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Pera't Pulitika to monitor campaign spending

It’s about time we see initiatives formed to address electoral spending gone awry in their mad dash for power squandering hundreds of millions of pesos as if ton loads of money is going out of fashion when the poor majority of our people don’t even enough to afford 3 square meals a day.

Yes, kudos to the formation of NGO Para’t Pulitika, coming from the groups of Consortium on Electoral Reforms, Transparency and Accountability Network, Philippine Political Science Association, the lawyers’ group Libertad, and the Access to Information Network.

The initial unverified figures they have gathered so far are mind boggling huge sums of money, if only they can channel all these squandered resources on infra structures we sorely lack in creating the environment for job generating industries.

While there are limits allowable by law on campaign spending, transparency has always been an issue with a body we call COMELEC composed of “math wizards” who could not figure out the illegal campaign spending going under their noses. Hah, and guess what our math geniuses tasked to oversee the electoral process has to say about this immoral and illegal campaign over the top spending……………. We don’t have the “resources” (translation more funding) to enforce the law.

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