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The Coming 2010 Philippine Election & Boob Circus Creates a Fiesta Mocking Frenzy

The National Boob errrr Bureau of Investigation or NBI is hot on the trail of the leak, no not Gloria Arroyo's plastic boob leak that some smart aleck says they intend to put a plug to stop the national embarrassment but the source of the leak at the Asian Hospital. The place where it all started when Gloria Arroyo went for H1N1 check-up to earn her PR mileage showing even the president is willing to undergo self-quarantine if we go by the initial story telling a lie of presidential hogwash errr mouthpiece Cerge Remonde. What a disaster it was no not the nation but the bootlickers so used to deceiving people had a major debacle akin to Comical Ali's.
Virgilio GarcillanoPatricio Mangubat is asking if leaking the leak on the presidential boob job is in violation of a so-called penal code on national security. Well, that seems odd or better yet to borrow Cerge Remonde's heavy Visayan accent description of the boob job leak as ahbbsoorhd errr absurd because a boob job is a boob job and however you look at it, it's still a boob job nothing more nothing less. It has nothing to do with national security at whatever angle you look at it except in the eyes of bootlickers of the Garcified regime.

The poor fellow whoever he/she is in big trouble and I don’t think the NBI should be running after the culprit just because they are our prestigious National BOOB errr Bureau of Investigation that runs after boob job faulty, fake or otherwise. Medical records are supposed to be confidential and it can only be divulged to a third party if the patient gave his/her consent but this is the president of a country although with questionable mandate still runs the show and therefore we had the right to know. Furthermore knowing her health condition is in no way a national security concern. Had Cerge Remonde and the palace people been more straight forward with the Filipino people this would not have reached into a national mockery.

What's up with the Department of Injustice poking their finger on the boob errr the leak, don't they have other more pressing cases to pursue than search and harass the source of the leak? Hopefully not to suffer the same fate as Bentain, Acza Ramirez, Jun Lozada and many others who could have sent people in the vacation destination that Romeo Jalosjos the convicted pedophile spent some leisure time.. the Bilibid Prisons.

True, there are issues that merit our attention than this presidential mammoplasty augmentation and according my new found Facebook friend Fengshui Aldric, they are making a boob errr a mountain of Gloria Arroyo’s mole errr molehill as if our natural resources has gone scarce…. a political farce that is. Well said my friend and how I agree that whatever legacy this administration will leave us if ever they have any intention to leave ranging from plastic governance to plastic surgery all the way to Lore-LIE Fajardo, yikes, what ever that means or is she?

Lintang BedolWhat is really disturbing in this national embarrassment is a reflection of the poor priority in allocating resources to petty investigation that embarrasses Gloria Arroyo when there are embarrassments that literally make a mockery of the system such as Lintang bedol. The fugitive Lintang Bedol who they seem unwilling to locate (last reported possibly in the US) was sentenced to six months of imprisonment and fined P1,000 after being found guilty of indirect contempt by the COMELEC. While the NBI scrambles to locate the boob leak years have passed where Lintang Bedol could not be found, no formal charges has been filed in the electoral fraud where he is a suspect. If Bedol was the increbedol errr is truly a sign of this administration’s incredulity what about the original math wizard backdoor operator Virgilio Garcillano? Talk about credibility right, not only do cheaters make a mockery of the electoral process, now the woman cheating errr seating by the Pasig River Palace is also one boob errr big mockery courtesy of incorrigible fumbling presidential mouthpiece Remonde and the gang errr palace officials.

So where are the twin nightmares of the national fiesta we call elections in the Philippines? Leslie Bocobo at FaceBook says Garci and Bedol are currently enrolled in a crony computer school taking up 'Automation 101.' To which Ferrum Mann brilliantly posted his response at FaceBook notes below.

My FB buddy Les Bocobo published this on his wall:

Garci and Bedol are currently enrolled in a crony computer school taking up 'Automation 101'.
To which, famed journalist/reporter Arlyn Dela Cruz replied:
"Sino kaya ang mag-top sa klase?"
I gave it a deep thought and I came up with this reply:
Nothing will happen. Graduation is coming up in two sems and Garci and Bedol are still stuck in key punching.

They may have mastered
COBOL (Cheating Operations in Bangsamoro-Occupied Lands) prior to enrolment, but
BASIC (Bello's Antipolo Sweatshop to Impose Counterfeits),
FORTRAN (Forgery Operations to Replace True Results by Addition and Negation) and
PASCAL (Police and Armed Soldiers Colluding with Arroyo's Lapdogs) are old systems that have been deemed obsolete by the new computers.

They might as well use
WINDOWS VISTA (Winner Is Now Decided Offline, in the Warehouse, before Shipping; Vote Is Switched To Administration).

If they do, it's time the people do a power re-boot!
Now that is brilliant I should say......

Where will this election lead us? Will this be a turning point towards political maturity or manurity? I can't help but compare this with Iranian Blogger and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who says vote, despite being derided by critics, was the 'freest and the healthiest election the world has ever seen' and that ' the path people are taking is clearer than before.'

Sounds familiar Isn't it? It is all about who can tell a bigger lie and no one can do anything about it. Never mind that people are rioting in the streets of Tehran or people in different neighborhoods climbing up their rooftops during and after his speech chanting "God is great!" and Death to the dictator!" just like Gloria Arroyo who was caught with her leaking breast err pants down ooops yikes I meant exposed in a taped conversation in rigging the last election still deludes herself and deceives the people of a "clear mandate."

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