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Cha-Cha is Gloria Arroyo’s version of Change

Gloria Macapagal ArroyoWhen Barack Obama run on a platform of change, it meant exactly that but why are the Filipino politicians using the same mantra of change when it is actually more of the same? Not to be outdone and since the great copy cat will somehow concoct a look-alike change mantra except it was anchored on hopelessness Cha-Cha is Gloria Arroyo’s version of change except it is more of the same and the most horrible things is yet to come.

No, change is not just changing the constitution using the Mafiosi congress as constipational errr constituent assembly with both lower and upper house voting as one as a substitute for the elected constitutional delegates. Yeah, we understand that times are hard and there is a need to save the much squandered government resources but really why not just declare martial law if the intent was to scrimp. Gloria Arroyo has never been known to be frugal when it comes to taxpayers’ money especially when she squanders them like money is going out of style, just look at the Phil-Health, Fertilizer scams, and election spending so great that the Philippines experienced a huge surge in GDP.

What’s up with Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo leading the signature drive of the rubber stamp congress kuligs (insects) errr colleagues to amend the constitution? Hudas errr who does he think he is fooling? Mikey Jr. probably never heard of shameless much less delicadeza an unheard of trait that younger generation politicians has no clue if such exist in the land of cheats. Ok, assuming that we take his mother dearest the Garcified President word (like she still has any credibility, lol) that her "intent" was to handover a “strong republic” to her successor, why in the name of Comelec math wizard is she dangling “bon-bons” (palace funds) to the mob errr congress loyal allies? Really, if the intent was leaving a stronger republic there is no need for them to be bribed, is it because the real purpose was so obvious as shown in the Dureza prayer slip?

Malacanang is in denial errr trying desperately to "distance" themselves from the cha-cha maneuverings even though it was obvious no matter how they lie errr deny their role. If indeed they are not in on this why did Gloria Arroyo and FG Mike Arroyo attended the private lunching of the signature drive? A party on November 15 was held, hosted by Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez for Gloria Arroyo and First Boor errr FG Mike Arroyo in launching charter change (Cha-cha) to extend Gloria Arroyo’s stay in Malacañang at 42 McKinley Road, Forbes Park teeming with 80 of her congressional loyalist as reported by Niñez Cacho-Olivares. A quote from Olivarez report:
“The consensus among congressmen is that the high court will rule in favor of the petition for joint voting, since the President is in control of the (majority) justices in the Supreme Court (SC),” one source said.

The plan also calls for a shift to the parliamentary system, to enable Mrs. Arroyo to run for a seat in Pampanga and end up with her becoming the prime minister.

It was not made clear whether a federal form of government is to be pushed, but what is clear is that it will be a parliamentary system that will be pushed, with all term limits lifted, including the term limits of the Local Government executives.

The sources also said that the plan also calls for an election in 2010, but with a new Constitution already in place, the elections to be held will no longer be for the presidency and 12 senators, but for district elections under a parliamentary system.

House members present at the launching of Mrs. Arroyo’s term extension via the Cha-cha claimed that Press Secretary Jesus Dureza, made that slip of the tongue, as an offshoot of the Cha-cha plot launched at Romualdez’ Forbes Park home.
Here is Dureza’s slip of the forked errr tongue posted by Manuel Buencamino at Uniffors:
Bless the President so we will have forbearance, good health, the tolerance to lead this nation up to 2010 and perhaps who knows even beyond.
Looks like there will be no presidential election if this pushes through with about 120 to 150 signatures already gathered according to Iloilo Representative Raul Gonzalez Jr. with the President’s party Kampi forming the sinister errr core group behind the campaign. With “bon-bons” floating around, the magic number of 196 votes needed comprising two-thirds of the combined membership of the Senate (23) and the House (238) is just around the corner. If the numbers game or the rule of the mob in the past impeachment attempts against Gloria Arroyo is used as a basis for predicting the outcome to arrive at the "magic number" then the die is cast that they will surely get it.

Jose Montelibano’s recent article, Change we do not know aptly describes the political situation in the Philippines, to quote:
The sustained unpopularity of Gloria, the sustained unacceptability of the Opposition, these are indicators that the Filipino is caught in between a rock and hard place. If the rock and the hard place were not locked in aggressive combat, then the Filipino has much more time to stay in between them. But they push hard against each other and will force the trapped Filipino to react in a way that is just as difficult to predict.
Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm
True, how people react is difficult to predict and I am sure Arroyo’s mobs are not worried about that as they are so used to have their way with nary a whimper from their constituents. But then again who knows if this time around things will be different and change may yet come to this forsaken land. Imagine throngs of angry and hungry people asserting their political will, not exactly a pretty picture should it happen according to Senator Kiko Pangilinan:

The times are harder than ever, and with the blatant display of personal political ambitions, our people do not trust the national leadership - it shouldn't test the patience of a deeply disappointed people. The Arroyo government shouldn't take the people for fools willing to swallow the garbage called Chacha it is now dishing out.

Will there be another Edsa people revolt should the administration push through with charter change? Is that why she was desperately and miserably trying to no avail to have a photo-op with President-elect Barack Obama? A much needed propaganda of "implied support" to fool the gullible people in her charter change maneuverings when she is clearly not getting any from the incoming U.S. President. Gloria Arroyo's moves may just be what The Equalizer believe as the pride before the fall and with the bizarre rise from the dead of an old relic of the ugly past something sinister may just occur........ a scary thought to contemplate according to Manuel Buencamino.

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