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Loren Legarda’s Butterfly Principle & Trapo’s Political Manurity

Looks like Loren Legarda is all dreams or better yet just dreaming she can put up a façade of principled integrity in her flawed ambition of trying desperately to win the 2nd highest position in the land.
What is she thinking or is she even thinking the implication of what she did wallowing in the muck of the Mafiosi numbers game of her lower house counterpart? How in the name of cheating president did Legarda and her cohorts arrive at the conclusion together with the 10 jokers and one even named Joker in the Senate dismissing ethics complaint against Manny Villar is truly amazingly bizarre. Of course aberration like this is expected as the lower Mafiosi house must be celebrating this inutile act of getting out of the closet errrr showing of true colors and shouting "welcome to the club of La Famiglia!" for the following cabos; Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel, and Sens. Alan Peter Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Lito Lapid, Gregoriio Honasan, Joker Arroyo, Miriam Santiago, Ramon Revilla Jr., Jinggoy Estrada, Loren Legarda, Francis Pangilinan and Manny Villar himself.

The senate indeed just sunk themselves deeper in the political muck of diving towards political manurity, now where in the world will you find where the one accused is voting and dismissing complaints where he is the principal in the complaint? Now if that is not sinking their level to the lowest of the lowest I have no clue what is. Heck, an accused and a judge at the same time and guess how the accused/judge will vote? No wonder public servants you expect to be decent and suppossedly possessing the highest sense of propriety are doing the same shameless acts because they seem to be pulling off their judicious wisdom off their behind.

That is like appointing the Marcoses, Cojoangcos, Lucio Tans and others accused of plunder as commissioners at PCGG to recover what they stole. Speaking of PCGG (Presidential Commission on Good Government), Chairman Camilo Sabio sees nothing wrong in hiring his relatives which he claims was his mandate because he needs people he can trust. Yeah, someone to do the deal errrr to act as runner oooops executive assistant like his son Jose Gerardo Sabio, son-in-law Alberto Feria, a special assistant; nephew Patricio Ledonio, a clerk; brother-in-law Gerardo Ledonio, another special assistant; and another family member Smile Catabas, also a clerk. That is virtually the whole family and he says it was not nepotism no wonder they can’t recover those ill-gotten wealth and the Marcoses now are openly claiming ownership of the Lusutan errr Lucio Tan’s numerous corporations.

The blogger at Mt. Balatucan just can’t help puking at the rate these trapos conduct their shameless numbers game while portraying themselves as man and woman and also closet queens according to Taliban wannabe Nicodemo Ferrer will likely get dehydrated if these aberration does not stop. What is with the drama ala tear jerker soap opera at lamenting the need for billion of depreciated peso that Mr. C-5 and Taga Villar has plenty of in pursuing the highest elective position in the land when Legarda willingly went where the money is?

To think that Legarda was one of the signatories in the double insertion scandal and conflict of interest ethics complaint against Manny Villar only to absolve and even plunge as her political bedfellow but surely not strange belongs to the weird and bizarre world of unprincipled Philippine politics.

Loren Legarda it seems is cursed when it comes to the men in her romantic life, a fate looking more like a curse all the way to her bad choice even in politics like a butterfly seeking the nectar only to end up with sourly acidic katurays. Jamby Madrigal thinks it has something to do with political prostitution as she states the obvious below:
My fight against corruption is non-negotiable. My complaint against Senator Villar is based on principles. I congratulate Mr. Villar for his fantastic lobbying in turning someone like Senator Legarda, who was rabidly against him into his girl friday. As they say, Manny talks and money talks louder. I will not subscribe to political prostitution when the country's interest is at stake. Public service is not a numbers game.
Indeed it is not a numbers game and there is a limit how far you can fool the people as in not every time and this is the time where it will not work. Is it obvious that politicians are allowing themselves to sink this low because of the billions of depreciated peso Manny Villar has in his war chest? Enough to eat their pride and principles or do they even have any in the first place thus they see nothing wrong on the obvious conflict of interest or at the least a sense of propriety that is expected of public servants has been erased to extinction in their lust for power and position. A sign that we have reached political manurity instead of maturity brought about by the culture of corruption so infectious like the swine flu virus that it engulfs everyone to shameless if not criminal demeanor to perpetuate themselves in power.

Well they better watch out, there is a trend that the trapos need to really pay attention, but of course when one is so used to treating their constituent as just one big mass of unthinking zombies they are liable to miss it miserably. Manuel Buencamino accurately sees the blatant lies on SCTEx and the trend in the recent survey, majority of the people are repudiating patronage and padrino tactics using politics of lies and slander in favor of who is perceived to lead based on integrity and honesty. While the trend is for honesty and integrity these people will never learn, just like in boxing Miguel Cotto who was beaten up and got hurt the most when he got hit without seeing where Pacquiao’s blows was coming from. These trapos are in denial or delusional and hopefully when the election dust settles down, the trapos will be carried out of the political arena in stretchers never to come back ever again.

Loren has invested some political goodwill and her decision to plunge all the way with Manny with the money will be her undoing. She will be perceived as an opportunist political gold digger willing to throw away her principles and convictions that turns out to be bogus after all.

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