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SC should have fired DOJ Chief and The Prosecutors

Pathetic indeed how the injustice department dispense their brand of justice offering nothing concrete for their appeal but sound bytes to justify an unreasonable position. It was clear coming from the justices that the prosecutors should be prosecuted instead of the party list lawmakers Satur Ocampo, Liza Maza, Joel Virador, Teodoro Casino, Rafael Mariano, together with civilians Vicente Ladlad, Nathaniel Santiago, Randall Echanis and Ray Claro Casambre for conducting an investigation fraught with irregularities trivializing the process.

Dangerous precedent straight from the mouth of the persecutor errr Solicitor Corporal errr General Agnes Devanadera with her imagined far reaching adverse consequences that may find the Supreme Court clogged with cases. As much as I want to agree with her “fears” on the Supreme Court getting swamped with appeals of this nature it is more of DOJ’s conduct that will cause it not because of how the SC decided the appeal. First of all had they conducted the investigation in a fair and impartial manner they would not have looked like they don’t know what the heck they are doing which I am inclined to think don't or probably pure arrogance.

Detaining Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran for rebellion despite insufficient evidence to indict just showed how the DOJ mishandled the case with the High Tribunal pointing it out for the distinguishable persecutors of the DOJ. These “authorities” are really out of it and truly drunk with power, just look at the picture on how the guard on the background was paying more attention to who Beltran is voting instead of looking around to secure his prisoner. Now that really shows where the “authorities” priorities like a fishmonger wife poking their noses on all the wrong places where they have no business.

These hoodlums errr DOJ should learn to respect the Supreme Court, after all this is the Supreme Court and DOJ as much as they want to egoistically think they are special and above even the SC should abide and respect the decision penned by Justice Carpio, to quote the Inquirer:

The obvious involvement of political considerations in the actuations of respondent Secretary of Justice and respondent prosecutors brings to mind an observation we made in another equally politically charged case.

How embarrassing could that be but knowing SiRaulO, Gonzales it comes as no surprise that they will show defiance and lack of respect for the Supreme Courts’ decision. In reference to an earlier case involving graft charges against an opposition politician, the court said:

We reiterate what we stated then if only to emphasize the importance of maintaining the integrity of criminal prosecutions in general and preliminary investigations in particular, thus:

We cannot emphasize too strongly that prosecutors should not allow, and should avoid, giving the impression that their noble office is being used or prostituted ... for political ends or other purposes alien to, or subversive of, the basic and fundamental objective of serving the interest of justice evenhandedly, without fear or favor to any all litigants alike, whether rich or poor, weak or strong, powerless or mighty.

Only by strict adherence to procedure may public perception of the impartiality of the prosecutor be enhanced, it added.

The court found merit in the lawmakers’ claim that the Department of Justice prosecutors were not impartial.

Strong language indeed and people with integrity or delicadeza will normally bow their heads in shame and resign en masse but not in the land of madaya where might is right and whoever is cheating err sitting by the murky river dictates how justice is dispensed according to their whims and caprice.

DoJ Prosecutors Emmanuel Velasco, Joselita Mendoza, Aileen Marie Gutierrez, Irwin Maraya, and Merba Waga gets “honorable” mention from the High Tribunal for entertaining an unsubscribe letters of the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) as a valid form of complaint contrary to Rule 112 of the Revised Rules on Criminal Procedure. These persecutors errr prosecutors should just resign and banish themselves but having a boss like Gonzales and his lady boss that would be farthest or will even cross their mind.

Presidential spokesman Ignacio Bunye parroting a twisted spin only a dense individual can harp on as if they were the victims with his "Time-honored and well-established principles on criminal law and procedure were seemingly trampled upon” truly is one for the books. What in the name of Lady Madaya is this guy yapping about? So now it was the Supreme Court that broke the law and his so-called time honored and well-established “principles” on criminal law and practice? It was your buddies at DOJ that broke the law and instead of firing these incompetent persecutors they are now desperately mudslinging the SC.

Is it a surprise that they react in this manner? Absolutely not because lazy authoritarians would rather take a short cut since they can get away with it but thanks to the SC the last bastion of justice still prevails. They are seemingly worried with the decision particularly on Beltran’s case wherein the SC has once again declared that mere membership (which was not also proven) to the Communist Party does not constitute rebellion. It is these mindsets of ignorant fools who believes and think that mere membership to an outlawed party gives them the license to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate “suspects” or worse summarily executed.

This is the same argument and justification that Gen. Holganza put forward in the cold blooded murder of nine year old Grecil Gelacio, a “rebel” and her father a “suspected communist”…………….. If this is the time honored and well-established principles of criminal law and practice Bunye is harping about then it will never be an ending vicious cycle of violence forever putting marginalized people oppressed and at risk.

Crispin Beltran and family plans to sue the government for moral damages and if the court will allow awarding of monetary damages on his illegal detention to the tune of One MIllion Peso for every month he was incarcerated. Likewise the rest of his "co-accused" are planning to take legal action as well but has not decided if they will file the complaint separately or collectively. Satur Ocampo believes that they have a legal basis to sue at least DOJ Chief Gonzales and other likely cabinet officials such as Norberto Gonzales for filing bogus cases to harass and caused them undue anxiety. Rosario Beltran wife of Ka Bel wished Gonzales fired for sowing disorder and hoping that the DOJ chief resign for "delicadeza".

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