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Lorelei Fajardo the GloriLIE & Philippine Comical Ali Clone on Abduction & Torture

Remember the Iraqi Minister of Information during the reign of Saddam Hussein, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf better known as Comical Ali or Baghdad Bob for his outrageous delusional lies he desperately tries to peddle to the international press at the height of the invasion?
Lorelei Fajardo the glori-lie Comical Ali CloneHe was one nut that gave us a comic relief at the way he single-handedly conducts his Goebbel style propaganda without batting an eyelash proclaiming their victory when their soldiers was actually surrendering or deserting en masse. It seems Gloria Arroyo’s administration has no shortage of Comical Ali’s looking like a fool in response to abduction and torture of Melissa Roxas when I posted her foolish statement at PJ's FaceBook notes, to quote:
Lorelei Fajardo on Melissa Roxas Abduction & Torture

I found out that presidential spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo is on FaceBook so I sent her a message below, I just don't know if she will respond:

Are you serious? In case you are forgetting civilians a foreigner at that unlike the government where you belong have no way of coming up with evidence except the injuries they sustained and their affidavit on the abduction and torture. You have all the agencies at your disposal to order a thorough investigation and yet you come up with foolish statements which I quote from inquirer article below:

In Malacañang, Lorelei Fajardo, deputy presidential spokesperson, said Roxas should come up with evidence to prove her allegations.

“Many people are coming up with black propaganda just to get attention or create a scenario, which would not be productive,” she said. “The government should not be giving attention to these.”
Duh, what was that all about? Just like Baghdad Bob she together with Cerge Remonde truly makes you wonder if they were trying out for an audition in a stand up comic act or they are just so dense and outrageously dumb. Well, they are probably not thinking or incapable of thinking but then again as spokesperson of the cheating errr seating president they are not suppose to think but blabber away the president’s stand on issues. And blabber they surely did with precise accuracy laying out Arroyo’s stand on the issue that she condones and encourage political abduction and torture.

Seeing LoreLIE Fajardo’s absurd statement is truly incredible and for Cerge Remonde to follow it up with more hogwash below on the same
inquirer article makes you wonder if they are sane enough to be allowed to mingle with people in our society:
Press Secretary Cerge Remonde was also not immediately buying Roxas’ account. “We know that there are groups that do nothing but destroy the President.”
Is he nut or something? There is really no need to destroy the cheating errr seating president because no one particular group can do a better job of destroying the presidency of Gloria Arroyo with questionable mandate but they themselves as seen in their shameless Con ASS political maneuverings and countless scandals involving billions of pesos that is so obviously leading to the usual suspects….. themselves.

Of course we can understand why they buy the military’s version of the incident insisting they have “investigated” and found “no” military personnel was involved as in using the weakest defense of all time the alibi and yet the blabbermouths errr mouthpiece of Malacañang without showing any shred of evidence points to the “destabilizers” with certainty and authority. Hello, either these nuts are hopelessly gullible or they try their best to please the scalawags in the military who seems to be the majority that keeps Gloria Arroyo in power. The military that is a breeding ground for certified little Hitler’s and Machiavellian disciples with past history of concocting scenarios that led to martial law under Dictator Marcos and now it seems they are on to some plot according to Ding Gagelonia at Philippine Commentary. Just because they are buying the military's denial it does not mean that people are buying it as seen on the numerous response we got at FaceBook notes where they can't even sell it for cheap even if we leave Jocelyn 'Joc Joc' Bolante as payment, lol.

Now exactly how credible is this administration whenever they make a pronouncement? I say nil to almost none especially when we hear about Gloria Arroyo's "self-Quarantine" that I should say is more of a black propaganda.... no I take it back, I should say more of ... oh just read it below...... ok, more of what the Hayden camera and former antique errr mama oooops lover Vicki Belo loves to do (ok, I know what you are thinking.... no it is not about sex video but augmentation mammoplasty, lol) than self-sacrifice if this report by Manila Bulletin is accurate:

The informant, who requested anonymity since the source was not authorized to speak about the matter, said the President was scheduled to undergo augmentation mammoplasty at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa.

In addition, a cyst or lump in the groin area was also scheduled to be removed by surgery, said the hospital source.

A biopsy was also done on her breast, the source said. This does not mean that the President was ill. This was part of regular medical procedures, the source added.

I don't know about you but that is really bizarre, augmentation as in breast implant? Now, how can we believe the blabbering mouthpiece duo of Malacañang when they blabber about self-quarantine that was not exactly what it is but more about breast implants?

I realized that this is a serious matter but on the other hand they have the uncanny ability to bring out comical relief at their expense proof of their negative credibility if ever they even have any. At the rate they take a Baghdad Bob stance you know they are really losing it. So out of it that Mila Aguilar came out with her poetic justice errr was “inspired” to write about Gloria’s Lorelei...... But, unlike the legendary rock on the River Rhine from which a mermaid would haunt sailors to certain shipwreck, this LoreLIE does not exactly bring enchanted bliss but they themselves wallow in their own blissful ignorance.

Lorelei is LoreLIE, who is in truth GloriLIE

Oh, the lie, the lie that we must ply
till they in God's mercy die!
GloriLIE is the sty in my eye.
She makes me cry,
I know exactly why.

My tears are like God's rain
that's meant to swoosh the clog in the drain.
The ugly clog in the drain,
our nation's bane.
We've seen it wax, we'll see it wane.

God means to wipe away this stain!

Special thanks to my FaceBook friends Bong David, Sylvia Mayuga, and Jenifer C. Aquino-Xavier for their repartee inspiring
Mila Aguilar in writing the wonderful piece regarding the clog in our nation's drain.

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