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Paco Larrañaga the new Fixation for Tongressional Probe in Aid of Legislators

Once again an opportunity presents itself for our dishonorable errr honorable legislators for the elusive free ride to fame or was it notoriety via sound bytes. Who can resist a free sound byte at the expense of using people’s misery and worse victims of horrendous crimes only to be victimized further just so they can stretched the buying power (with emphasis on buying) of their pork barrel pesos, a cheap alternative to obnoxious expensive infomercials.

Indeed, they have found in Paco Larrañaga the new fixation for Tongressional Probe in aid of legislators and if we are lucky or by a stroke of miracle of biblical proportion legislation will come out of it once it became a law that is meant to be broken anyway.

This Political Jaywalker was under the impression that Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez was a breed apart from the rest of the pack but lo and behold reality sets in once again that politician of the Philippine kind disappointingly are of the same mould. Rodriguez would like the probe to be prioritized before Paco Larrañaga’s is transferred to Spain, nothing wrong with that except what if he is indeed innocent? As I have written in the previous post the accused were basically railroaded towards a guilty verdict and clearly victims of mistrial as claimed by no less than former Ambassador Seddfrey Ordoñez, various Spanish bar association and NGO’s including Amnesty International. So what exactly do they think will they achieve with Tongressional probe of Philippines-Spain Transfer of Sentenced Persons Agreement if I may dare ask? Let me venture a guess, uphold the higher court in handing down a harsher sentence and snubbing of the amice curia briefs from the descendants of our former colonizer responsible for expanding our vocabulary with coño and other invectives.

Probes should be welcomed judging from the miscarriage of justice in the Philippines and there are quite an array of deplorable instances that turns our stomach at the outcome of the case unfortunately the probe was all about political intramural of politicians that can be likened to a circus freak side show. There should be no problem if they will address the present state of pathetic judicial and prisons system but this probe is all about grandstanding and the circus surrounding the conduct of DOJ which can be handled by investigative government agencies rather than trying hard deluding themselves as if they are Sherlock Holmes or wanting to be judges at the same time while being a legislator. We have seen the sorry result of probes which is virtually inconsequential or if ever they only succeeded in running after those pesky whistle blowers just like the NBN ZTE probe where they can't even persuade the principal suspect to come up with an affidavit. On the other hand maybe this probe may just result in something of consequence if and that is a big if they recall the state witness who the court set free despite admitting he raped one of the Chiong sister and recommends his prosecution.

If the probe will re-examine the testimony of convicted felon who lied about his conviction twice sentenced to prison in the US Davidson Russia then it may just resurrect the credibility of our justice system. But this is not about unearthing the truth on the case where the state witness who may turn out to be the mastermind that the court relied on while dismissing more than 35 witnesses with sworn affidavits that Paco Larrañaga was in Quezon City during the crime as irrelevant. Yeah right, I did not know that there are super human beings who can be in 2 places at the same time, but then again the problem with jokers is they get elected into office to make a mockery of an already pathetic judicial system. Is that a surprise? Not at all especially when we see the Generals of war giving new meaning on his innovativeness why we really don’t need advice or form a US Cavalry counterpart in this image below I stole from Manuel Buencamino at Uniffors.
If you think this is turning to be a joke well you have not seen them all as seen in this remark from a party-list lawmaker, Gabriela Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan:

A party-list lawmaker, Gabriela Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan, warned that Larrañaga might enjoy many benefits in Spain and might attain his freedom once he is there.

“Once in Spain, we cannot stop Larrañaga from pursuing every possible means to get out of jail,” Ilagan said in a statement.

“And the Philippine government can do nothing about it because it already transferred authority and jurisdiction over Larrañaga’s case to the Spanish justice system,” she added.
What benefits is she talking about? Is there a benefit in incarceration? Well, unless you are a sadist and would like to see prisoners who may turn out to be innocent go through the horrors of prison life in the most detestable hell hole on earth we call Philippine prisons then she is right.

Why can’t our party list representatives focus more on strengthening grassroots representation as pointed out by my FB friend Mark Anthony Dario so the intent of the law is not bastardized by unscrupulous backdoor operators of the Comelec kind, to quote:
The primary objective of a real grassroot political party should have addressed the lack of political representation of peoples organization /sectoral representation to affect governance in the grassroot level .While the 1987 constitution and the local government code already provides the legal basis for the realization of allotting seats for sectoral representatives in LGUs,the progressive left as they call themselves failed to realize its significance to the over all advancement and concrete realization of peoples empowerment and reforms Worst , they were contented in aspiring a seat in congress as partylist representatives wherein its mere number is very insignificant to affect changes in national policies much more pass necessary legislative measures addressing reforms . To date , none of them even filed a proposed bill providing an Implementing Rules and regulation that would realize sectoral representaion for their counterpart in th e local level.
No wonder we have Mike Arroyo’s sister Lourdes Arroyo representing the balut (fertilized duck egg) vendors when she probably don’t even eat balut and definitely not a vendor of any sort except perhaps peddling her influence to gain backdoor entry to the pork barrel. Our partly list representatives are so fixated on sound byte opportunities and because they are not paying attention the sabungeros (cockfight aficionados) formed their party list further making a mockery of our political system. Well, they better pay attention or the next morons to form a party list are the Jueteng Cobramen and woman who after all can argue that if gamblers can have representation they also deserve the same entitlement in the land of cheats.

Maybe if some people especially the media not the ATM practitioner kind and our probe fixated legislators focus more on the implication and exercise due diligence they can shed light on the case and justice will be served. They play on peoples emotions and sadly orchestrate lynch mob mentality as if we have not have enough of the madness and of course mobster in high places when they present the story telling a lie that adds more fuel to the raging fire of controversy. It does not help when Senadora Mirriam Santiago hypocritically brags about due process when the convicts were convicted not on due process but lynch mob pressure. Demonizing the convicts’ family who supposedly put one over DoJ on the P750K restitution which the victims’ family never received or was even aware of such decision is truly amazing. Like the legislators they seem to be barking on the wrong tree, why not dig deeper on why the Chiong family never receive a single cent when P750K was deposited with the clerk of court as payment for Larrañaga’s liability was documented by the Cebu City RTC issued on May 26, 2009? Did the money landed on someone’s pocket other than the Chiong family? Oh please stop the madness, think of what the victims who will be victimized further when opportunist sound byte grabbers using them as a prop for their self-promotion. A Tongressional probe is not necessary when police investigation will suffice if indeed there is corruption involve in Paco Larrañaga’s transfer to Spain.

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