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The hypocrisy & nerve of some people on Ocampo’s arrest

Representative Liza Maza of Gabriela Party List fears she is next to be arrested for what she describes as a trumped up charges filed against her in Nueva Ecija. Gabriela is a women’s rights movement affiliated with Bayan Muna the number one party list garnering the most votes in the last election and predicted to lead again in the May election.

Meanwhile re-election candidate Senator Joker Arroyo being true to his name joked about advising Satur Ocampo not to escape this time around. Arroyo not related to the one cheating errrr seating by the
Pasig River was the lawyer of Ocampo during his 1985 escape when he was allowed to vote in the NPC election. Inquirer Newsbreak reported that Joker Arroyo claimed to have advised Satur Ocampo to escape because it was not “illegal” back then under the illegitimate Marcos regime. Lucky for Mr. Joker he is with the arresting errr party in power who persecute (prosecute is a foreign term to these people) those who pose a “threat” going to the extent of “burying/recycling of skeletal evidence” of the “usual suspects” who “killed” the “transferred” skeleton in his closet 20 years ago.

Hmmmnnnn, I wonder what the joker meant on Marcos regime’s illegitimacy and how the administration of "Queen Elizabrat" errrr I meant GMA any different from the conjugal dictatorship? This is really so confusing maybe someone can enlighten an ignorant Cyber Istambay what exactly is it that justifies Ocampo's escape then and why he cannot do it now?

Marcos was accused of fraud and manipulating the electoral results through intimidation with of course the help of the military might whose brave Iraq contingent under her majesty errr excellency PGMA broke the Guinness book of world records. The same army that is the butt of joke of Jay Leno who is having so much fun in his show saying the Philippine troops was the fastest withdrawing army in the history of warfare of the “civilized” world scrambling out of Iraq fitting in one Humvee. A lot of Pinoys did not took it so well and I thought they were about to slice Leno’s chin in retaliation.

GMA is also accused of cheating and manipulation through soon to be dishonorable Tongressman Garci with of course the help of the bumbling Generals as heard in one of the tapes where La Presidenta admitted her indiscretion but not admitting she was the one heard on the tape. Huh? What was that all about, yes I talked to Garci but no it was not me, oh yeah, tell that to the marines on the other maybe not because they may just get involve in the electoral operation too.

Why are people such hypocrites? We can’t seem to have enough of it and coming from a liar errrr lawyer only sends a wrong message. If a lawyer and a senator can openly admit advising his client to escape, what more with lowly bureaucrat who see and hear around him so much hypocrisy and double standards? How about the so-called “first Boor” a title given to him by the Inquirer editorial who bragged about how they plotted and unseated the Asiong Salongat presidency? What’s up with these people who are supposed to be our role model, is it about machismo of hey I am good at breaking the law and nothing you can do about it.

How about “Queen Elizabrat” errr GMA parading Acsa Ramirez a “state witness” on the corruption at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (perceived to be the most corrupt agency) on national TV at that as the prime suspect is just unreal. Is it because she was going after the “untouchables” that even the President who cheat errr seat in the highest pedestal of the land don’t give a hoot on the credibility of her “stature” to protect the people Acsa was alluding to? In contrast to Chavit Singson another state witness in uncheating errr unseating the Asiong Salongat presidency is even rewarded a presidential adviser position and may soon be a senator.

How about the opposition re-election candidates who capitulated to the camp of DisUnity, because they want to ensure their votes are “counted” just amazes me. If you can’t beat them join them does not apply here, no wonder some quarters call them opportunist rather than oppositionist. If you know they are cheaters a high crime against the peoples’ voice and will to be precise should be dealt with in accordance with the law. To join and be a party to a criminal activity does not bode well in a country struggling to maintain some semblance of credibility.

As if this criminal double standard is not enough here we hear from the opposition camp’s campaign manager that stealing public money is more acceptable compared to election cheating. Geeeez, now what in the name of kurdapaya is this guy yapping about hmmph, talk about integrity and honesty.

Satur Ocampo is right when he said “you are playing dirty BOYS”, boys and girls indeed instead of men and women running the affairs of bansang madaya who has simply refuse to mature. Then comes some self flagellating midget errr middle class (feeling superior above the rest of us mortals) who continuously beat the “ignorant” masses of people in their feeling superior rant when the source of all the malady they see is right in front of their noses the so-called distinguishable boys and girls who will be selected this may election to mismanage the ravaged nation.

Look’s like the powers that be are succeeding in preventing Satur Ocampo from campaigning with the impending transfer to Leyte that would isolate him from media’s attention and campaign organizers. Whoever is behind these plot is surely delusional in their thinking it will sabotaged the re-election of Ocampo and his party list, they are dead wrong like the re-cycled skeletal remains. On the contrary they may set a new record in the number of votes they will garner but then again…… that is if the operators are not out there manipulating the votes again as always.

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