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Will NoyNoy Aquino pave the way for meaningful political change?

There seems to be signs that we are heading towards some major political change. I am ecstatic at the prospect and yet trying to control myself at not overreacting or reading too much at the developments. I must admit I have never been one who gets excited at Philippine elections especially the presidential and national kind. Endorsing or even voting for a presidential candidate is not exactly a good proposition based on our past experience of retrogression all these years. I am not about to change that just so I can get disappointed and lose face in the process.
Gloria Arroyo the Licking PalakaIf indeed change is coming the inevitable is about to unfold. The dawning of a new beginning is rising on the horizon that is if the Filipino voter will repudiate the tumultuous scandalous bout with food binging errrr reign of the Arroyo’s. On the other hand while we probably are seeing political manurity errrr maturity on the rise our fraudulent electoral system serves as a stumbling bloc bringing us back to where we started.

It seems that Gloria Arroyo’s ship is sinking fast despite the political merger of her cohorts errrr allies the present formidable political party into a PALAKA (frog is a perfect acronym for Partido Lakas-Kampi), all indications it appears are pointing in that direction.Some see the yellow storm is about to engulf the nation and the ship that Gloria Arroyo stirs errrr steers seems to be going against the tide of gigantic waves of an angry storm with a vengeance. Well, how big of a yellow storm Noynoy Aquino can muster in a short time remains to be seen. What with a formidable PALAKA merger licking and slurping puny opponents like flies to fill up their belly thanks to the "skills" (more of distributing the loot at the expense of the people) and savvy of the one with a sticking tongue.

Well, as we all know when the ship is about to sink the first one scrambling to bail out are rats. Alex Maligno errr Magno seems to lead the pack seeing the build up of public support pointing to Noynoy Aquino’s direction and the drawing power of the yellow revolutionist. He says the brand power of the Aquino's and loyalty of the people will change the tone of the electoral exercise leaving no room for the political midgets (I just don't know if that includes his boss literally or figuratively, you go figure) in a multi-party system. Sounding off perhaps to the other side sensing a sinking ship in an administration so wracked with never ending scandals like this latest one on Mikey Arroyo considering their administration are almost over that may ultimately be that of their political demise.

I was apprehensive at the growing clamor for Noynoy Aquino to take on the torch of an unfinished revolution started by his late parents Ninoy and Cory Aquino on the effects this will have on Mar Roxas who seems to have developed some strong padyak (kick) muscles. I know people hate unsolicited advice but I am tempted to tell Noynoy not to stand in front of Mar Roxas exposing his behind as Mar might just get tempted to try his padyak prowess, lol. Seriously, Mar Roxas is standing tall nowadays with his decision to forgo and sacrifice his presidential ambition for the sake of party unity and peoples clamor for Noynoy Aquino. Now, that is what friendship and self-sacrifice is all about and indeed very encouraging to see that unlike the greedy traditional politicians that we are so used to witnessing he has definitely distinguished himself away from the predatory horde. While Mar Roxas earned some pogi (PR) points Korina Sanchez the fiancee should not spoil it with her sour graping trying or creating enemies where there is none which can backfire more on Mar Roxas that can be seen as her convenient outlet to let go off some steam of frustration.

If Noynoy Aquino decide to take on the challenge and carry on the torch to keep the dream alive, he will need Mar Roxas by his side not just his Vice President running mate but a working partner for a very challenging road ahead. Forging a united front to confront a well oiled administration political machinery is no easy task when money of the legitimate and illegitimate source are attracted by their opponent like flies to be slurped by the frog’s elastic tongue. Money and ton loads of it even those pouring out of the Cobramen and woman’s daily collection of the Jueteng “kingmakers” will naturally support the administration bets making sure they win with the help of backdoor cheating operators to retain the status quo and their rackets intact.

The stars seems to be aligning in Noynoy Aquino’s favor as Kiko Pangilinan eying a Vice Presidential slot in the Liberal Party where Mar Roxas is the president is also giving in to pave the way for an Aquino presidential candidacy. The bigger challenges are the other opposition hopefuls like Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, deposed and convicted pardoned plunderer Joseph Estrada who will only give in to Noynoy with a precondition of seeing a united opposition. A “united’ opposition is very unlikely to happen judging from the reaction of some in the"opposition" who doubts it will happen instead of seeking ways on how to make it happen for the sake of the people.

It is a given that the Liberal Party alone will not be able to take on the PALAKA of Gloria Arroyo. The biggest challenge is how to run on a platform of change while including the old traditional politicians who just happens to be on the opposite side of the political fence? Now that is a dilemma that poses a big challenge and surely I can understand why Noynoy Aquino is agonizing in his decision because this requires not just political savvy but one requiring the skills of a master politician.

In terms of allies their best bets are the reform oriented organizations and independents like the late Raul Roco's Aksyon Democratico (Sonia Roco endorsed and pledge her late husbands party to Aquino this early), Kaya Natin’s Ed Panlilio (inclination to withdraw in favor of Noynoy pending consultations with his constituency should Aquino decides to run), Grace Padaca, and Jesse Robredo, Brother Eddie Villanueva’s Bangon Party and Ang Kapatiran’s JC de los Reyes and different party list but that again poses a challenge simply because they don’t have national political machinery combined. Assuming most of these political parties are able to sacrifice and set aside their political/ideological differences and by a stroke of miracle they were able to find a common ground the next hurdle is the ridiculous sums of money needed in a patronage based political system. An electoral system where voters expect a fiesta feast although not exactly of the Le Cirque caliber they still run in the billions of depreciated pesos. I am confident that with quality people who will step up to help in the campaign, they can definitely ihave an mpact in swaying the voters in their direction. Except for one very "inconsequential" problem, with the new computerized system no one really knows or have a slightest clue as of this writing how to safeguard the sanctity of the ballot.

We have to be optimistic and keep the dream alive, the sad experience of Among Ed Panlilio is a preview of things to come should Noynoy Aquino win the presidential election. In Pampanga you have anak ng jueteng errrr son of allege Jueteng Lord leading the Mayors league and a provincial board highly influenced by Lilia Pineda the wife of the same jueteng lord literally acting like a mob in derailing whatever positive good governance the Panlilio administration is desperately instituting.

The Philippine congress is no different populated by misfits who can't tell what is right or wrong just like Pampanga where mob rule prevails using their numbers instead of intelligent reasonable debate and these cretins are sadly the end result of our fraudulent electoral system. This is where Noynoy Aquino will have to learn from the Panlilio experience, step up and be able to lead the people towards meaningful change. Is he up to the challenge? Then he also has to figure out why we have retrogressed as if our nation was trapped in a cruel vicious cycle arriving nowhere despite the gains we had after the 1986 people power revolution. On the positive side the Aquino's has rekindled the dream and aspirations of a frustrated people so failure is not an option because we can no longer endure pathetic corrupt to the bones misfits fleecing our nation dry. On a personal level he cannot risk his family's legacy, a responsibility he owes to his parents and the reform minded people whose dreams still lives on and not turn this into a nightmare.........

If you are on Facebook there are groups that you can join such as; Noynoy for President 2010, Noy, Ikaw Na, Noynoy Aquino for President, Noynoy Aquino for President 2010 Movement, and Noynoy Aquino for President Movement, there are probably more out there that I may have missed. Will Noynoy have the same popular backing like his mother Cory Aquino? We can gauge his strength based on the success on 9/9/09 where people are urge to wear yellow to encourage Noynoy Aquino to run for president.

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