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Change is Inevitable in the Philippine Senate

Talk about change that is ushering in the U.S. in light of an Obama win and not to be out done the Philippine Senate is also caught up in the same frenzy. Except in the Philippine Senate change is more of the same, that is pathetically moving backward instead of forward to its relics of its ugly past. It was more like waking up to a nightmare with Juan Ponce Enrile of all people as the new Senate President.

Congratulations senators, you just went into a full circle, not that the present leadership is not bad enough but surely it is was from bad to worse and then when the one swearing in the senate president is no other than the perennial coup leader Enrile side-kicked errr side-kick Gringgo Honasan it gets worst than ever.

Manuel Buencamino at Uniffors wrote:

Enrile thanked his supporters profusely.

“Even as I honestly never sought the position of Senate president for myself, I can tell you that no honor or recognition can compare to one such as this, which comes from my own peers. Allow me this opportunity to ask you, my colleagues, to forgive my shortcomings. I am an old man who has acquired some bad habits of sometimes being arrogant, rude, harsh with my words, insensitive and impatient. Yet, you have so kindly overlooked these shortcomings and generously chose me to be your leader.”

Senators who so kindly overlooked Enrile’s acquired bad habits and shortcomings and generously chose him to be their leader are Edgardo Angara, Rodolfo Biazon, Chiz Escudero, Jinggoy Estrada, Richard Gordon, Gregorio Honasan, Panfilo Lacson, Lito Lapid, Loren Legarda, Jamby Madrigal, Bong Revilla, Mar Roxas, Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Enrile himself.

Those who for reasons of their own were not so generous are Joker Arroyo, Alan Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Francis Pangilinan, Aquilino Pimentel jr., Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III. They did not vote against Enrile, they were kind enough to abstain.

The nightmare errr the coup was enough for Jove Francisco 's jaw to drop at Facebook when he learned about the still unknown events that transpired before the Senate coup.

MLQ III says it is a mutiny for a bounty or a re-alignment of evil errr of forces in view of the 2010 pissedential contest oooops presidential elections to neutralize Money errr Manny Villar who is a presidential hopeful. Heck that just goes to show how pathetic Philippine politics and The Equalizer sees the devil incarnate errr a Faustian bargain:
It shows that all the presidentiables are willing to make FAUSTIAN bargains to advance their own ambitions.
Mon Casiple’s Weblog on Philippine Politics entry Villar’s Senate Waterloo thinks Enrile’s rise from the dead errr to the Senate Presidency will pave the way for charter change:
Of course, there is the opportunity for the GMA administration to pursue the Charter change agenda under Enrile’s watch. However, he is too much of a wild card at this time of an increasingly lameduck GMA presidency. It is more correct to say that anything may happen. What is more discernible is that the ruling coalition will try to make a play to stay on top of the increasingly unstable situation.

We must watch out for the agreements that underpin the majority’s support for an Enrile Senate presidency. There is more than meets the eye on this one.
Jon Mariano an OFW in Hong Kong says that Philippine politics at least in the senate is all about back-stabbing and even front-stabbing, lol too much callousness in play perhaps that if there is really no rule in the game as in anything goes.

For whatever its worth one thing is certain the Philippine Senate truly reflects the kind of people that occupies that position and it is not pretty.....
to think that we thought something positive will come out of Panfilo Lacson's expose' on the C5 extension project dubbed as the Sarah Palin counterpart of the Road to Nowhere, was nothing but a ploy to put his kuligs (insects) errrr colleagues on the spot. No wonder the probe was selective as usual and no one dares touch Mike Velarde whose properties also benefited from the funding (although there were claims they have not received a single cent) which I suspect was aimed solely at Villar. Anyway it is too early to tell if indeed they are too afraid to touch Mike Velarde for fear of losing a voting bloc that he commands coming from his fanatical sex errr sect followers if indeed he can really deliver those votes. Now that Manny Villar has been unseated, will they still pursue the C5 probe and extend the prove to include Mike Velarde? That remains to be seen and in the Philippine political realm we seem to see more of the aberration than change for the better...... let us see how this unfolds.........

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