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Filipino Americans of Cabalen descent chanting GAGA errrr GMA All The Way Poorever

Ok they did not exactly chant poorever errr forever but Lu Tong Mancau who is hard of hearing thought they were chanting GAGA forever. The US bwisit errr visit of course will not be complete without some frolicking by Gloria Arroyo with her cabalens in an event hosted by FIL-USA. Funny though but this new Filipino American group was just formed a few months ago by former Angeles City Mayor Edgardo D. Pamintuan, Arroyo’s adviser for Subic and Clark infrastructure projects.

So is the organizer US based while he serves as an adviser for the president? If indeed Edgardo Pamintuan is based in the Philippines this guy really move mountains or was it the dollar to get 500 people to the event. Lu Tong Mancao says he just don’t know if more than half of those who attended are mostly from the Philippines since La Gloria travels with a large retinue of bootlickers. But then again knowing that a good number of Filipino Americans are typical of Photo Op hungry like Philippine traditional politicians who scrambles to position themselves beating even a Ron Artest to the punch, it really does not come as a surprise that even a dubious president is treated like a celebrity they shamelessly errr proudly wants to share in the steal errr still image for “posterity.”

This is almost like a circus freak show that went to Washington and I can’t help but quote Valli Faith Estacion Bibit at Facebook paraphrasing Disraeli that seems to be the sentiment of a lot of Filipinos even the Americanized ones:
If PGMA were to fall into the Potomac during her visit to Washington, that would be a misfortune. If they dragged her out again, that would be a calamity.
Would you believe that Stuntman/Actor turned senator Lito Lapid was also with the circus errr the party who personally appealed to Gloria Arroyo just like a juvenile brat so he can tag along. To his credit or was it discredit, I should say he is the embodiment of shallowness like a star struck fan but to his credit he was honest enough (a rare instance I should say) to blabber his position or lack of it, to quote:
“I hope I’d be lucky enough to be chosen among the five that would be allowed to accompany the President when she meets Obama. This will be my first time ever to meet a US president in person because I might not have the chance anymore. So I asked the President herself to sign me up on this trip,” said Lapid in Filipino during an interview with reporters before the FilUSA dinner for the President at the Willard Hotel.

Based on previous announcements made by Malacañang, the five slots in the Obama visit would be allotted to Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo, Philippine Ambassador to the US Willy Gaa, a representative each from the House (Speaker Prospero Nograles), and the Senate (Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is the head of the Senate Foreign Affairs committee and she is part of the entourage).

Lapid said he was not planning on saying anything to Obama if he met him face-to-face.

“I will just listen because it is up to the President (Arroyo) what they should talk about, I will just be there for support,” he said.

Lapid admitted that he was starstruck by Obama that he would do anything just to have photograph with the most powerful man in the world. “I like him because he is young and he is the first black US President,” said Lapid.
Now that is a senator speaking, thank gawd his kind is not the majority or is it? I can’t help laugh so hard at one of the response from Pora C. Poblacion complete with Pampango accent, which I quote:
Lito, cabalen, indi ka na nga dapat magsalita. Mairap na. May mga lubid naman ang mga kurtina dun. Makitahan mo na lang ng stunt si Obama. Pero dapat masuhot ka ng rubbers shoes baka madulas ka sa makinang na baldosa. Mapaiya pa kaming iyong mga cabalen. (Lito my provincemate, you really should not talk. Anyway there are ropes in the curtains there. Just show Obama some stunt act but make sure you wear rubber shoes you might slip and stumble in their shiny floors. You really don’t want to embarrass us your province mates.)
Lapid says he cannot run for re-election as he cannot afford to raise the campaign funds needed so with presidential son Luan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo’s blessing he is running for Governor. He was the former governor of Pampanga whose measly lahar quarry fee collection for a year took just a couple of weeks when Among Ed Panlilio took the helm of the Capitol. This he say will dispel the rumors that Gloria Arroyo is not running for a seat in congress in the district where Mikey Arroyo is the incumbent with plans to run for a third term.

I just hope that Malacanag did not bring with them the stink that surrounds the palace where diarrhea is prevalent and now getting to be one of the major killers in the country. A country whose president deludes herself that in 2010 the Philippines will be an economic force to reckon with when people along the river have not seen or uses the palace river as their toilet as seen in this video courtesy of Carlo Cielo at Facebook.

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