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Hayden Kho/Katrina Halili sex scandal turns into a Senate circus freak show

What is the difference between an antique collector and antique lover boys?

An antique collector may not necessarily love antiques but they keep their antiques while an antique lover boy is kept by the antique as a trophy…… get it? If not just go ask Lolit Solis, lol.

Leave it to the senate and of course with the help of madaya errr media to turn a sex scandal into a spectacle of sorts that truly belongs to a circus freak show. No wonder the Jester in Exile is exasperated at how the indistinguishable errr distinguished ladies and gentleman are wasting tax peso so they can indulge in their silly sound byte moment in time for the next election. Really, what is the point of a senate investigation in aid of legislation when it was a simple case of video voyeurism and all it takes is to pass a law to that effect? What do we expect anyway from traditional politicians who gets elected based on personality and popularity contest where patronage politics is the name of the game?

Now what’s up with celebrity actor turned foolitician errrr politician Bong Revilla stating that he saw the pirated sex video of Kho and Halili before the later went to his office for assistance? Was it curiosity or the voyeur instinct that prompted him to see the sex video? I say you are busted Senator Revilla, you should know better that mere possession of pirated video is illegal? We settled for jokers so we get bad jokes in return to ruin errrr run the legislative office and it gets worse when celebrities are among their peers making a circus out of a scandal.

Then we have Erap Jr., errrr war freak Senator Jinggoy Estrada snarling at Hayden Kho’s lawyer a woman at that as if he was acting out in an action movie truly unbecoming of one in his stature being a senator.

For one it seems that the savior of imaginary Chip Tsao Filipina maid Senator Pia Cayetano has her feet firmly on the ground this time around unlike in the past, perhaps she had a good dose of reality pill? She was right in pointing out that there is no need for a senate hearing that will do more harm than good to the victim. Apparently this does not bode well with Senator Jamby Madrigal who wants to have her share of perceived “glory” retorting like a juvenile brat that those who see no need for the senate hearing are just envious of the scandal that fell on the committee she chairs. At least now we can say that Joan of Arc Pia Cayetano should stay away from satire and focus on reality for her to come up with realistic response.

Now what is the point of former policeman/politician Abner afuang turned celebrity/bounty hunter in the movies dousing the dud errr stud with water? I know you do that with dogs on heat so I wonder if that was the intention.

It appears according to reports that aside from Katrina Halili there are a total of 40 sex video collection of director errrr doctor to borrow Katrina’s description of Hayden Kho. So if it was true that he had a compilation of 40 sex video of different women what does that make of Hayden Kho? Perhaps a serial peeping Tom or just one out of control oversexed man who can’t get enough of it? The compilation in Hayden Kho’s hard drive also includes refurbished antique errrr Dr. Vicky Belo's intimate tryst who according to the claims of Halili that Kho told her that Dr. Belo was aware of. If indeed the reports are accurate then Dr. Belo was aware of his peeping Tom boy toy’s illegal videotaping of the sexual encounters. Now the question is how come it was only Katrina Halili’s sex video that came out and whoever “stole” the video did not distribute the footage where Dr. Vicky Belo was in it? Is it because it will not sell for obvious reasons as in who wants to watch an oldie but not exactly goodie in bed or is it someting else?

What a circus and spectacle to watch this unfold as the protagonist tries desperately to dig their hole deeper in trouble. Just like a good mama’s boy as if on cue Hayden Kho takes the same stance as the mama Irene Kho that it was Katrina Halili who introduced and dealt ecstasy drugs to him. Duh, the guy is a doctor so in effect he allowed his lover who is not a doctor prescribed for him drugs to improve and enhance his sexual encounter? I wonder why he needs to enhance the tryst, is he confused on his sexual preference like what other observers at Stuart Santiago blog are insinuating?

Is this a case of if I am going down so you are also going down with me? Is it about desperately trying to get the sympathy of the public? Good luck on that one though but one thing for sure is we can only hope that as the plot thickens the authorities should at least address this issue squarely and get the drug dealer who seems to be the culprit in the distribution of the sex video. Will the authorities ran after this cretin of a drug dealer who according to Patricio mangubat of New Philippine Revolution is a powerful and influential figure? Said suspect an alleged member of the Triad Gang used to do "business" with the Alabang boys and is well connected in high places, so will we see the authorities pursue the suspected drug dealer? Or as usual let it be as the criminal is too powerful for them to even dare touch?

Now here is the kicker and since Katrina Halili was an endorser of the clinic where Hayden Kho is a doctor, is Katrina a patient and so are the other women in the sex video compilation? If they are then he is one doctor that Terri Hatcher, the actress playing Susan in Desperate Housewives would really go for a Brazilian wax first according to Manuel Buencamino for fear of a hidden camera. Seriously, if Katrina Halili or any other women in the sex video is a patient then this punk errrr hunk is in deep trouble of getting his medical license revoked.

So how in the name of sound byte grabbing politicians will a senate hearing aid in legislation when Lady Miriam Santiago already authored a bill to address video voyeurism even before the hearing? Is it because they want to satisfy their voyeuristic urge that they just have to go on with a circus of a hearing? If that was not a bad joke unleashed to the people I don't know what is especially with the media turning this spectacle into a shallow partisan contest like the pathetic Philippine election. For one Saksi (witness) a television news broadcast indeed truly lived up to its reputation as an idiot box. Getting some reaction from so-called social sayangtist errrr scientist or "experts" in their field gauging who gets the upper hand on public sympathy between Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho is as dumb as it gets. The issue is clearly about a sexual predator with voyeuristic problem and they make it into a contest of who gets the most PR point is an indication that the Philippine media is not about delivering news per se but editorialized content that caters to parties or individuals they favor. Why they do that is anyone's guess but I dare venture that ATM journalism may have something to do with it.......... or they are simply what they are.... belonging to the idiot box thus the shallow reporting.

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