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Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez kin & supporters cries for justice

Gabriela party-list Representative Liza Maza co-authors of Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act of 2004, raised a valid question on the temporary custody of Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez children awarded to estrange husband Manuel Jimenez III citing Article 363 of the Civil Code of the Philippines:
In all questions on the care, custody, education and property of children the latter’s welfare shall be paramount. No mother shall be separated from her child under 7 years of age, unless the court finds compelling reasons for such measure.

Before Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez was abducted and murdered 2 years ago she filed a petition for the writ of habeas corpus for the custody of her children. Based on Liza Maza’s statement below child custody should have been awarded to the mother:
By law, automatic custody, especially of her 4-month-old baby at the least should have been given to the mother as the rightful parent-guardian. We find it highly irregular why the judge favored giving custody of the child to Manuel Jimenez III. Has there been any proof that Ruby Rose is an unfit parent? Or is it because of the alleged influence and wealth of the Jimenez family?
These are questions that need answers but then again with the kind of selective justice they dispense in the Philippines it should come as no surprise. I tend to go with the later question especially when Judge Gloria Aglugub of the Las Piñas regional trial court Branch 254, released a resolution denying the motion of Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez kin to allow the children of the deceased to visit the wake based on ridiculous notion that the children were not willing to go to the wake. I did not know that minors are allowed to make their own decision that the court especially the kind of bench that Aglugob presides renders decision solely on that basis is just ridiculous.

Was it ignorance of the law or because of the allege influence and wealth of the Jimenez family posed by Maza? Or is it a combination of both especially when we look at this very interesting case filed against Judge Gloria Aglugub on Gross Ignorance of the Law, Neglect of Duty and Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service relative to Criminal Case No. 39806 entitled People v. Enrique Marcelino, et al. While the case was dismissed by the Supreme Court the decision has this very interesting verbiage at the end, which I quote:

Respondent Judge Gloria B. Aglugub is ADMONISHED to be more circumspect in the performance of her duties in the future.
If the judge was admonished by the Supreme Court, what is the possibility that she was not cautious in handing out decision that tends to inflict more harm to the victim and the Barrameda family? Did the judge bought the inhumane and socially unacceptable reasoning of Mario Aguinaldo on a clip I saw at TV Patrol in a very disrespectful manner that Ruby Rose will not know if her children went to the wake or not? As if the suffering is not enough he then asks to whose benefit (alluding to the Barramedas “benefit”) it will be if the children went to the wake is just as inhumane and unfeeling as it gets. This kind of mindset goes against our social mores and civilized society’s long tradition of accepted social practice or norm in paying respect for the deceased and what they have done hopefully will not inflict any long term psychological scars on the children.

The irony of ironies is the victim’s abduction, murder, and gruesome disposal of her remains in a manner that will be difficult to discover hopefully did not play a part in the judges decision to validate her questionable decision favoring the husband who is a person of interest in Ruby Rose disappearance and murder.
In my earlier entry I mentioned 50K was all it takes to play god, but now it appears that based on the testimony of the conscience stricken Manuel Montero all five of them namely Eric Jimenez; Spike Discalzo; Roberto Ponce; Rudy de la Cruz and Montero were paid P50K each amounting to P250K by the victims’ in-laws. Montero is one of the trusted men of the Jimenezes, having worked as operations manager of the family-owned Buena Suerte Jimenez Fishing and Trading Co. (BSJ) for the past several years. Montero claims he was instructed and given orders by the brothers to abduct and kill Ruby Rose. After getting implicated in the Mafiosi gangland style murder, Nikko Dizon writes with a screaming title of “I am not a violent man,” quoting Manuel Jimenez II the father of Ruby Rose husband Manuel II. This after Montero states that he was given the whereabouts of Ruby Rose, who then is likely to know the whereabouts, the father-in-law or Lope the uncle? Now, that truly makes you wonder what was the intent of Dizon when he comes up with such headline?

With all these incriminating testimony of a very credible witness the conspirator errr conspiracy obsessed lieyer errr lawyer of the Jimenezes Mario Aguinaldo has the gall to point to the “enemies” of the Jimenezes when it was obviously not the case as we stated in our earlier post. Rochelle Barrameda the elder sister of Ruby Rose fears that the motive of the killing was not just purely on the domestic dispute but she was silenced fearing she might expose allege illegal activities of the Jimenez family. According to Rochelle one of the things her sister might know pertains to the murder of a tabloid reporter
Alberto Orsolino in Malabon back in 2006, to quote:
"I remember she was talking about the death of Alberto Orsolino in one of our conversations," she said when asked what her sister had shared with her.

Based on police records, Orsolino was shot and killed not far from his house in Malabon on May 16, 2006.

Orsolino was an employee of the Jimenezes before he became a reporter. The gunman, Rommel Lirazan, who was later arrested, stated in an affidavit submitted to the police that Jimenez had ordered the killing of Orsolino.

Lirazan is now in jail for the murder of Orsolino.
With that murder, why are the police not investigating the other 5 murders in Montero’s affidavit? Was there a case filed against Lope Jimenez or are the police and the prosecutors buying Aguinaldo's usual “frame-up” conspiracy theory?

The gruesome murder of Ruby Rose is truly revolting and the time has come for us to step up the plate or forever let the Mafiosi criminal minded people in the Philippines prevail. If you are on FaceBook please join us at the Justice for Ruby Rose & All the Victims of Domestic Violence cause.

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