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Satur Ocampo Arrested

Update 4/3/07 Satur Ocampo ordered released by SC on P100K bond, walked out the Manila City Jail today a welcome development for a nation suffering from credibility problem.

Well, they finally did it....... it is now out in the open that GMA's henchmen errrrr advisers are the biggest recruiters of the CPP-NPA with the arrest of Satur Ocampo, Bayan Muna's President and currently House Minority Leader.

Ocampo was arrested by
Manila foolish errrr police at the Supreme Court when he filed for a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) causing a scuffle between Ocampo's supporters and riot police outside the SC.

This one is for the books, some lie errr law enforcers are known for their notoriety in "planting evidence", well what do you call this one “Naglilipat-lipat siya ng bungo [He has been transferring skeletons],” Ocampo said in accusing Esperon. I guess they have upped themselves once more, oh boy..... this administration will be remembered for "burying and recycling of skeletal evidence".

Dispensatong errr dispensation of justice GMA style can be characterized as hypocritically selective running after those they deemed a threat while rewarding those that favors them. Take the case of Garci who they can't even charge with possesion of ugly face errr passport at the least because no one seems to care or is it because no single politician wanted to touch this guy for fear of opening a can of worms that may spell their political doom.

These foolishman errrr policeman needs to be given an award for their zealousness in enforcing the "law" and the injustice errrr justice department's selective dispensatong of justice when they don't even have the cajones to file charges against those who rapes and plunder our ballots. Have they even investigated Garci for a very serious offense of manipulating electoral results? NOT!

The GMA Presidency is at it again, as if to show this “meddling” US Senate that she is the “QUEEN ELIZABRAT” of nothing you can do about it. Under fire for her administration's extra judicial killings from the UN raporteur’s Alston report with the US Senate taking it in verbatim that the administration has desperately been discrediting even before Alston could finalize the report.

People are watching how this will play out while those attracted to the leftist view are slowly getting radicalized with the economy going on a never ending dive.......... we may just one day see the social volcano erupting.

Photo courtesy Arkibong Bayan

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