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Gloria Arroyo says, The Filipnos are Worth Dining For

Looks like Le Glutton de Gloria Arroyo just got caught with her mouth fool errr full again, literally stuffing them up with lobster, steaks and fine wines according to Washington Post article Heartburn Over Two Big Meals.
Gloria Arroyo says, Filipinos are worth dining forPoor Gloria Arroyo the rising Imeldific version of today wanting so much attention for her Washington bwisit errr visit with US President Barack Obama was not newsworthy enough for that elusive sound byte that never happened. Instead of the publicity she thought it will generate on the visit which she in all her Napoleonic stance brags about during her SONA (State of the Nation Address which Jen Aquino Xavier calls, State of the Nations’ Aggravation while I say it was more of State of Negative Abrasiveness) it was the pig out that landed in the news. And rightly so as it is scandalous and typical Marie Antoinette insensitivity at the plight of her throngs of hungry homeless subjects. The new Imeldific of the Philippines ought to know better or was it ignorance of American middle class sensibilities that flaunting your ‘wealth’ is just not going to cut it especially when you come from a third world country. In a country where 27Million+ and growing are unable to eat 3 meals a day. Flaunting you have it when your salary is a measly P56K or roughly US$1K+/month really contradicts once again her hypocritical snide at her detractors as walking evidence of corruption. Who’s looking like one now?

US $20K at Le Cirque in Manhattan and now it turns out they just can't stop ravaging food for another US$15K as if it was going out of style is simply disgusting. You wonder how a small person can indulge in food and alcoholic binge and not get sick of it afterward is just amazing.

Here is the article sent by Rachelle Garcia, I wonder what explanation they will use this time as they are running out of justification and lies like fools spitting against the wind only to realize it smacks them back at their faces:
Heartburn Over Two Big Meals

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's visit to the White House on July 30 didn't draw much attention, and her dinner in Washington that night got nary a mention. And that's how it might have stayed -- if not for a controversial meal in New York City.

Arroyo is under fire in her native country for a $20,000 meal at Manhattan's Le Cirque on Aug. 2, which included caviar and several bottles of champagne. The dinner, first reported in the New York Post, has Arroyo's critics comparing her to the extravagant Imelda Marcos.

The Reliable Source has learned that three days earlier, Arroyo and an entourage of about 65 people (including security and food tasters) had dinner at Bobby Van's Steakhouse on 15th Street NW hours after she met with President Obama. The group took over one of the restaurant's private rooms and dined on lobster, steak and fine wines; at the conclusion of the meal, an unidentified woman opened a handbag stuffed with cash, counted out bills and paid the $15,000 tab -- which included a generous tip.

The Philippine Embassy did not return calls for comment Tuesday.

Hmmmmn, I wonder who is the mysterious money bag lady who paid for the US$15K tab.

Well, since the time she was on the cheat errr seat of power scandals seems to follow her every step of the way. The list was just too long that it was like an encyclopedia of aberration with another one coming from Malou Mangahas of PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism) reporting on Gloria's Mysterious Millions: Stacks of Stocks, Sparse Data. Well, she is getting richer so she thinks she deserves some decadent pigging out unmindful of Philippine society’s marginalization.

Thanks to Maybelle Vendiola for coining a very apt quotation fit for the pigging out binge drinking lot, Filipinos Are Worth Dining For.

Arroyo's entourage to the US Trip, July 29-August 4, 2009

A. Congressman
  1. Arroyo's son Diosdado of Camarines Sur
  2. Deputy Speaker Amelita Villarosa
  3. Danilo Suarez of Quezon
  4. Martin Romualdez of Leyte
  5. Aurelio Gonzales Jr., of Pampanga
  6. Anna York Bondoc of Pampanga
  7. Vincent Crisologo, Quezon City
  8. Mary Ann Susano of Quezon City
  9. Antonio Alvarez of Palawan
  10. Monico Puentevella of Bacolod City
  11. Edgar Chatto of Bohol
  12. Del de Guzman of Marikina
  13. Felix Alfelor of Camarines Sur
  14. Bienvenido Abante Jr. of Manila
  15. Rep. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz
  16. Ramon Durano IV of Cebu
  17. Hermilando Mandanas of Batangas
  18. Francisco Matugas of Surigao del Norte
  19. Cecilia Suarez Luna of Abra
  20. Zenaida Angping of Manila
  21. Alvin Sandoval of Malabon-Navotas
  22. Rachel Arenas of Pangasinan
  23. newly proclaimed party-list Representatives Rodante Marcoleta
  24. Daryl Grace Abayon
  25. Catalina Leonen-Pizarro
  26. Godofredo Arquiza and
  27. Agapito Guanlao.
B. Senators
  1. Mirriam Santiago
  2. Lito Lapid
C. Malacañang
  1. Gloria Arroyo
  2. Jose Miguel Arroyo
  3. Cerge Remonde
  4. Lorelie Fajardo
  5. Eduardo Ermita
  6. Imelda Poblador
D. Cabinet Secretaries
  1. Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo
  2. Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap
  3. Trade Secretary Peter Favila
  4. Acting Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera
  5. Finance Secretary Margarito Teves
  6. Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro Jr.
  7. Labor Secretary Marianito Roque
  8. Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez
  9. Chair Bayani Fernando of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority
This list does not include security/support/ logistical staff and family members of the entourage

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