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House Speaker Prospero “Nogie Boy” Nograles Tombstone Fixation

Do you know where your tax money goes? Look no further; House Speaker Prospero “Nogie Boy” Nograles sure wants to make sure his misdeeds errr projects are noticed by all even those six feet under….. as in dead people.

With Prospero Nog
rales and his son Karlo his Chief of Staff it is an all souls day year round celebration. Now that is what we call set in stone when instead of using that pesky billboards that gets blown away during typhoons, Nograles opted to use tombstone in every project that goes up in his domain.

Now that is some political gimmick wherein he does not even have to do a Chiz Escudero political hara-kiri, so it really makes you wonder where Nograles got the idea of using tombstone to trumpet his projects? Could it be he got it from the great torotot Chavit Singson a former embalmer?

No, there is no truth to the rumor that kids in Davao are avoiding Nograles like a plague especially those who avail of the "Operation Tuli" (circumcision) for fear that their wiener will be tattooed with "thru the initiative of Speaker Nograles & Chief of Staff Karlo Nograles."

Looks like Nogie Boy is into his blissful state again eh.......

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Stolen errr borrowed from Toto Lozano and manipulated for "enhancement."

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