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Incompetence Galore in Tongelec

Lintang Bedol a promoted tongelec official identified with Team Garci a known friend of Garcilliano (linked and was one of the voice heard in the infamous Garci tape) says elections were held in Maguindanao but the municipal certificates of canvass and statements of votes were “lost”. Okay….. granted it was indeed “lost” or “stolen” why in the name of the patron saint of cheaters will that happen in his watch in his very own office tells you that he surely does not deserve his promotion for his incompetence.

What’s up with government officials who can’t be relied on in securing their own turf? This is sounding so irritatingly familiar just like that military camp that “lost” the license plate of an impounded vehicle that was used in the abduction of JJ Burgos with the commander pointing the blame at their “radical” neighbors of stealing without a shred of evidence but malicious insinuation. Fire them all I dare say for incompetence and irresponsible rumor mongering that will pale in comparison with the fisherman’s wives telling a lie story society.

Weasel galore typifies the tongelec’s mindset when he can’t explain where the heck these election documents are conducting an equally inept investigation leading to nowhere land irresponsibly speculating that the "culprit’s" may have been those who staged a protest rally is pure hog wash. Without offering any lead or having a clue himself as to how the election documents got lost but readily pinpointing the blame on those that staged a rally as the culprit is definitely uncalled for and irresponsible. Now that really tells a lot on the kind of people that gets promoted in the land of cheats, “clueless” as they get, irresponsible as they come truly paves the way for a fraudulent conduct of the electoral exercise.

This "noteworthy" statement from Lintang Bedol from the Inquirer truly amazes me:

"Cheating has to be established by evidence. Unless that is proven, there is presumption of regularity," he said, noting that the claim of teachers who appeared on television saying there were no elections "cannot hold water."

Hmmmmn, as much as I want to agree with the presumption of regularity until it was proven otherwise he should hold his bladder errrr presumption of honest conduct when everyone knew (except him?) that Maguindanao has been the subject of anomalies in the past and continues to be so.

The “guardians” of the sanctity of the ballots riding high in their immaculate Carabao while professing to play fair with their presumption of regularity until proven negate themselves silly in an instance to avoid responsibility and accountability. It is their sworn duty to protect the sanctity of the ballots and along with it the electoral documents who without shame will point the blame of “unexplained” disappearance or “theft” on others without a shred of evidence but pure speculation coming from their wild imaginative creative mind.

Is it any wonder why the likes of witness Musa Dimasidsing gets silenced forever with this kind of attitude and treatment given by these jokers in their unflinching stance of “regularity” until proven otherwise? It appears that they intend to silence instead of protect witnesses just so they can fool themselves and the gullible public that everything is “normal” when that place is the bastion of feudal overlords putting to shame Iglesia ni Manalo’s bloc vote with their “command votes”. Why this Bedol even have the gall to lecture the press with his “knowledge” and “expertise” on command votes when they should know better that this practice should be declared illegal and undemocratic. The question here is what are these jokers doing to solve this moronic command votes or is this part of the “regularity” and “normalcy” in the land where cheating seems to be a virtue?

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