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Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino the Overwhelming Choice in the Survey Conducted by SWS

As much as people want to disparage Noynoy Aquino’s pedigree there is no doubt that the resurging popularity of Noynoy Aquino is brought about by a combination of Cory magic and the present pathetic GMA Mafiosi Governance.

So whoever says that the Cory magic is dead is really fooling no one but themselves or worse they are stuck vacationing in denial city ending up in the prison of their own deluded self-centered ignorance. The survey conducted by SWS shows 1 out of 2 voters in Luzon will vote for Noynoy Aquino, this explains why most if not all the presidential wannabe are ganging up on Noynoy Aquino even belittling his entry.
Ours is a multi-party system where there are 3 or more competing for the presidential position and 50% translates to a landslide if elections were held in September 2009. They are scared stiff and threatened and yet the wannabes some of whom will need miracles of biblical proportion to even garner enough numbers to have a decent tail end showing are pummeling Noynoy Aquino in a desperate attempt to draw attention to their own pathetic self. That in itself is a reflection of the mindset and mentality of present day trapos so irritatingly obnoxious desprately drawing attention to themselves at the expense of others.

The sentiment is an indication how the Mafiosi governance of Gloria Arroyo and her wannabe Consigliere in trying to please their Doña mob boss fails to realize that they are actually helping the presidential bid of Noynoy Aquino. Their biggest blunder was appointing Mike Arroyo’s classmate and fellow bar-flunker Merceditas Gutierrez to head a supposedly independent OmBADswomen errr Ombudsman to run after corrupt government officials whose incompetence and ignorance while it serves them well at the onset actually becomes a liability in the end. Her ignorance of all things the law truly amazes when OmBADwomen ooops Ombudsman with pathetic batting average of success in prosecution would have remained unnoticed had she not went as far as acting like a consigliere when she issues a memorandum restricting access to elected officials’ SALN (Statement of Liabilities and Assets of net Worth) in direct violation of the law.

The shameless issuance of a memorandum clearly was the offshoot of PCIJ’s extensive report on the Mob Doña’s highly questionable amassing of unexplained wealth in her SALN showing she got richer faster than her predecessors - former Presidents Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos, and Joseph Estrada. As if that was not enough to infuriate the people, Mikey Arroyo follows suit in a Vera Files report on his failure to declare in his 2007 and 2008 SALNs a $1.32 million (P63.7 million) beachfront property in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, which he allegedly bought and then transferred to his wife Angela in 2006.

What can we expect anyway when the head of the ombudsman who is so confused if her job is that of a consigliere, private lawyer or guardian of public interest requiring accomplishment of a form that shall be subscribed and sworn to before an Ombudsman prosecutor just to get hold of government officials SALN. Who in their right mind will actually go into such trouble of going through the bureaucratic red tape of filing said form before the Ombudsman’s Public Assistance Bureau (PAB), which will determine whether the purpose of securing a copy of any SALN is legitimate. What’s with Merceditas Gutierrez anyway, does she think a person who wants to get hold of SALN has a suicidal death wish?

While Gloria and her entourage of free loaders wine and dine at Le Cirque an upscale New York gourmet restaurant frequented by the rich and famous, Rina Jimenez-David points out the obvious disparity below:
URBAN poor residents, particularly in Veterans near the Payatas dump, have learned to look out for trucks that collect packages of frozen meat and fish and of vegetables that bear expired “use by” dates from supermarkets and dispose of them in open dumps.

The residents pounce on these “prized” packages, some of which still have the price tags attached to them, playing a game of Russian roulette with their health, betting that the food items have not yet spoiled to a point that these would endanger their health, if not their lives.
Then we have Manny Villar of the C-5 and Taga oooops Sipag at Tiyaga (hard work and perseverance) slogan in desperation tries to play the pseudo class war gambit that is really getting old. Wait is Manny Villar having an Alzheimer bout or something, is he forgetting that he was the one who was bragging about the P5B needed to launch a presidential campaign and he wants the debate focused or suppossedly a battle between the rich vs. the poor? Why even Erap Estrada will probably have a hard time recycling this shallow hypocritical game. Good luck on that one. While Noynoy Aquino comes from the landed gentry his personal net worth is just P15M. A really pathetic amount considering he did 3 stints in congress and 2 at the senate, proof that he is not a crook unlike most of his pork barrel contented colleagues.

What make this coming election very interesting are the pathetic non-credible people dictating how the rules of the game are to be played. On the other hand it surely adds humor to what maybe a boring contest when wannabe candidates who are lucky enough if their friends and relatives will even vote for them takes a deluded stance of strength and authority. What is worse is the Cerge Remonde and Gary Olivar duo that Manuel Buencamino calls the Chorva ng Putang Bading in admonishing supporters of Noynoy Aquino in using good vs. evil in the campaign. Well, Gloria Arroyo’s regime is definitely evil and there is no hiding the fact that she is the worse we have seen.

The question now is will Noynoy Aquino sustain and increase his favorable poll numbers which will largely depend on how he is perceived. Will the voters see him as the one who can clean the stinking mess of corruption brought about by the Mafiosi administration of Gloria Arroyo. His favorable number will surely help him negotiate tactical alliances with opposition political parties based on critical collaboration without selling out his beliefs and principles and most importantly the interest of the people in pursuing clean and honest good governance.

The bigger question is with Noynoy Aquino's populist approach and his ability in involving ordinary citizen in relying on their contribution and active participation will this be enough to keep in check influential patrons of political patronage and political warlords? Will he be a receptive leader who will listen and has a good read on the peoples sentiments and interest?

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