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KUYA TED's candidacy symbolizes OFW EMPOWERMENT

Election season is upon us once more, sort of a fiesta celebration as if the nation has turned into one big tent of a traveling circus. Some sectors gleefully welcome the event in anticipation of some “manna” from heaven hopefully not from Juan de la Cruzes own pocket or some sleazy Jueteng Lord profiting from the gullible public thinking that luck may one day struck them like getting hit by lightning in the middle of nowhere. It’s the season of imagined empowerment where politicians peddle their wares of broken promises with a coterie of celebrities in tow wowing the public complete with Boom tarat tarat, boom tarat tarat Tararat tararat, boom boom boom blaring music dancing in frenzy.

Hundreds of millions of pesos are back in circulation where candidates of different characters and personalities through patronage politics spends unfathomable amount of mucho dinero as if money is going out of style. Well come to think of it looking at how the value of the peso’s weakened purchasing power it maybe going out of style despite the so-called much bragged about appreciation daw if the one cheating errrr seating by the murky Pasig River is to be believed.

Exciting contest indeed, but how much longer can a nation so ravaged by corruption endure the hardship whose major industry is sending modern day sacadas dubbed “modern day heroes” kuno only because they send the much needed dollar. Think about it……… if a candidate (most of them are) spending hundreds of millions to get elected how will they recoup their investment? Have we seen any impact or development from the P65 and P200 million/year in pork barrel these “honorable” men and women of the lower and upper house?

What’s in it for the Overseas Filipinos who so far last year contributed US$12.8 billion (official channels more if we include other goods and services and unofficial channels) and today as in any other day 3,000 Filipino families will be broken up so that their parents or older siblings can work abroad and bring food to the table. Assuming an average family size of 4 to 5, and that 4 million of the 7.3 overseas Filipinos are able to remit regularly, it might be said that about 16 to 20 million Filipinos are able to benefit directly from overseas labor migration. Combine all that number and the Overseas Filipinos scattered the world over we do have the capacity to change the way politics is played out in the Philippines.

Rob Ceralvo a staunch Overseas Absentee Voting Advocate has this to say and well said indeed;

As you may be aware by now, our compatriot and staunch
overseas Filipino advocate, Kuya Ted' Aquino, is running
for the Philippine Senate this coming May 2007 elections,
not to test the empowering provisions of the newly
enacted Absentee Voting Law and the Dual Citizenship
Law, but to represent and embody this New Reality of
Globalized Filipino voting citizenry roaming around the
world in search for economic emancipation
dedicated for their families back home.
Thanks to these two new laws, they address this
New Reality and empower the estimated 10 million
overseas Filipinos the right to vote and be voted upon.
Unfortunately,  the COMELEC is not cooperative
\to address this New Reality. Instead, it has made
public pronouncements in several instances that
'Kuya Ted', 1) is not qualified, 2) is a nuisance
candidate lined-up to confuse the votes for
Noynoy Aquino, etc.. Today, the Inquirer carried
a troubling item that 'Kuya Ted' is not attending
the COMELEC disqualification hearings (see below),
which is a blatant disinformation campaign.
In view of this, please email  the COMELEC and its
Chairman, the Hon Benjamin Abalos to
Please allow the representation of the estimated
10 million overseas Filipinos. He will attend the
disqualifications hearings today, Tuesday, at
10:00 a.m. at the Comelec office and he will
plead his case.
Below is the draft of the template, (please feel free to edit) and send it to the following:
chairman@comelec.gov.ph, comm_javier@comelec.gov.ph,
comm_sadain@comelec.gov.ph, comm_borra@comelec.gov.ph,
comm_tuason@comelec.gov.ph, coav@comelec.gov.ph, eid@gmail.com
Dear Chairman Abalos,
PLEASE DO NOT DISQUALIFY the Senate Candidacy of 'Kuya Ted' Aquino.
The candidacy of 'Kuya Ted' Aquino embodies the New Reality of the country's
globalized voting citizenry, recognized and empowered by the recently enacted
Absentee Voting Law and Dual Citizenship Law. 'Kuya Ted's candidacy is a
tribute to this New Reality: the right to vote and be voted upon for the estimated
10 million Filipino citizens roaming around the world in search for a living, to provide
for their families back home.
Thank you. 

What can I say but be motivated to support Kuya Ted’s candidacy and Judging from his work experience we have a leader who can address migration development issues that our present crop of politicians seems to conveniently neglect.


On several occasions in the past and whenever there is an opportunity, Engr. Aquino has volunteered the time and provided “pro bono” consultancy services to the Republic
of the
Philippines through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) TOKTEN Program. The TOKTEN - Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals - enables professionals who would like to serve their home country by working as volunteers in their special areas of expertise in different agencies of the government to “give back” to their Motherland the knowledge, skills and expertise that can help the country accelerate its progress in development.

To learn more about Kuya Ted please visit his website or go here to sign up as a volunteer to help in his campaign for Overseas Filipinos Representation in the Senate.


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