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Gloria Arroyo & her Entourage on a US $20K Gluttons Pig Out at Le Cirque?

Gloria Arroyo and her entourage of family members together with sycophants of the political and wheeling and dealing hangers on scandalized elite New Yorkers in their pig out (or was it drinking binge?) of all place a classy Le Cirque gourmet restaurant. There is no doubt that it is not your run of the mill franchise dime a dozen restaurant but an exclusive expensive classy restaurant frequented by food connoisseurs who can afford the quality of the fare.
People who frequent the restaurant spends money within reason in dining out at the place and that is to be expected and normal. If it was so how come Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s party was noticed and landed in Washington Post gossip page six section?

If you look at the menu while it cost more if you are used to the quantity of the grub over quality offered at regular US restaurants it is expensive but not that expensive costing a house and lot in the Philippine Timbuktu or 10 Gawad Kalinga houses. Obviously if we go by what was reported she was on a drinking binge mode thus their tab went sky high over the roof as seen in this Washington Post page six article:
THE economic downturn hasn't persuaded everyone to pinch pennies. Philippines President Maria Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was at Le Cirque the other night with a large entourage enjoying the good life, even though the former comptroller of her country's armed services, Carlos Garcia, was found guilty earlier this year of perjury and two of his sons were arrested in the US on bulk cash-smuggling charges. Macapagal-Arroyo ordered several bottles of very expensive wine, pushing the dinner tab up to $20,000.
The remarkable wine list of Le Cirque is impressive to say the least housed in a climatized steel and glass tower that holds 2,000 bottles of red wine. Most of the white wines are stored in a slightly cooler glass room. The wines cost from a low $28.00 to a 1900 chateau d’yquem for $12,000, so did they go for the wine at bottom of the list which would mean they went on a binge drinking like college kids on a spring break and definitely not the top of the list as it was an army of alcoholics errrr a big party that invaded the restaurant.

Ahhh what a life, who would not go on a celebratory drinking binge considering her scandal prone administration, was “rewarded” with a “first” among Asian leaders to visit the new administration of US President Barack Obama. Who would not be greedy errr giddy at the privilege of being the “chosen one,” for sure she believes she is entitled to have a celebration with her sycophants. She being the President of dubious mandate surely has to be in a place where celebrities and people of note gather for all the poor mortals to gawk and be awed at the sight. From the looks of it a comedy of errors ensued thus they were noticed enough to be on the gossip column and .Filipinos Awake makes it more laughable with a comment at the page six article I quote below:
The Philippine president was doing her damndest best to help stimulate the US economy, you ungrateful Americans!

Arroyo is now super-rich having stolen so much during her 10-year of corrupt rule... love her and you'll get more of those money when people power oust her
Ok, don’t go blaming the rich fatso errr I meant Mike Arroyo, sorry I just can’t help that description of Luli Arroyo on her dad that it stuck with me every time Mike Arroyo is in the picture. If the reports were accurate there is no truth to the rumor that he ate the restaurant out of every food available for the night but it was the wine that the missus ordered that jacked up the tab. If this is not the height of decadence I don't know what is, especially when you see quite a number of Filipinos going hungry or worse subsisting on pagpag a term used in recycled food fished out of junk food restaurant trash bins.

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