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Aisha Ibrahim Duholow a 13 year old girl Stoned to Death

Once again another horrific gruesome injustice at the hands of ignorant Islamic Militias with links to Al-Queda responsible for killing thousands of civilians in strife torn Somali sentenced a rape victim to death by stoning for adultery. How they arrive at the verdict on an innocent 13 year old girl refugee raped by 3 men with adultery under their corrupt interpretation of Islamic laws is beyond comprehension.

Somalia is a nation of 8 million people is one of the world's most violent and impoverished countries. In 1991 the warlords overthrew a dictatorial government only to replace it with the chaos of non-functioning government and turning their guns on each other.

In a nation where warlords prevail, aberrations of this nature are likely to happen where abnormality transforms to being normal. Instead of arresting the perpetrators when she attempted to report the crime to the Al-Shabab militias controlling the port city of Kismayo, Somalia, Aisha Ibrahim Duholow was the one that was accused of adultery and detained for a “crime” perpetrated by lowly animals who thought they were humans.

A truckload of stones was brought to the stadium where 1,000 spectators witnessed Aisha Ibrahim Duholow desperately struggling was forcefully carried into the arena where she was buried to the ground neck deep with more than a dozen sorry excuses for a human being in mad frenzy like wild animals stoned her to death.

Unarmed civilians abhorring such criminal acts are no match against armed mad zealots of the Islamic militias in a climate of fear and terror who opened fire when some to the witnesses attempted to rescue Aisha Ibrahim Duholow, shooting a boy who was just a bystander. Amnesty International reported that an Al-Shabab spokesperson apologized for the death of the child saying the militia member would be punished. I don’t think we can count on that with the kind of perverted justice they dispense where victims are condemned to death by the horrendous painful death of stoning who knows who they will punish for the “guilt” of perhaps the boy's family for allowing him to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

To ensure that the verdict of inhumane horrific cruelty was meted out to the innocent young girl a nurse was called to check if she was still alive after she was dug out from the hole. All it takes was a nod from the nurse despite Aisha barely breathing and hanging weakly on to dear life was once more subjected to the same ordeal of another round of burying her neck deep into the filthy ground and the frenzy of more than a dozen mad men ensues once again to finish her off.

As if the gruesome death of an innocent girl was not enough to satiate their perverted Islamic interpretation of their laws a Sheik Hayakalah, was quoted on Radio Shabelle saying:

The evidence came from her side and she officially confirmed her guilt, while she told us that she is happy with the punishment under Islamic law.
A Sheik who interprets Islamic Laws and has the power to issue edicts like “Fatwa” or death sentence is a danger not just to himself but more so to society at large. If some delusional lying Sheik can make a fool of himself at the expense of human lives people under their authority are definitely at risk and it was reported that some individuals have fled Kismayo for fear of suffering the same fate as Aisha Ibrahim Duholow. In this case the dangers of mixing religion and politics especially when taken to both extremes has dire consequence affecting the lives of innocent people that are subjected to the laws of madmen under the guise of "heavenly" delusions instead of the rule of law. Beware and be wary we may just end up like those we abhor when we see the Christian ultra-right judge our leaders based on emotional biases and prejudices they mistook for their religious "convictions."

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