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Overseas Absentee Voters Registration Underway

“The overseas absentee voters registration drive and the campaign for dual citizenship in the Philippines are aggressively pursued by the Global Filipino Nation, a socio-civic, non-political international council,” reported Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, a GFN Convenor and Lead Harvester of the two worldwide campaigns.

Dr. Chua, a cardiac surgeon in Northwest Indiana and Chairman of the Filipino United Network (USA), pointed out that these two drives are aimed at waking up the more than 12 million strong Filipino Sleeping Giant overseas, who could be a most potent force in changing the political and economic landscape of the Philippines and fight for good governance and the eradication o
f the massive poverty in the country.

The GFN Lead Harvester is sounding the clarion call for every Filipino to register and vote for truly qualified and honest candidates in the 2010 elections in the Philippines, those who are for good governance, for honesty, transparency and accountability, unlike many of the current government officials who are involved in pervasive graft and corruption, causing more than 30% of our people to languish in the gutter of poverty.

All the GFN Harvesters around the world, led by Victor Barrios, GFN Chair, have been mobilized to aggressively campaign for dual citizenship (among those Filipinos who are now citizens of another country) and for the overseas absentee voting registration in time for the 2010 elections in the Philippines.

“Once registered, each Filipino overseas shall be empowered, thru the ballot, to help shape the destiny of our native country and our people, which is a great and historic privilege,” Dr. Chua emphasized.

Our country needs everyday heroes and every Filipino overseas is encouraged to spread the word around and lead in this drive for dual citizenship and overseas absentee voting registration, by contacting their respective Filipino organization in their area, or their Philippine Consular Office. For the info and benefits of dual citizenship, please access this website: www.FilipinoUNITEDnetwork.com or www.FUN8888.com, or send your email queries to scalpelpen@gmail.com

*Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, Cardiac Surgeon Emeritus in Northwest Indiana, USA, trained at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, is Chairman of Filipino United Network (FUN-USA), Vice Chairman of Filipino American Leadership Council (FALCONadvocacy) and Vice President for Far East of Cardiovascular Hospitals of America, Wichita, Kansas. He is a columnist for five newspapers and one magazine in the United States and five newspapers and one magazine in the Philippines.

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