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The gruesome Mafia style cold blooded murder of Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez

Ruby Rose Barrameda-JimenezThe remains of Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez who was reported missing 2 years ago was found encased in cement in a sealed metal drum inside a metal box also filled with cement off the Navotas port last July 10, 2009. The gruesome discovery of the remains and manner she was murdered and disposed off is typical of Mafia hit seen only in the movies but not in the Philippines where surreal movie scripts takes a life form of its own.

One Butas errr Batas Mauricio says godless people are responsible for the gruesome Mafia style cold blooded murder of Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez sister of actress former beauty queen Rochelle Barrameda. I dare say Batas logic is flawed and to pin the blame on Atheist is uncalled for because murderers do not necessarily have to be godless in fact there are people who kill and wage wars in the name of god. But then again if we follow the flawed logic of Mr. Butas then what do we make of those priest and bishops on the side of Gloria Arroyo are they then godless too? So much for that and that is another issue we have to deal with on another blog post.

All the while I thought that I have seen the worst in Chiman Rai the father-in-law from hell who ordered a hit against his daughter-in-law Sparkle. The Ruby Rose murder if the allegations are proven has the makings of not just a father-in-law from hell but a whole family from hell that includes the husband, and an uncle. This makes the Manson family looks so amateurish because unlike the Manson criminal rampage they are not actually related by blood unlike the Jimenezes.

P50K, that’s all it takes to play god using hired killers. A sad reflection of the kind of society that the Philippines had sunk so low in the muck with not just criminal mindset that afflicts the rich and powerful but organized one at that is just unthinkable. Well, we know where these Mafiosi wanna-be gets it and there is no dearth of exemplar behavior, just look at the Palaka dominated Tongress in using their sheer mob numbers to pass HR 1109 and you will see where they got it.

What is odd is when Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronaldo Puno tries to insinuate that Ruby Rose would have been alive today had she reported the physical abuse suffered at the hands of her husband Manuel Jimenez III to the police at the onset. The victim filed a case in court and if these different government agencies are working and cooperating with each other then there is a chance that she may not have suffered such gruesome fate. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you can stop a determined organized killer exacerbated by numerous police and social agencies that don’t coordinate with each other is a sure formula for blunders and deadly consequence.

Now, what’s up with the Atty. Mario Aguinaldo the lieyer errr lawyer of Jimenez who cautions people not to get emotional in seeking justice for Ruby Rose? I dare this lawyer to say that in the face of the relatives of the deceased and his unfounded baseless ridiculous theory that it was a frame-up. And where exactly did he get the idea which he is still in the process of gathering, hopefully he is not looking in the cobweb filled miniscule mass inside someone’s skull they mistook for a brain.

Ok for the sake of argument let us say we are buying Atty. Mario Aguinaldo's argument below:
This is a frame-up. When these people learned that the couple has cases in court, they grabbed the opportunity to aggravate the situation and destroy the [Jimenez] family.
Now if indeed it was a frame-up as Aguinaldo “brilliantly” put forward why did the perpetrators encased the victim inside a drum, pour wet cement, seal the drum, place the sealed drum inside a metal box, pour cement again to dry into a concrete heavy mass and thrown in the Navotas Port to sink beneath so it can’t be found? If the intent was a frame-up by the so-called “other party with a score to settle” the perpetrators would not have gone through all the trouble and just dump the body near the Jimenez residence or place of business and that would have done the trick. Duh, what a load of smelly Navotas fishy tall tale Aguinaldo is peddling that no one is buying except the madaya errrr media.

Not content with his tall tale he now blabbers that what Manuel Montero confessed who was clearly bothered by his conscience as just mere “hear say” is as dumb as it gets. Yeah right, hear say according to Aguinaldo when Manuel Montero was able to describe how they killed Ruby Rose, her position in the drum, and where they dumped the body which only a participant of the crime can accurately describe. If it is a frame-up it is inconceivable that one will take the rap for a gruesome murder just to implicate another party. Why even admit his guilt, why not just give an anonymous tip implicating the Jimenezes?

The children of Ruby Rose need to be with their mother and her relatives, that is not dependent on whether the kids will ask their dad Manuel Jimenez III if they wanted to pay their respect to their mother. It only shows a remorseless and vindictive husband towards his wife asking for a separation and can be perceived as a sign of guilt. An innocent person will pay his respect to his deceased wife and bring their children with no condition whatsoever no matter what transpired between them, after all they were married to each other.

Justice for Ruby Rose & All the Victims of Domestic ViolenceI am afraid that this is a case of domestic abuse committed against women if the suspicion of Rochelle Barrameda and the cases filed in court by the victim is accurate. Unfortunately with the victim dead it will be difficult if not impossible to gather evidence to that effect. Let us see, I am sure there will be those 2 siders of a coin flipped blabbering about the other side….. just remember a young mother’s precious life was cut short in the most gruesome manner and this blogger will not tolerate paid hacks to muddle the issue.

If you are on FaceBook please join us at the Justice for Ruby Rose & All the Victims of Domestic Violence cause.

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