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Students warned not to Mention Obama

Black Talk Radio Network sent Political Jaywalker an email regarding a program by Bennie Randall titled Don't Talk about OBAMA. Say what now? It appears that there are troubling developments where students are warned about mentioning the name of President-Elect Barack Obama. A school bus drivers warns students of being written up and sent to the principals office in Mississippi and a coach in another incident not to be outdone says students will face suspension for mentioning Obama's name. The incidents was reported by angry parents according to a Wapt article.

The Civil Liberties Union are looking into the allegations and was concerned on the numerous complaints throughout the state from students and parents on the violations of their freedom of speech. The incident according to ACLU encompass harassment, bullying and intimidation, below is an MSNBC account on the 2 boys kicked out of the school bus:

Reginald Simpson said kids on the school bus were saying, "Obama is our president." That's when he said the bus driver told the kids not to say the president-elect's name because she didn't want to hear it.

"Somebody said, 'This is history, woman,'" Reginald Simpson said. "She pulled over and kicked me and the kid off the bus."

The two boys were left at High School. They were later taken to Junior High School, where they attend school.

"We teach our kids not to be racist, and here it is going on," Canishia Simpson said. "I feel hurt by this."

School officials looked at surveillance video from inside the bus. They told Canishia Simpson that the bus driver overreacted.

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