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Mikey Arroyo, a picture is worth a thousand Booze or pandesal & soda

What’s up with Mikey Arroyo the McDo snob who is also “clueless” on SALN disclosure? Nothing much except wanting to regulate Facebook, hudas ooops who does he think he is? A member of politburo of the Chinese Communist Party or does he confuse the Philippines for China where internet access is regulated?
Apparently he was not pleased when he gained notoriety once more over a picture that was posted on Facebook that subsequently ended up getting posted on the blogs of Ellen Tordesillas’ Where’s Mikey in Ondoy’s aftermath, Uniffors’ Mikey’s flood assistance program, Delfin Montano's The Boozer During the Crisis and even a FaceBook Group called Mikey Arroyo is an Idiot. He says that he was in Malacañang (daw) doling out or rather handing out relief goods to the Ondoy flood victims. Hmmmmn, I wonder what kind of relief good he was talking about, because what I saw on TV tells of a different story which is the pathetic distribution of Pandesal (bread at least it was not Marie Antoinette’s cake) and soda.

Just to be fair and not being a barber the pandesal distribution was after the Saturday he claimed he was handing out relief goods so I will take his word for it. Seriously and curiously where and how did they get the funds for the relief good, oh well I guess they must have funded it with the consigliere or rather the cabinet’s 2 month salary on orders of La Napoleona de la Cirque. Poor jet setter Gloria Arroyo and her Tongress free loaders who seem to bungle things and getting caught up with her extravagant food and alcoholic binging sprees exposing her pathetic wrong priorities.

Manuel Buencamino states the obvious in his “Oops!” post wherein flat broke Gloria Arroyo is reduced to gesturing opening Malacañang to the poor hungry soul victims of Ondoy. She does not realize or should we say was in denial or delusional to say the least that there are throngs or multitude of people going hungry even before Ondoy’s wrath trooping to the palace overwhelming them and a visibly irked Gloria Arroyo has nothing to offer but pandesal and soda. Yuko Takei called my attention on the Malaya editorial that is so succinctly written, which I quote:
Gloria’s chickens come home to roost

REMEMBER the flap over that $20,000 dinner in New York and the P2.499 billion that taxpayers’ paid for Gloria Arroyo’s foreign trips? The cost of that Le Cirque outing was an obscenity, considering the hand-to-mouth existence of most Filipinos. So was the actual travel expenses incurred from 2001 to the present, considering that the original total allocation for her travels was only P1.439 billion.

The image polishers at the Palace, however, played down Gloria’s free-spending ways. They said there were essential foreign trips that could not have been foreseen during the budget process. The unforeseen expenses, Palace propagandists said, were the reason there was "budget flexibility."

The Palace’s justification was disingenuous. On August 20 we said: "In the case of foreign trips, the additional funding comes from the President’s Contingency Fund. Fine. But our understanding is the Contingency Fund is the source of quick-disbursement money for victims of earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions and other calamities, both natural and man-made. Every dollar spent on foreign travel sourced from the Contingency Fund must then necessarily be P50 less for hungry and homeless calamity victims.

"This is equivalent to snatching a ball of rice from a starving kid’s mouth."

After the onslaught of typhoon "Ondoy," Gloria’s chickens are coming home to roost. Today marks the end of September. There are three more months to go in 2010, but the President’s Contingency Fund apparently has already been bled dry. This is the reason we have not heard Gloria firing off directives to send flood victims more food and other relief goods bought with her contingency fund.

She is reduced to making symbolic gestures such as donating two months of her salary for relief work. She gets P63,525 a month, for a total donation of P127,050. That sum comes to about 8 percent of what she spent in that night’s outing in New York. Put another way, she can afford to donate only two months of her salary to flood victims while she could burn 16 months of her salary for a dinner at Le Cirque.

The difference, of course, is that that P127,050 is her own money. The P1 million she spent for dinner is for the account of poor Juan dela Cruz, who at this very moment lacks a roof over his head, clothes to ward off the cold and food to fill his grumbling stomach.
Now how pathetic is that and Mikey Arroyo has the gall to be so sanctimonious (like he is up on cloud nine riding his white carabao in his shining armor) chiding bloggers for not helping out when if he and her momma dearest did not help themselves first those poor hungry souls would not have endured the long lines just to eat pandesal and drink soda. Heck, giving soda to those hungry people may just cause more harm on an empty stomach is literally giving them stomach ulcer or having their tooth falling off caused by the sugar content of the soda. Looks like Mikey Arroyo can't do the math, now with that kind of help do we really need it, when we end up losing more? In case you are thinking of donating, you are better off sending it to legitimate charities or volunteers away from the government entities.

There are rumors going the rounds that a crocodile was seen floating in Pasig River near Malacañang, well we know how rumor flies confusing the place with Cainta or perhaps confusing the occupants as the predatory crocodiles. Take your pick which one is which, but really who can blame people for getting confused, what with how they are perceived.

In the meantime while Mikey Arroyo lashes out at bloggers and FaceBook members there are half a million victims crammed in evacuation centers. Here is an excellent site of List of places to donate and volunteer (Ondoy Manila) complete with map and Dr. Philip Chua’s Filipino United Network raising funds to provide assistance in the funeral expense of the victims.

At Facebook Manny SD Lopez suggested that we launch a dollar campaign for Muelmar Magallanes the hero who rescued and saved more than 30 people who unfortunately drowned and succumbed to the strong flood water current due to severe exhaustion. In an email to Dr. Philip Chua who happens to be one of our contributors here at Pedestrian Observer GB he stated his intention to make Muelmars Magallanes as one of the their beneficiary for his heroic selfless deed.. The number of people who perished in Ondoy's wrath so far is 280 and counting, contributions are badly needed and will surely be appreciated.

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