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The Maguindanao Massacre & the Mafiosi Conspiracy that Gloria Arroyo Calls Friendship

If you are a parent you will naturally discourage and forbid outright your children from associating with gang bangers, more so if it is your daughter, a nightmare no parent will even think or wish that to happen in any family. What is worse is if the tang inang bayan (Mother) or the matriarch is not just friends but allies not just with small time gang bangers but a monster of a warlord? Leave it to a dense Lorelei “Gloria-LIE” Fajardo the spaced out spokeswoman of Gloria Arroyo to show to the world the kind of enduring friendship one gets with an illegitimate president as shown in her statement below:
I don’t think the President’s friendship with the Ampatuans will be severed
As if the statement is not disgusting enough, she follows it up some more with the most revolting concept on friendship’s enduring loyalty:
Just because they’re in this situation doesn’t mean we will already turn our backs on them.
It does not matter that 57 defenseless women, lawyers, supporters, journalist and innocent civilians who happens to be at the wrong place and time are massacred in the most gruesome cold blooded manner, to Fajardo it is just a situation where they will not turn their backs on mass murderer friend in “need.”

The situation Fajardo dismisses lightly as if it was a harmless children schoolyard fight when it was a crime against humanity that brought shock, disbelief, disgust and anger in the civilized world. How can someone described the atrocities lightly just escapes me especially a crime of this nature that Liza Maza of Gabriela decries on the woman victims as massacred twice over who were shot in their genitals. What kind of animal can inflict such horrible gruesome murderous rage are capable of this but monsters and a president no less through her dense spokesperson that values friendship and political alliance defies logical explanation.

They may deny or ignore it but as they desperately lie through omission the more the Maguindanao electoral anomaly brought about by the Garci tape scandal are getting exposed. It is about friendship and political alliance or the can of worms or the skeletons in their electoral closet that will force it open since it was the Amaptuans who took Garcillano under their protective wings that no puny government law agency dares to touch lest they have a suicidal wish.

Randy David correctly observes the Maguinadanao massacre as a natural retrogression of warlordism in a weak state brought about by an illegitimate administration that we have allowed, and the drama of the Ampatuans getting expelled is just that a drama that has no significant impact as shown below:
Like the jueteng lords operating from behind the façade of the legal Small Town Lottery (STL), warlords like the Ampatuans accumulate and deploy their awesome power from behind their legal positions as government officials. Their links to national politics are not mediated by political parties, but are forged, like all patronage ties, directly with the principal bosses in government. The Ampatuans do not care if they are expelled from the administration’s Lakas-Kampi-CMD party; what would hurt them is if Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, their principal patron, turns her back on them.
Of course Gloria Arroyo will not dare turn her back on them lest all hell broke loose knowing how criminal minds works that if they fall everyone goes down with them.

Never have we seen 12 journalist murdered in one gruesome incident that makes the Philippines the most dangerous place in the world for journalist. The Philippines has earned the notoriety topping even war torn Iraq as the most dangerous place in the world for journalist and yet we see some journalist trying to put a partisan spin on the dastardly massacre. Are they not seeing the implication of the massacre that this may serve as a signal for an open season where more of their colleagues are in harms way or is this attributable to ATM journalistic malpractice? Shame, shame, shame……… politicians, journalist and paid hacks who exploits this tragedy are worse than the vultures preying on the carcass of the hapless victims.....If you are sick and tired of this partisan spin game and focus what we can do now rather than blame the past sign the petition "STRIKE AGAINST IMPUNITY, STRIKE FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY."

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