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The Cambridge incident involving Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. Arrested by Sgt. James Crowley & Barack Obama's Response

Is an apology forthcoming in the incident involving the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. by Sgt. James Crowley? From the looks of it no apology is forthcoming with the Cambridge police union standing by Sgt. Crowley, so will we see a lawsuit regarding the incident?

Indeed, race is still a sensitive issue and as a people of color this is a cause for concern. Not knowing all the facts that transpired or what exactly was the state of mind of the arresting officer it will be difficult or unfair to pass judgment or state categorically that this is indeed racial profiling. There is no doubt though that race is still a very sensitive issue but on the other hand a lively debate will help in the healing process of the past.

What is disturbing is the fact that one can get arrested in one’s own home. In your own home where one should feel safe, your own space from the mad world out there that you consider your own sanctuary. Was the neighbor suspicious of a “break-in” or “home invasion” reporting what he/she saw because he was HWB (housed while black)?

What is outstanding is how Barack Obama shows class in calling Sgt. Crowley stating his regret over his choice of words that may have added to the frenzy in his earlier remark that the police “acted stupidly,” to quote NY Daily News:

"My sense is you've got two good people in a circumstance where neither of them were able to resolve the incident in a way that it should have been," he said, putting some of the blame on his friend, Gates.

"I continue to believe … that there was an overreaction in pulling Prof. Gates out of his home," Obama said, but conceded Prof. Gates probably over reacted as well."

And he suggested that folks need to put themselves in the shoes of black Americans who have a history of unfair treatment by authorities.” African-Americans are sensitive to these issues," Obama said, adding that interactions between blacks and police can be "fraught with misunderstanding."

Obama added that he doesn't regret talking about the local issue, in spite of criticism to that effect, because "the fact that this has become such a big issue" shows "race is still a troubling aspect of our society."
On the one hand while I am concerned over the incident this is minor compared to the experience of Fil-Am activist Melissa Roxas giving me the chill that lunatics are armed with guns and badges can terrorize anyone with impunity. Instead of investigating the incident the military establishment choose to lie and the palace blabbermouth Glori-LIE Fajardo going along with it truly makes you wonder what kind of human beings roam the Philippine corridor of power.

This is what makes America great; in contrast I wonder how Gloria M. Arroyo that Philippine Garcified president would have reacted in the same circumstance? I think I know how she would react; she probably will call not the cop but the professor. Ok that was unfair we don’t know that and that is pure speculation on my part. One thing I know though based on the horrible experience of a whistle blower who instead of ordering her hooligans errr investigative agencies to conduct an investigation based on the testimony of the Acza Ramirez on the corruption at the Bureau of Internal revenue she was paraded as an accused not just one of the culprit but the principal. Now, that tells a lot what kind of presidency the Philippines has and to think that she will be an official visitor of the White House will be a study in contrast. Maybe, US Pres. Obama should just cancel the invitation simply because this intruder errr bwisit ooopps visit may turn the White House into a big freak circus what with 100 Philippine house representatives going along for a free ride. Unless NASA needs volunteers to send 100 people to Mars and leave them there forever then they should encourage these freebie obsessed solons to take the free trip.

Unlike the US president who is has no problem in regretting his earlier comment the Garcified Philippine president who despite being advised she had it all wrong on the Acza Ramirez mistake simply ignored or should we say acted stupidly. Such misplaced priority or whacked moral compass surely makes the corrupt shenanigans in the tong collection errr the Bureau of Internal Revenue jump in joy as if being commended for a job well done so keep it up boys and girls.

With a president like Gloria Arroyo it would come as no surprise that the police who were involve in a “shoot-out” or rather rub-out of suspected carjackers was promoted to the horror and consternation of the victims relatives.
I say convince NASA people to send also send Gloria Arroyo and her con ass cohorts to Mars, if that will not work at least to the moon and leave them there for good.

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