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Gloria Arroyo & her palaka dumping Con ASS HR 1109

As we prepare for the big rally to show our outrage on the Palaka dominated Tongress HR 1109 PJ received an invite from Manny Pacquiao or his handlers at FaceBook to join President Gloria Arroyo Appreciation Group. While I am a big fan of the undisputed world best pound for pound boxer the timing and his wallowing in the muck of Philippine politics is ill-advised. It only shows that he should not dabble in politics lest he destroys all the hard work in his glorious achievement in the field of boxing.

Lu tong Mancao describes below the latest shameless political maneuverings of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her merged political party of Laban and Kampi now better known as PALAKA that makes the Hayden errrr hidden camera video sex scandal of wanna-be pornographer mother figure lover boy toy Hayden Kho
pale in comparison:
When insatiable greed in public office replaces even the most basic idea of what is right, what do we have?

H.R. No. 1109 - a pornographic display of leadership in national governance!

Sabog talaga ang tumb--g ng inang bayang sa mga pating na ito sa katihan!

Aruuuy ko po!
Indeed, I could not agree more that this is akin to pornographic display of political leadership on a national level, one that is truly perverted because it comes straight from the source of their political wisdom as depicted in the image above. House Resolution 1109 will pave the way for a CONstipational errrrr Constitutional Assembly or Con Ass for short but it is really nothing but a con in the ass.

Well, Randy David in his column titled House of Gloria, stressed the repercussion of staying quiet or apathetic in the midst of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her merged PALAKA's shameless and arrogant display of political opportunism :

Clearly, the election has begun, ahead of the one scheduled for 2010. And there is only one candidate—Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In this contest, no ballots will be distributed and counted. Only our voices and our feet will matter. We either protest and march, or we pray or make noise. To shut up and stay home in the face of this shameless display of political opportunism is to accept Gloria forever.
An aberrant political development I should say and a shameless act of impunity on the part of the dishonorable tongress errr congress people not content with their misdeeds has the audacity to literally flick a finger on the people (image stolen at The Equalizer).

If you are a blogger and want to show your outrage to this travesty you can download some badges at No to conASS site thanks to Jun Anteola my FaceBook buddy for the tip.

Those "geniuses" thought they can just dump their sick ill-timed constipational errrr constitutional agenda then they are wrong as shown on the growing outpouring of outrages and mass actions which thanks to these morons may just succeed in uniting the people where others have failed miserably.
Stop Cha Cha Now! a cause I joined at FaceBook was just composed of 91 members and a few days later has reached 4,100+ and still growing.

Another FaceBook cause Stop Con-ASS now! has reached 16,143 and still growing with a target of 100K may just get there sooner than anticipated with the help of decent freedom loving Filipinos at FaceBook.

Rallies will be held simultaneously in different places on June 10, 2009 in Makati, Katipunan Avenue ( in front of of Gate 2 of Ateneo), in Tondo (Sto.Nino Church), in Negros, Iloilo and in many cities of the country.

Vicente Romano III sent an announcement on the TindigNation Anti-ConAss Rally MANINDIGAN LABAN SA CON-ASS ni GLORIA! Black and White Movement and TindigNation allies assemble in front of Greenbelt 5 along Legaspi St at 4:15 pm and march to Ayala cor. Paseo de Roxas to join other groups for a short program (5 to 7 pm) to protest ConAss ni GMA.

"STOP GLORIA'S CON-ASS!" June 10, 5pm-8pm in front of Ninoy Aquino Monument, Ayala Ave., Makati, Caring Cabrera's Datu's Tribe will open the program.

FaceBook's cause Stop Con Ass Now! 'command center' will be located in the Starbucks coffee shop in Insular Life Building, Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo de Roxas will be manned by Susan 'Toots' Ople, Noli Benavent and staff of Blas Ople Policy Center from 12noon till rally time within the vicinity of the anti-ConAss June 10, 2009 rally in Makati from 5:00pm to 7pm.

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