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A Dinged Dong, Leaking Boobies, Sex, Lies, & Videotape Scandal in the Philippines complete with Sagging Butt

As one drives down the chaotic Edsa Highway that resembles a maze (one of the main thoroughfares in Metro Manila, Philippines) one cannot help but notice the huge posters of competing beauty clinics of Rosario Calayan of Calayan Surgicenter Corp. and Vicki Belo of Belo Medical Group (BMG) flaunting their piece of work in sexually suggestive poses. Handsome men, Beautiful women and even those in between as in gay or should we say reconditioned or perhaps reconfigured ooops no that is not the right word, let us just say beautifully enhanced perfectly molded models so shiny and bright in their almost Caucasian silken complexion so endowed in all the right places.

Gazing at these giant billboards almost gives you the feeling that you are not in the Philippines but in a tropical paradise island somewhere in dreamland where all the inhabitants are perfectly endowed with shapely figure so stunningly beautiful. Then there is this giant poster of a sexy actress/model with a foreign sounding name, the type I see in the bike paths of California’s picturesque landscape rollerblading or simply playing in the sands in their thongs trying to get as much sun to get that lovely tan. Except this actress/model was not exactly fair complexioned in the first place but with the wonders of the beauty clinic made her look like a sexy beach siren for a whopping cost of P500K to whiten her dark complexion according to our friend making a joke about the poster girl. The only problem was that her true colors errrr dark skin was evident as her offspring came out in this world with a dark complexion because the actress/model has dark complexion in the first place. So much for that farcical irony this article is all about what is going on with the beauty/cosmetic surgery clinic in the Philippines? Or better yet what is wrong with cosmetic surgery in the land where corruption is so endemic?

First we heard of the woes of a dinged dong of Filipino-American Louem Martinez who came to the Calayan Surgicenter Corp. for the removal of a cyst. Say what? Cyst removal so how in the name of Garcified backdoor Comelec electoral cheating did his dong got dinged? Heck, this is like a young clueless naive car buyer going to a used car lot sweet talked by hustler salesman into buying a lemon because he was offered whistles and bang like the stereotypical used car transaction to have his cyst removed, together with liposuction thrown in and an offer he can’t refuse...... a penile enlargement. Of course with a deal like that you ought to have a bad feeling that something amiss is going to happen and it did. True enough not only was his cyst not totally removed his prized possession also went bonkers and as if by a stroke of a Madam Auring psychic prediction I asked a while back which
I quote:
A patient seeking redress for his deformed pride and glory being counter sued is not pleasant and truly makes it a horrible experience. Top that with a banned device if it is true as claimed by Martinez lawyer and BFAD Director Gutierrez implanted inside your body is not exactly safe and reassuring. Calayan claims that it was Aquamid that she used and just made a mistake in saying Aquagel but the point is these substances are irrelevant if both were not approved by BFAD. Think of what will happen if a woman goes for breast augmentation, or reshaping some snub nosed Filipinos that may end up shaped into a bursting tomato using banned medical devices is just scary..... yikes and you get bullied with a counter lawsuit is like adding insult to injury and what about organ transplant? Oh never mind, lets deal with that some other time....... continue reading.
So now after the sex, lies, and videotape scandal of a Hayden Camera errr Kho the young doctored errr physician lover of antique oooops mother figure lover boy to the reconditioned yikes I meant beauty doctor Vicki Belo’s scandal reports are coming in if accurate on the leaking boobies of Gloria Arroyo no less points to Belo’s direction. This reminds me of a very funny satire written by Manuel Buencamino who wrote that as soon as Gloria woke up after the surgery at the Asian Hospital half dazed was muttering the famous first words :
Yon dagdag? Yon dagdag?
To which I responded with:
Did the doctor not respond with…… Don’t worry Madam President we had Garci assist us in making sure we counted the augmentation the Comelec way………
Anyway, this is really getting worse and it does not help Medical Tourism that the Philippine government is promoting when another botched operation scandal once again mars the fake errr beauty industry. There it is again as Trixie Cruz-Angeles posted a video below she aptly describes as Butt, lies and videotape...

Businesswoman Josefina Norcio who went to Belo Medical Group clinic for butt augmentation, things would have been fine except one butt cheek came out bigger than the other. She went back to have it corrected and another doctor attended to her but now instead of just a sagging butt she found herself in the intensive care of St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) for serious bacteria infection spreading to other parts of her body reported to have been caused by the hydrogel implant. An ordeal where the patient almost died is not exactly one would imagine finding themselves in such a situation over beauty enhancement is just scary.

This one is something to watch one that has similarity to the Louem Martinez dinged dong ordeal wherein the principal conveniently absolves themselves from responsibility because they were not the one who personally operated, inserted or did the procedure. According to Trixie Cruz-Angeles responding to my query the complainant will be running after all those who are responsible:

Though in general we are after the BMG as a corporate person on two grounds:
  1. Fraud in misrepresenting the safety of the procedure and of the polyacrilamide hyrdorgel; and
  2. Reckless imprudence both in the use of the untested hydrogel and the use of untrained physicians who are neither surgeons nor plastic surgeons.
Let us see how this will turn out, another one of those scandals people who are contemplating on having a procedure done in Manila to do their own due diligence before jumping into the beauty enhancement that may turn out to be life threatening.

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