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Bloggers Unite for Uniting Refugees

Bloggers Unite

Life is short and yet we make this world a living hell. A living hell caused by wars and conflicts not of our own doing and yet wars of attrition are fought in places where unarmed and defenseless civilians are not just caught in the crossfire but are the unwilling targets of terror and inhumane barbaric acts.

Ideological wars are raging fanned by hatred and religious zeal fueled by leaders with insatiable appetite and greed for political and economic power to seize control of territories at the expense of wrecking havoc on families that gets separated while fleeing from the conflict to loss of innocent lives.

The numerous wars and conflicts are so enormous that we may have been sensitized by the daily fare on the news on the conflicts that we fail to see the consequence of people’s sufferings. They are displaced and separated from their families and kin with their livelihood destroyed and no means to survive are forced to camp in refugee centers at the mercy of aid to survive.

This is the 21st century and yet conflicts are still settled through the barrel of the gun it must stop now. In this day and age should we not see settling of differences in a forum where free flow of ideas clash and allow those that serves the interest of their people prevail?

Pedestrian Observer GB joins Bloggers Unite at BlogCatalog in solidarity to appeal to our world leaders to resolve the conflicts now and unite the refugees with their families in their pursuit to live life like all peace loving people of the world in our pursuit for economic, political, and social stability.

With the the historical election of Barack Obama, I see hope that our world will be a better place to live in with hopefully easing of resentment towards the US will open the door for mutual respect and better understanding ultimately reducing conflicts among nations.

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