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Gloria Arroyo’s Barangay Travel & Leisure Garcified Republic

In the land of cheats what monkey sees, monkeys do. In spite of a miserable lousy inefficient performance as public servants these elected or rather selected most of whom through Garcified mandate still have these unconscionable feeling of entitlement and privilege. Thanks and no thanks to bogus president Gloria Arroyo leading the horde of thick skinned politicians’ who sets the precedence in jet setting as if there is nothing wrong in aping or deluding themselves they belong to the rich and famous. The sad reality is when Gloria Arroyo goes on a trip to the US their eyes are set on begging, let me repeat it again in case it has not registered, the purpose was to beg for aid and decadent opulence displayed by beggars is awkward if not shameless.

No wonder Gary Olivar “brilliantly” thinks or was he even thinking in terms of the recycled alms errr aid and “investment” even the FilVets benefits which just so happen during her Garcified mandate when it was really the hard work of the Filipino American community that Gloria Arroyo took home in Le Cirque tab equivalence. Gloria Arroyo indeed has that uncanny ability to dull brilliant minds, but then again people have to make a living and in a nation where corruption is endemic so do they really care?

If Gloria Arroyo spends billions of depreciated peso for travel and leisure at the expense of the taxpayers why can the lowly Barangay Captains not enjoy the same privilege and entitlement their head honcho enjoys? Indeed why not, so this is exactly what 700 Barangay Captains did who went on a 3 day “seminar/training” junket to Shenzhen, China costing P18 Million. Great and what exactly did they learn from their counterpart? Now wait a minute here, what in the name of cheating republic are they talking about, counterpart? In Beijing the capital it is very difficult to find people speaking the English language much less Filipino so how exactly did the Barangay Captains communicate with their counterparts in Shenzen? It makes you wonder how they learned anything but then again maybe they are so used to listening to Le Cerge Remonde so any heavy accent after that is easy to understand. Speaking of Le Cerge Tommy Praxedes posted a very funny quip that I can't help share it here:
Wow !!!! Malacanang just told National Security deputy Chavit "napindeho" Singson, to behave...whooooa, or else what Mr.Remonde ??? your gonna sit him down and speak english to him till his ears bleed...heck, i would behave too-
Ok, let us go back to the junket and what a waste of money it is, taxpayers money to be exact as these village idiots errrr captains gets 10% of the real estate tax so they can ape their supreme leader Gloria Arroyo is just disgusting to say the least. This after Mayor Alfredo Lim recommended the approval of the travel if “no taxpayer money” will be spent when he issued a policy against seminars held outside the city just last year. Exactly where will they get the funds if I may ask but the government, so what’s with this “no public funds” will be spent on the trip. That is definitely a wrong judgment call so lawyer Vladimir Cabigao plans to file a complaint with the OmBADwoman errrr Ombudsman against Lim including officials of the city’s Liga ng mga Barangay (League of Villages) that organized the trip. But why stop there as Lim pointed out who says his role was just recommendatory and the final approval came from the DILG (Department of Local Government). No surprise there, which has always been the case in a land where justice is selective. Lim will be asking what these village idiots’ errr leaders learned from the trip and to determine if the trip was worth it per his statement below:
Seeing personally the fruits of the development in Shenzhen in eco-tourism, social infrastructures, environmental management, and the improvement in the lives of their people will give our local officials the insights on how they can manage the same development in their respective jurisdiction.
Learn from their counterparts? Why go to China to learn from them when their own local villages is a treasure trove of learning experience or perhaps unlearning opportunities that can really serve their communities without costing the government a single cent. If venue it is they want why not use the 2 overpasses right in their city mentioned in a write-up of Jorge Osit below:
In one of my earlier pieces on good governance I illustrated the lackluster performance of our barangay public servants by narrating one incident wherein I searched for answers why the two pedestrian overpasses spanning Quirino St. leading to Nagtahan bridge and a stone's throw away from Malacanang were not used by pedestrians. Here's what I discovered: the overpasses were littered with patches of human excrement, turning them into the world's most expensive comfort room. What a crying shame! The construction of the overpasses, incidentally, was endorsed by then Manila Congressman Mark Jimenez and for sure they cost a huge chunk of taxpayers' money.
Heck, we always say that wasteful spending especially of public resources is like flushing money down the drain, this one you could not even flush down the drain as it was no public restroom but a pedestrian overpass. What the heck is wrong with the picture here, you have village idiots’ errr leaders going on a junket while their villages literally stink and yet no one does anything about it. How about asking your prima junketeer Gloria Arroyo to help in cleaning out that excrement near her stinking palace where people also use the Pasig River surrounding Malacañang as their toilet? Not that Gloria Arroyo literally stink thus human excrement seems to be attracted to her but for heavens sake do something about it. People die of diarrhea because of this disgusting behavior due to lack of public restrooms that contaminates the area with E. coli, vibrio cholera and other microorganisms.

Obviously, our public officials are ignorant of the things they can learn from within their localities, but as far as the village idiots errrr captains are involved they are hopeless who should not have been part and being paid by the government when they are there to serve as leaders of their politician patrons. To think we even spend meager public resources electing these useless fools, allocating 10% of city revenues so they can act like little junketeer of the Gloria kind is just pathetic. Why not send these fools to the department of Health and learn a thing or 2 about SS Potty or the floating toilet that is eco-friendly? Here is something for Gary Olivar, there are 3 models for SS Pottys costing P18,000, P25,000 and P50,000 think of how many floaters your boss can buy had she not pig out at Le Cirque. Who knows perhaps this will help in cleaning up the Pasig River and that maybe someday it can be part of the eco-tourism these village idiots are trying to “learn” in China. Now this makes me wonder who is next after the village idiots, will it be the Barangay Tanods turn? Well, I don’t think we should have a problem if they go on a trip as long as they are bound for Abu Ghraib and let them stay there to bunk with the terrorist prisoners………

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