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The Furor over Marc Jacobs' Publisher Timothy Mark Depakakibo Garcia

What was Marc Jacobs' personnel thinking when they hired the son of a former Philippine military official as their publicist just after he was released from detention in connection with his family’s plunder case? Obviously they never checked his background and Tim Garcia never told them about his case until Page Six (yes, the same column that broke the news on Gloria Arroyo and her free loading shameless entourage on the gluttonous US$20K Le Cirque dinner) broke the news on his case. In a society where no one questions the veracity of what you say and people in general assume in good faith it is the truth, liars will have a field day through omission or outright lies working their sleazy way into the system.

While Major General Carlos F. Garcia, former comptroller of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is spending his time in Philippine jail accused of amassing ill-gotten wealth to the tune of P303M (US$6.2M) his son Tim Garcia an American citizen after spending 95 days at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center now wears a house arrest ankle bracelet. The ankle bracelet is reserved for individuals who are flight risk with pending criminal cases whose movement are restricted and monitored.

While millions of people in the Philippines are living in subhuman conditions in congested make shift quarters in squatter colonies, some are even reduced to living under the bridge, sidewalks or any available space in the urban jungles of the cities in contrast the son of an accused plunderer is living in style in an all white one bedroom apartment at the expensive high end Trump Plaza. In these hard times of economic uncertainty where people are losing jobs by the thousands, firms going bankrupt, to see one enjoying an expensive decadent lifestyle in an apartment purchased by Clarita Garcia the wife/partner of an accused plunderer in 2004 for $765,000 the mother of Tim Garcia is truly the height of callous insensitivity, to quote Fashions night on probation by Peter Davis:

In April, Garcia says he was asked to hand over his “apartment and bank accounts.” He protested. “I knew that it was all bullshit. I was like, ‘No! I will never waver in the conviction of my father’s innocence and doing that would just hurt my father’s case.” The government still contends that some of that $6.2 million dollars went into purchasing the Trump Plaza apartment. The government also says the Garcias transferred $2 million from the Philippines to the United States.

Tim Garcia can act clueless but coming from a third world country where corruption is so endemic did he even bother to inquire where and how exactly can her mother Clarita Garcia afford or get the funds to purchase the Trump Plaza unit? Out of the millions of Filipinos who are aware of the plunder case he tries to pull a fast one as the only clueless person around when he should know better being the son would have noticed the sudden change of affluence. Who the heck really falls for it except him creating or worse suffering from altered reality when he professed that his father is not guilty is truly baffling.

As a publicist he should not have attracted attention to himself but that is how self-indulgent self-centered sorry ass of an individual they are thinking the world revolves around them. If the intent was to elicit sympathy then he is wrong and the only one who can understand his predicament is perhaps his kind like clueless Mikey Arroyo.

This wannabe Paris Hilton is wallowing in his collection of signature clothes and accessories that will make Imelda Marcos excesses pale in comparison and definitely will squeeze the fat out of fashionista pretender Malu Fernandez. Tim Garcia is no Paris Hilton (aside from being a trust fund baby Paris earns a lot of money being a celebrity on endorsements, appearances and TV shows), not even by any stretch of imagination will he even come close, so acting like a brat spoiled “rich” kid is not going to cut it. There is nothing wrong with being rich and it is not a sin after all we are in a capitalist society. The problem is when it comes from unexplained wealth and the whole family is facing criminal charges, only a dumb fool of moronic proportion will have the impudence to flaunt it. Who does he think he is anyway, the Teflon Mafiosi boss? But then again corrupt government officials act and operate like Mafiosi crime syndicates, so this one has the potential of a comedic crime material for the silver screen. Imagine a gay signature label fixated version of Don Vito Corleoni, hanging out in fashion shows dressed and accessorized to the hilt with designer labels on the prowl eyeing men looking like a transsexual Doña BITUin (star).

The nerve of this plunderers’ son or was it daughter complaining that the ankle bracelet is limiting his fashion choice, lamenting he can’t wear his knee high croc boots by Sergio Rossi for the fall is the height of shallow insensitivity. True, he may have earned his designer clothes and accessories legitimately but flaunting it when your family is accused of plundering the government is just numbingly ridiculous. The Doña BITUin plans to write a memoir, and who may I ask will bother reading such trash coming from an obscure now in the center of notoriety not for being rich and famous due to royal family lineage or accomplished long line of family of achievers acknowledged contributors, innovators and trend setters of a better society, but a family that plunders together is truly delusional? Do readers even care to read or know the lives of corrupt family of plunderers?

A call for boycott of Marc Jacon’s will probably not make a dent when most Filipinos can not afford it anyway or have a clue what Marc Jacobs sells. While Tim Garcia is not yet convicted, still enjoying the benefit of the doubt, we can always appeal to the consumers’ sensibilities or sense of propriety in not patronizing their product for their callous disregard on the plight of the poor that are the ultimate victim of the plunderers. While the poor people of the Philippines are reduced to playing Russian roulette with their health and lives scavenging for discarded food products in the garbage dump they choose to employ Tim Garcia. Once the plunder case is proven in court Tim Garcia will become a ‘30's Ma Barker version of the millennium enjoying the fruits of the family’s pillaging and plunder and what will Marc Jacobs do should that eventuality unfolds?

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