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Jueteng conspiracy in Pampanga bringing down Among Ed

The plot thickens in Pampanga as the traditional politicians continuously frustrate and sabotage Governor Eddie “Among Ed” Panlilio every step of the way from withholding the salary of his staff to the overstaying Police Director.

Despite repeated demands by Gov. Panlilio through formal communications (18 communications – four of which Panlilio personally delivered) urging the Philippine National Police to replace overstaying PD Singian who seems to be suffering from jueteng induced blindness errr failure to acknowledge the existence of Jueteng he has now been finally replaced. Unfortunately by someone not among those recommended by the Governor and he has to wait and see how the replacement performs his duty.

According to Gov. Panlilio in his visit at camp Crame in Quezon City, he accused Mikey Arroyo, Jr., (Pampanga Representative and son of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) San Fernando police Chief Superintendent Benjamin Medina and a certain Fr. Jun Mercado, for “meddling" to keep Senior Superintendent Keith Ernald Singian in position as Pampanga provincial director. Police Chief.

Of course Mikey Arroyo denies the allegations and the usual response that goes around in circle is heard from the son of one with a Garcified mandate is expected, to quote:

“I don’t know where the governor’s information is coming from…I don’t know why he’s doing that to me," the lawmaker said.

Mr. Arroyo said Panlilio might just be suffering from “insecurities" over the change of power in the local police, because the governor’s very position itself has been put to question in the past.

“In my strong Catholic belief, I don’t fight with a priest… Tanggap ko siya bilang pari pero hindi bilang hari [I accept his being a priest but not acting as a king]," Mr. Arroyo said.
Insecurities my you know what Mikey, are you a nincompoop or what? Yeah, yeah we know you are the princess errr the presidents son but as a courtesy you have to butt out and instead of dumb response it will help if you shut your trap that really solves nothing but frustrate a duly elected governor in performing his duty and obligation to rid your province of jueteng. Unless you are proud of your province reputation as the Jueteng Capital of the Philippines then go ahead and continue with the perversion. People are talking and tongues are wagging due to the ridiculous response coming from the likes of you and your mom’s running dogs errr administration people, yapping about loose talk without evidence (sprawling mansion in Lubao and doling out money to Pampangos as if money is going out of style is worth looking into if evidence is what they need or is it because they have a problem seeing the obvious?) this one from Ramon Tulfo is worth noting:
Panlilio is right about the police provincial director in Pampanga being a protégé of Pampanga Rep. Mikey Arroyo, the favorite son of the President.

Every police officer appointed as Pampanga police chief, and even Central Luzon chief, had Mikey’s blessing.

And who was that whistle-blower who told a congressional inquiry years ago that the President’s brother-in-law, Negros Occidental Rep. Iggy Arroyo, worked for the appointment of police directors to other regions where jueteng was also rampant?

Didn’t that whistle-blower testify that Iggy Arroyo collected money from jueteng lords in those regions?

If it’s true Iggy Arroyo collected money from jueteng lords, as claimed by that whistle-blower, is there a remote possibility his nephew Mikey is also on the take from jueteng lords in Central Luzon?
For one anak ng Jueteng errr the son of allege Jueteng Lord Bong Pineda, Dennis Pineda the president of the Pampanga Mayors League (a very influential position for one so young unless he is a political wiz kid which I doubt very much is really bizarre) is like his foster brother he being the godson of his mother, so there is definitely a connection. How can the Pinedas exert so much political influence in the province when Bong is not even a handsome popular actor and Lilia "Baby" the wife is no genius either and yet local politicians seems to scramble in pleasing the family? Now, why in the name of Garcified cheaters will the PnP allow an overstaying Police Director with serious problems seeing the scourge of jueteng in clinging like the president with questionable mandate only fuels the rumors that he is there to protect those who benefits from Jueteng. How can local elected officials effectively police the province if there are indications that those connected to malacanang are influencing the appointment of Police Directors? Well whoever is loaded with ton loads of money legitimate or otherwise of course becomes god in the pathetic Philippine politics of patronage. As if the aberration is not bad enough and I hope what Tulfo is saying below is not the general mindset of the people or is it?
Instead of complaining about the rampant “jueteng” operations in his province, Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio could have put his foot down on the illegal numbers game.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita hit the nail on the head when he countered that “crime and vice are the direct responsibility of local officials, such as the good governor.”

Take Puerto Princesa and Palawan, for example.

When he was not yet mayor, Puerto Princesa’s Edward Hagedorn was a jueteng lord in the city and province.

But since he got elected mayor, Hagedorn has put a stop to jueteng. Now, the city and province are jueteng-free.

Years ago, a police provincial director tried to set up jueteng operations in the city and province, but the police official could not because Hagedorn and the late Gov. Salvador Socrates would not allow it.

Governor Panlilio, stop being a cry baby and grow up!
So in effect it is ok to be a Jueteng Lord when a politician is still buying his position as long as he stops being one after getting elected? Well, is this the same case in Pampanga? Not! This kind of mentality is no different from the warped sense of justice as seen in the video interview of a US$100 contract killer wherein he rationalizes his perverted killing spree as a form of vigilante justice serving the needs of ordinary people denied justice by the system.

What is sad is it seems that Among Ed is fighting a lonely battle and instead of figuring out how to support Among Ed in his good governance advocacy there seems to be a lot of noise against Among Ed's lack of political maturity? It is obvious that Among Ed is a neophyte a greenhorn if you will but to be politically savvy means learning the dirty tricks of the trade in a political system that is run like a Mafiosi syndicate.

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