team offers hope and salvation.

They are subject of ridicule for their shoe string campaign budget whose source of funding this nation has never seen before. A people funded campaign where Jueteng and big business vested interest are off limits in their plunge to do battle against what’s perceived as a formidable opponent whose very weaknesses are their bulging pockets. This is the first step towards participatory democracy wherein the leaders’ loyalties are on the people who supported them through their contributions and word of mouth.

People so used to what’s “normal” are in quandary what in heavens name are they thinking so they say jumping in the muck of the dirtiest game in town with no money is a sure formula for defeat. Yes it maybe if you the electorates allow your good old tired traditional politicians to win but the eventual losers are not this new team of upright gentleman but you the people. How else will the traditional politicians recoup their investments running from P200 million onwards but dipping their dirty hands in the treasury (your own money duh as in you taxes) in the form of un-accountable and un-audited pork barrel? That is just the Pork barrel how about the other perks and the convenience of setting the rules of the game for their businesses and industries and their big vested interest backers of the legitimate and illegitimate kind? Just so we remember here is a timely quote from an article at PCIJ 11/ 6/04 issue titled Pork barrel for politics, not development by Yvonne T. CHUA & Booma. B. CRUZ:

Take that away, ano pang gagawin namin?" asks Compostela Rep. "Way Kurat" Zamora. "Of course, there's the national budget, naming of streets, but saturated na rin ang laws. And I think without that (pork), no one will run.

As one lawmaker notes, "You have just one flashflood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary.

Despite all these open admission of squandering people’s money and you are still voting and rooting for these trapos then you really deserve each other.

I have listened to the Pod Cast (nak’s did I not tell you folks sometimes you can get lucky and beyond belief found something good in the Philippine newspaper) of the three musketeers errrr candidates of Ang Kapatiran and surely I was impressed. This is nirvana; I can’t believe what I am hearing it is so surreal that I have goose bumps listening particularly to Martin Bautista. In it he cites corruption in the Philippines that has reached the lethal level literally killing our people. A doctor who sees the effects of lethal corruption with his patients would surely see it as morally reprehensible and so should we. Think about it majority of our people in the Philippines are poor and barely surviving not having enough to put food on their table as Bautista mentioned are in dire situation when they get sick, that is just so tragic. In contrast just look at how congress and the office of the president who seems to be on the verge of showdown where no bills seems to pass with so much in fighting and drama that will give soap operas a run for their money. And when it comes to approving their billions upon billions of peso national budget they all of sudden gets kissy kissy as if they were long lost friends seeing each other for the first time.

Vinchu Lapid the membership committee chairman of Ang kapatiran who is gracious enough to entertain my queries and here are some highlights:

Our platform clearly states that we are against the pork barrel - that's where the candidates get their money for elections - so if you do away with that, we start to do away with misplaced campaign spending.

Our platform clearly states that we are against any form of gambling: therefore if we had our way, there will be no more jueteng and PAGCOR from which to draw campaign funds.

Our principles and platform clearly states that we are against a politics based on patronage, therefore if there are voluntary donations from individuals and corporations (which we should publish so people will know); we should make it clear that we do not owe these people any favors, we only owe them the duty to work for the common good.

Yes the strict code of ethics was one reason why we have so few candidates. There were many names mentioned who are even now very good prospects, and have a deep love for country, but they may be living with another woman. Or sometimes, their views on a gun less society are not the same, but the biggest problem is that most incumbents (with the one exception of Joker Arroyo) are they are for the pork barrel.

Let me tell you that our three present candidates were invited to run. Jess Paredes never even thought about it before Nandy Pacheco called him up. And Martin had never heard of us when called to a meeting. They were asked to study the party platform, asked to meet and dialogue with our officers, and asked to go into prayer and discernment and make sure their families and friends would support them in a "cause". We were very careful not to have any candidate with anything that could be said against him or her, no past baggage, no political affiliations in the present government, no questions about their private lives.

Another source that got me excited is Chee Garcia of OFW Net a classmate of Martin Bautista and I quote:

Yes, they may not get that one seat in the May 14 election BUT it is a very good start. We just have to prepare more, strategize how we can wisely allocate the limited resources and get more qualified, well-intentioned people to run. There are so many of them but the amount of resources they perceive they need to shell out becomes quite daunting for them. That's why we need to show them that it can be done. And that's why someone from Kapatiran has to win. That's why I'm fully supporting them. They're a real alternative to TU and GO. We're hoping that this movement will snowball and create a groundswell of support for the non-trapos. And I'm confident that it will. ;-) How's that for positive thinking?

There are so many write ups about them so I will not delve into it for fear of sounding like a broken record and forgive me for just this one that really has drawn me on this Iskolar ng bayan. He has uttered something I have never heard from any candidate before, respect and trust in the goodness of man unlike others who continuously beat the crap out of our Filipinoness. Just for this He has my support and encouragement because a person who respects the sanctity of human life, one who speaks against human rights violation is a person I truly respect. Enough said I am not going to bore you anymore with repetitious blah blah blah just go to their site and read their Platform, the site for the Bio of Martin Bautista, Zosimo Paredes II and Adrian Sison, their Podcast at Inquirer Bautista, Paredes II and Sison.

I am so excited but at the same time there is this sliver of liberal democrat in me that makes me uncomfortable with their catholic centered outlook but as the popular Filipino saying goes “ang taong nagigipit sa patalim man ay kakapit”. Well this is one knife I don’t mind grabbing at least compared to the other alternative of a bloody upheaval who will settle any political difference under the barrel of a gun. This is definitely a safe choice (living life to normal expectancy and not cut short by some numb nut whose brain fell off his index finger) and God centered at that is a better option than the same old trapos. Another good thing about this party is for once we can counter these religious sex errr sects that dictates on their tithing like zombie followers who to vote shamelessly taking advantage of patronage politics at the expense of our suffering people. We should put them in their proper place……. a miniscule minority for what they are has no right whatsoever in dictating the outcome of our electoral process. What about these rumors that there is now a fee to get their blessing, if this is true this is like getting the blessing of the devil for those they blessed seems to be the devil incarnate themselves.

Well, there are challenges and there are challenges but this is the opportune time to rally behind these candidates who may change the way we conduct politics

This talk about garnering votes higher than the squandering trapos in the tail end as a moral victory is defeatist and should be discouraged. We are just in the campaign period, voting has not even started and some supporters are already conditioning their minds and conceding defeat in exchange for a moral victory? In the first place you are in an arena of immoral politicians run by equally immoral operators of the cheating kind so where is the moral there? The point is these candidates are opening the flood gates that signal the start of leveling the political playing field. A level political playing field will of course give rise to genuine leaders with integrity whose interest is to serve their people. Voting and campaigning for these candidates is not enough though we still have to come up with a collective response to this nagging problem of fraudulent election. In order to protect our ballot we need to organize and set aside our differences and focus on what steps we have to undertake to have a clean and honest election. Let us stop making excuses on they are these or that full of motherhood statement blah blah blah nothing but pure hogwash, would you rather let the trapos dictate the outcome of the election or we the people dictating the outcome of this election?



Please allow us to introduce ANG KAPATIRAN, a Comelec registered national political party. It believes that principles and platform must come before candidates. It wants to bring back the teachings of God into the center of politics.

We recently launched a fund campaign to help clean-up politics because among others, we want to do away with the politics of money. People say Ang Kapatiran is a very good party, however, they won’t win because “walang pera yan”.

We believe that our three (3) senatorial candidates should not be burdened with raising their own campaign funds so that they will not have “utang na loob” to those who substantially funded their campaign. This will enable them to act independently for the best interest of the common good. We need funds not only to introduce our candidates but also to create awareness of our Principles and Platform. This will enlighten and guide our voters in their role to actively and wisely participate in this coming and future elections.

It is in this light that we are appealing to all Filipinos here and abroad who believe in the principles and platform of Ang Kapatiran, to contribute and share in the cost of change. Let us prove to the people that our Ang Kapatiran candidates will win because they are supported by Filipinos who care and believe in their cause. Enclosed is a convenient, fast, cost-efficient and safe way to send your contributions to the Philippines.

Your kind and generous financial support at this time will go a long way to start now Ang Kapatiran’s noble advocacy to pave the way for the generation of our grandchildren to eventually live with dignity as human beings in a just society.

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"No man made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because
he thought he could do so little." (Edmund Burke)

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