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Is Korina Sanchez turning into a bridezilla?

Who needs to watch reality television show when the Philippine political and celebrity scene offers more exciting drama? Brides are suppose to be sweet, well not all but normally when one is about to march into the altar of love, love and not hate should fill the air. So what’s up with Korina Sanchez? Or better yet why is Korina Sanchez on a warpath looking for enemies when she is about to embark on a fantasy dream wedding that most little girls can only dream of? Is Korina Sanchez turning into a bridezilla? If we look at the way she seeks or looks for enemies she is probably close to it or perhaps has arrived at the honor or was it horror of being crowned as one.
Some people Like Angela Stuart think that Kris Aquino should be gagged for talking too much on what they believe was her “shallow and dumb” plan to package Noynoy complete with hair raising or rather scalp treatment to prevent hair loss. That she ought to just do it without broadcasting it to the idiot box which they feel is just too much. I just don’t know why some people makes a fuzz over it when they have in their hands the greatest invention of all time, the remote control so you can flip channels if what you see is not to your own liking or preference. Kris Aquino is one talkative lady and that is just her character which is the reason why she earns the big bucks as she has no qualms baring it all. It allows people to learn more about her personal life as she is a public figure quenching the thirst of the inquisitive minds and yet as surreal as it sounds her ways allows people to get in her thoughts and private life as if they are her friend. Unlike Korina Sanchez, Kris is not the combative confrontational kind so, if there is anyone that needed to be gagged it is none other than Korina Sanchez.

Conrado de Quiroz got the ire of the bride when he says that the groom Mar Roxas is an atat na atat (too eager) presidential wannabe based on an observation regarding media ads of the tricycle pedal kicker featuring Korina’s fiancée. While Conrado’s comment may have been moot after Mar Roxas statesman like redemption withdrawing his presidential ambition giving way to Noynoy Aquino, it just escapes me why she is demanding for an apology. I have no clue what planet Korina is on right now but in case she has not noticed most if not all the presidential wannabe are basically too eager beaver for comfort approaching illegal acts for early electioneering bombarding people with pathetic obnoxious ads geared for their presidential run.

If it makes Korina Sanchez happy we have to implore Conrado de Quiroz to apologize to Mar Roxas pronto because it seems the one who is the bigger atat na atat is none other than the frustrated first lady wannabe Korina.

Sharon Cuneta a megastar (gawd I can't believe I am saying megastar, lol) was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and yet instead of a brat like attitude in defense of Mr. Noted errrr husband Kiko Pangilinan when Korina Sanchez calls him an ingrate, shows she has more class choosing not to dignify Korina’s tirade by not responding. It makes you wonder if Mar Roxas told Korina that the presidential run is bigger than themselves and to feel betrayed on a perceived notion that Kiko Pangilinan’s support of Noynoy Aquino caused the slide of support away from Mar Roxas to just the vice presidency only shows she does not get it.

Then we have RG Cruz who made the mistake that he can poke fun in his Facebook account at the frustrated first lady Korina Sanchez, a co-worker at the “Kapamilya” (family) ABS CBN network. Talk about family eh, no wonder some people including this Political Jaywalker are not attracted at joining this “family” especially one that is so dysfunctional. In all of these incidents, she has no qualms airing it in public that her new found enemies owes her a favor like one who thinks like a queen except she is missing her crown to borrow RG Cruzes apt description should not forget they owe her a debt of gratitude. To think that she is one who believes or should we say deludes herself she can make a difference when she displays despicable traits of the political patronage. kind There goes the drama of sacrifice for love of inang bayan, looks like she is one narcissist who thinks the world revolves around her.

She could have handled this better although she is probably in a lot of pressure as most brides to be and while if this white paper really came from her she is mishandling the incidents very poorly, to quote:
While some characters would sit back, relax and ignore the nuances and irritants of daily living, some characters such as mine are the types who would see and know, by experience if I may add, that evil prospers when good men do nothing. While there is wisdom in silence, there is nobility to be found in response and courage — as foolish as some might think these to be, given specific circumstances.
True, I agree that evil prospers when good men do nothing but “good men” or women being good knows enough to act with class and not be combative because it not only validates their contention when one reacts like Korina did and worse comes up with an allege scary retort below:
So to you, RG Cruz, I say, I hope that — as your Facebook entry narrated — as you were “eating chocolate” and indulging your gastronomical cravings while events at Club Filipino on the 2nd of September 2009 were unfolding and all you could think of and delight in, as written in your Facebook, are your cruel attacks, pettiness, inanities and insensitivities to the sacrifice of others and, horror of horrors, make these public — you will, henceforth, attempt to save yourself from the very real prospect of disappearing, leaving this world without a trace, no better and even worse than when you found it.
People disappear without a trace and are never heard again when they get the ire of the powers that be, this is not something one jokes about and coming from an eager beaver wannabe first lady is a window to the future on the kind of occupant that will inhabit the palace. I am sure one happy camper not seeing Mar Roxas running for the presidency as he has a very scary bitter vindictive partner with a tendency to have anger management problem.

What is so amazing is she has no qualms showing her bitterness in not attending Mar Roxas acceptance of Noynoy Aquino’s offer to be his running mate. Fer cryin’ out loud you just loss us there Korina, it is time to move on and please stop making a spectacle of yourself as you are hurting your future hubby and dragging Noynoy down too in his impending presidential run. Think of the poor people in Payatas who believe that change is possible and with the meager or literally scarce resources they are rejecting patronage politics and showing us the way by donating whatever they have for the cause.

In the interest of "saving" inang bayan and not dampen the resurgence of hope of desperate people that are eternal victims of political hypocrisy and double talk, Korina Sanchez should figure out how she can control her temper and apologizing for her behavior is really not a bad idea. She can opt to be the way she is which is not very pleasant especially for a future bride, as in making herself a spectacle like those in reality TV show with no redeeming social value or she can still walk tall without the help of a 10 inch heels if only she tries to re-examine the folly of her confrontational attitude. Not that it is any of my business to want to see Korina change her ways but there is this possibility that she might grow old like my favorite Senator Miriam Santiago, who when angry says she her mouth is foaming, homicidal and has the urge to spit on a justice face that irates her. I dare say that it is time for Mar Roxas to drop the Mr. Palengke (Mr. Market as in economist having graduated from Wharton) packaging lest his ex-future wannabe first lady goes on a tantrum spell again if she is referred to as Mrs. Palengkera...........

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