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Panfilo Lacson’s Expose’ Against Joseph Estrada

Something peculiar wafts the air on the expose’ of Senator Panfilo Lacson implicating former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada. Unlike other scandals this one fails to deliver the punch, perhaps due to Senator Panfilo Lacson’s boring to say the least delivery, that it fails to put as on edge despite the gravity of the allegations. Could it be that we are so numbed by these numerous scandals that it fails to shock some people anymore?

The intimidation, harassment and forcing the sale of Yuchengco PLDT stocks which was confirmed right away by businessman former Ambassador Alfonso Yuchengco gave some credence to Lacson’s revelation below:
In August 1998, in the early part of Mr. Estrada’s abbreviated presidency, Mr. Alfonso Yuchengco was pressured to sign conveyance of his 7.75% PTIC (Philippine Telecommunications Investment Corporation) holdings, equivalent to 18,720 shares to Metro Pacific, represented by Manuel V. Pangilinan.

These PTIC holdings correspond to 2,017,650 PLDT common shares.

Mr. Yuchengco, I also learned later, was pressed to sign a waiver of his right of first refusal over the PTIC shares of the Cojuangco-Meer group.

It was only after the passage of many years that I was to learn that Mr. Estrada, barely two months in office then, used the PNP to harass Mr. Yuchengco’s son, Tito, with threat of arrest on some trumped-up drug charges to force his father, Mr. Yuchengco to sell.

This harassment of the young man was accomplished through deliberate and obvious physical surveillance.
On the Dacer-Corbito double murder that one soon to be state witness points to the one they referred to as the bigote (moustache which Joseph “Erap” Estrada denies because he is not known as the bigote but obviously a reference to him behind his back) is getting too close for comfort for Estrada’s as the alleged brains for the killing. So far on this score Lacson it appears has the edge over Estrada when Former Supt. Glenn Dumlao corroborates his statement in a TV interview.
Since Joseph “Erap” Estrada filed a libel case against Yuchengco for confirming Lacosn’s statement does it mean he will also file a libel cases against Dumlao and the rest who confirms Lacson’s allegations?

Then we have Joseph Estrada’s son actor now Senator Jinggoy Estrada who promised to deliver a point by point rebuttal on Lacson’s claims that I should say was disappointingly nothing more than a shallow personal attack on Lacson as a traitor and an ingrate. Disparaging Lacson for his utter lack of sense of gratitude will not fly especially when the point of contention is the allegations on criminal activities and not on principles or integrity. Well, this is the senate hall and not a Mafiosi hangout or was it? If it is any consolation to Jinggoy (who should have stayed on his day job as an actor instead of being in the senate) that his response was at par with Mikey Arroyo’s callous defense of his mother’s gluttonous Le Cirque brouhaha and Winnie Monsod’s grilling him on SALN issue.

What a trip to boredom land it is when Jinggoy did not interpellate Lacson's privilege speech or allowed Lacson during his privilege speech. Whoever convinced Jinggoy to run for the senate and unluckily for us that he won must have a deep longstanding grudge against the guy. Unlike in tinseltown where everything is scripted Jinggoy Estrada should realize by now that this is really beyond him.

On the Jueteng issue you would expect at least for Jinggoy to question that an actual conversation occurred by citing dates or other proof to debunked Lacson’s claims instead just like his father, both of them sounding more like US Representative Wilson’s “You Lied!” outburst. The legalization of Jueteng is a poor defense and supposedly worrying on the welfare of the Cobramen and women’s (Jueteng illegal numbers game bet collectors) just shows where their moral compass points or if ever they have one. We know what happened with the Jueteng issue because of the falling out among Estrada’s people thus Sabit errrr Chavit Singson became the “hero” of Gloria Arroyo who escaped culpability on his confession on his role as the Jueteng bagman even getting appointed to various presidential adviser position.

Senator Panfilo Lacson’s expose’ has the makings of a whistleblower and in case a senate probe is in the offing one should really worry because unlike Chavit Singson’s case where it paved the way for a takeover or power grab by Gloria Arroyo this one is about a disgraced former president. Unless a whistleblower’s revelation is good enough to topple even a garcified presidency the risk and prospect of facing a criminal charge is not highly unlikely so forget about being hailed as a “hero” like that “macho” who beats up defenseless woman black and blue.

Miriam Santiago a friend of Joseph “Erap” Estrada one of my “favorite” senadora next to Pia Cayetano the savior of fictional distressed domestic help who has no clue she is distressed has this to say on TV Patrol, which I quote:
Does this mean that Senator Lacson was complicit in all of these alleged illegal activities of then President Estrada? It is very suspicious that Senator Lacson did not reveal all of these complaints or allegations before this time. As I have said evidence suppressed is evidence adverse.
At least she is not foaming in the mouth unlike her statement against the Supreme Court justices thus her question seems to make sense. If we go by where Senadora Miriam Santiago’s argument, it seems to take a familiar route, hopefully not the route of frustration that whistleblower Jun Lozada seems to be redirected nowadays by some Senate quarters for Lacson. Not yet anyway, at least until he divulges everything and hopefully if he is not complicit as Santiago avers then he has nothing to worry about.

What exactly is the political implication on the upcoming election and re-alignment of political forces on Lacson’s revelation and more to come as he promised is something we need to pay really close attention? For one, there are talks that to persuade Joseph Estrada to withdraw from the presidential race is to have Jinggoy Estrada as the vice-presidential running mate of the presidential candidate he will endorse. Yikes, what have we done to deserve this but I am hoping that Lacson’s series ala tele-novella revelation will show that Jinggoy really belongs to the silver screen and not the second highest position in the land.

It is bad enough that we have jokers vying for the presidential position and we have to add yet one who can’t even act in real life will surely bring back the dreaded apathy among our people. On the other hand if Estrada opted not to ruin errr run in the election bloggers will have limited materials or politicians to be the butt of jokes. Jokes although cruel (cruel jokes on us and others) like this one by Manay Erna oooops Ernie Maceda who I am afraid may cause Inday Espina Varona to get dehydrated in her FaceBook status post below:
PUKE MOMENT#1: Ernesto Maceda, speaking before La Salle Bacolod students, likens Erap to -- NELSON MANDELA?!@# Because they both suffered imprisonment daw!
Poor Nelson Mandela the hero who sacrificed spending most of his life in prison fighting apartheid in South Africa, what did he do to deserve this cruel comparison? He must be having a heart attack for the gravest disrespect and desecration of his honorable cause by one who seems to have an altered schizophrenic reality. A convicted plunderer and a freedom fighter are not the same but in Maceda’s mind they are one and the same. Yikes, I hope Maceda realizes that once one gets on the edge of seeing altered reality it will be difficult to come back to normality………..

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