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Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr. GOOFBall Bully of Philippine Golf

Ellen Tordesillas of Malaya observes the blogosphere outrage on the outrageous uncivilized feudal lords finding themselves out of place and unworthy to be in the elitist playground. Yeah, Golf is an elite recreation in the Philippines and to see such incident of savagery in the tee is unfathomable but that is the Philippines alright where anything goes. GOOFBall Nasser Pangandaman,JrManuel Quezon III points out the impunity and once again we see familiar bloggers out there filling the slack from journalist on holiday buzzing the net on yet another scandalous incident. Fools will be fools and one lady who thinks she was being funny learned her lessons the hard way when bloggers unite and spoke out they are heard loud and clear, enough to influence public opinion. It almost ended her career as a lifestyle writer and it was almost over even though the Fat Lady did not have a chance to sing, lol.

It appears that a former classmate of brothers Uday and Qusay Hussein.............ooops wrong brothers I meant Nasser and Hussein Pangandaman during their student days in Cagayan de Oro are wimps wrecking havoc in school according to one named Shimvita posting a comment at MLQ III. Hmmmn if this is true it is no wonder that I confused them with the infamous brothers Uday and Qusay sons of Saddam Hussein known for the same entitlement and abuses befitting bully monster excuse of a human being. A quote from Shimvita:
If you really sympathize with the De la Paz’s, I urge u to ask other bloggers as well to encourage people who have been victimized by the pangandamans to come forward to solidify in pursuing the crime committed.
I hear you Shimvita, if anyone out there who was victimized by the Pangandaman brothers now is the time to come forward.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s newly appointed Mindanao “peacemaker” and DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman seems like shedding crocodile tears with these sorry excuse of an apology:
"Humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa nangyari [I am apologizing for the incident]. As a government official, hindi ko rin gusto ang nangyari [I also did not want what happened]. Nasaktan ang pamilya ko, nasaktan din ang pamilya de la Paz [My family got hurt and so did the family of De la Paz] ... Hindi ko tinatalikuran ang responsibility ko [I am not turning back on my responsibility] as a government official and a father," Pangandaman said.
Huh? How in the name of Garcified cheating did your family got hurt when they beat the crap out of the 14 year old boy Bino and his Father Delfin de la Paz in the presence of their 18 year old daughter Bambee? How about resigning the cabinet and as Mindanao peacemaker unless the intent was to create more chaos and intensify the war then you can stay and make the warmongers happy.

Now what’s up with Malacañang jokers of the garcified kind doing, spewing moronic sound bytes as if they know what is just and fair. I say loose the fairness stance and just order the injustice department of SiRAUL O. GOONzales to order an impartial investigation. And that can only happen if Nasser Pangandaman Sr. and Nasser Jr. take a leave of absence so as not to unduly influence the process.

Right now I sense a whitewash and worse witness intimidation when the Antipolo police are not getting any cooperation. But then again who would cooperate with a small police agency against powerful hooligans belonging to the maladministration of one with a Garcified mandate? How about calling on the National Bureau of Investigation to do the investigation if they are not corrupted yet or intimidated by these warlords? Here are the names of the other accused aside from Nasser Pangandaman, Jr. (I just don't know why Sec. "peacemaker" Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. was not included?) that will be named in the complaint to be filed or hopefully been filed as of this writing:

Hussein Pangandaman, Faisal Abdula, Adnan Pacasum, Rene Maglanque (suspected Jueteng Bagman) and Arnel Estacio.

Nasser "Peacemaker kuno" Pangandaman should shut his trap errrr stop issuing statements according to Senator Kiko Pangilinan which is how it should be but then again this is the Philippines where oftentimes might is right. At least Kiko is telling Nasser Sr. to stop yapping, the nerve of this do nothing peacemaker when he should have done his yapping during the "brawl" which is actually beating the helpless victims by telling his problematic sons to stop their hooliganism, to quote:
A Cabinet Secretary of the Arroyo government speaking on behalf of those accused even if they are his children can duly influence the course of the ongoing investigation. In the interest of a having an impartial investigation on the incident, I advise Sec. Pangandaman to refrain from issuing statements defending his sons. Let the accused, one of which is a mayor of Masiu, Lanao del Sur, defend themselves.
There are 2 sides to a coin and in the interest of fair play to which these morons probably have no clue so used to might is right. Will someone please tell these idiots that no one is buying their telling their side of the story telling a lie of the incident. It was obvious that a 56 year old father with his 14 year old son and 18 year old daughter is not in a position to instigate or attack 5 armed grown men. Excuse me Mr. do nothing “Peacemaker” but your slip is showing and for one of the hoodlums to make a sorry excuse that they mistook 14 year old Bino for a man because he was tall just will not cut it. He maybe a teenager but he is still a child and your son being a mayor should know better that misunderstandings or arguments are settled through reason not brawn. A person who resorts to violence only shows his puny brain that cannot handle civilized discourse and instinctively reacts like a horde of wild untamed animals.

It is sad that the management and security of the Valley Golf and Country Club did not protect the De la Paz Family. While they suspended the membership of the Pangandamans, it is not enough. They should expel them for life! Furthermore, they should encourage witnesses to come out if they want to regain the golfers trust and if they allow these bullies to intimidate them I am sure no golfer in their right mind will set foot in a country club where uncivilized thugs turn their place into a criminal haven. I say never ever make a mistake of following in the footstep of Malacañang and other government agencies where mafiosi type criminals in politicians clothing abound or is this the norm now in the Philippines where criminals outnumber peaceful law abiding citizens.

I say we need more noise and I offer this King Kong image (medium, small & thumbnail) or the whack a mayor BULLY GOOFBall errr golf ball (medium, small & thumbnail) to fellow bloggers to help stop the shenanigans lest we get victimized the next time around by these hoodlums. If you are a golfer why not get that GOOFBall errr golf ball in the hoodlums' likeness and whack away at the driving range.......... I say don't mess with the Zohan errr I meant bloggers and Bambee is a fellow blogger that we must support until her family gets the justice they deserve........... or better yet how about extending this to all the victims of injustices in the Philippines such as the desaparecidos Jonas Burgos, Luing Posa-Dominado, the dispossesed farmers that Pangandaman should be looking after, the undocumented migrant children in Sabah, and so many more to make the Philippines a better place to live in.........

Sign the petition in support of Ang Kapatiran Party's call for the resignation of DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. and his son Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr. for conduct unbecoming of a public official in violation of public trust.

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Do I sense another blogger storm coming just like the bruha errr Malu Fernandez brouhaha? Perhaps and I hope another is on the way with this very encouraging partial list of bloggers that reacted to the scandalous mauling:

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