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Filipinos who became US Citizens...

I found this funny FaceBook note of Francis San Gabriel on Filipinos who became US citizens. I bet you this will give you a good laugh but you have to speak or understand the Filipino language to appreciate this.
The US INS recently released the list of names of Filipinos who changed their names when they became naturalized U.S. Citizens. Who knows...you might encounter them one day.
  • Gregorio Talahib - George Bush
  • Tomas Cruz - Tom Cruise
  • Macario Maldonado - Mac Donald
  • Remegio Batungbacal- Remington Steel
  • Victoria Malihim-Victoria Secret
  • Bienvenido Jurado - Ben Hur
  • Juanito Lakarin - Johnny Walker
  • Federico Hagibis- Federal Express
  • Esteban Magtaka - Stevie Wonder
  • Jaime Bondoc - James Bond
  • Leon Mangubat - Tiger Woods
  • Eleuterio Ignacio- Electronic Ignition
  • Burgos Bahag-Hari - Burger King
  • Kasimiro Bukaykay - Cashmere Bouquet
  • Maria Calas - Mary Kay
  • Rogelio Dagdagan - Roger Moore
  • Topacio Mamaril - Top Gun
  • Restituto Pruto - Tutti Frutti
  • Samue l Tampipi - Sam Sonite
  • Veneracion De Asis - Venereal Disease
  • Alfonso De Asis - Alzheimer Disease
  • Francisco Portero - Frank Porter
  • Diosdado Durante- Deo Dorant
  • Roberto Controlado- Bert Control
  • Carpio Llanes - Carpool Lanes
  • Julia Domingo - Holy Sunday
  • Maria Pascua - Mary Christmas
  • Ligaya Anonuevo - Happy New Year
  • Elena Mangaso – Helen Hunt
  • Nicasio Jaula – Nicolas Cage [actor Nicolas Cage’s real name: Nicolas Coppola]
  • Demetria Dagdag – Demi Moore [Note: the real name of the Demi Moore is Demetria Guynes]
  • Mandolina Dagdag – Mandy Moore
  • Miguelito Zapatero – Michael Schumacher [teka, Aleman yata itong kumag na ito ah ( Wait this one seems German)]
  • Hugo Bigyan – Hugh Grant [Ingles naman tong isang ito. At ang tunay na Hugo Bigyan ay isang artist na nakatira sa paanan ng Bundok Banahaw (This one is a Brit but the real Hugo Bigyan is an artist living at the foot of Mt. Banahaw)]
  • Cariazo Bigyan – Cary Grant [medyo may edad na itong isang ito, pati na yung sumulat ( It seems this one is old and so is the writer)]
  • Casimiro N. Cariazo – Cash N. Carry
  • Guillermo Tarangkahan – Bill Gates
  • Derelicto Ramos – Derek Ramsey [teka, Amboy to ah! ( Wait this one is an American Boy)]
  • Vedasto “Bhoy” Ramos – Ving Rhames
  • Caridad Ginagabi-gabi – Kiera Knightley
  • Mateo Damujo – Matt Damon

  • **Meron pang dagdag: (There's more from the creative thinker "jgg")
  • Karen Batobato - Sharon Stone
  • Roberto Maasahin - Bob Hope
  • Hilaria Kulintang - Hillary Clinton
  • William Pisara - Bill Board
  • Amelia Pagbigyan - Amy Grant
  • Labrador N. Kiskis - Love N. Kisses
  • Barako Bombador - Barack Obama
And who can beat this couple . .. . .
  • Irineo BustaMante - IBM
  • Linda BustaMante - LBM

Disclaimer: This article is listed under satire and therefore is just that, satire. While some of the names listed are actual names or real persons they are entirely fictitious not targeting any particular individual. It is a fiction and humor that is not intended to maliciously hurt or offend people in any manner or form.

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