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Gloria Arroyo, 41st in Forbes’ Most Powerful Women of the World

Gloria Arroyo made it to the Forbes’ list of most powerful women of the world and yet her numerous retinue of blabbermouth seems so eerily quiet at the horror errr “honor” and “prestige” it brings. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Lu Tong Mancao thinks it is a bad thing especially if you look at the write-up of Tatiana Serafin at Forbes below:
Gloria Arroyo & Imelda Marcos Queen of Decadent Excess
The scandal-tainted president's popularity fell to a record low in June over escalating food and energy prices; Arroyo soon announced a deal with oil companies to trim diesel prices. A recent imbroglio: Arroyo's husband is among those accused of accepting bribes in a $330 million deal with a Chinese telecom firm. Despite rumors of another ouster campaign in the works, Arroyo has survived three impeachment attempts and three coup plots since taking office in 2001 and is sure to fight back.
No wonder she is not jumping in joy, the write-up is not exactly flattering for the deluded one so this must be the reason why they are not bragging about the “accomplishment” if indeed we can consider it as one.

According to Forbes Francesca Donner the list of the worlds’ most powerful women who made it to the list was not about celebrity and personality, it’s all about influence, to quote:
In assembling the list, Forbes looked for women who run countries, big companies or influential nonprofits. Their rankings are a combination of two scores: visibility--by press mentions--and the size of the organization or country these women lead.
Arroyo is definitely not a celebrity, she being a politician and popular she is definitely not. Perhaps infamous better describes her and her scandal prone administration so despised yet wields so much power.

In terms of visibility she passed that with flying cohorts’ errr color, why even the gossip column of Washington Post took notice. The size as in “large” country that her blabbermouth errr spokesperson like Cerge Remonde and GloriLIE Fajardo taunts errr touts about as if the runaway population running amok with baby factories gives them the justification to spoil themselves with decadent luxurious entitlement. An entitlement to pig out extravaganza in fine dinning restaurants , alcohol binges with fine wines, and hotel accommodations reserved for the royalties and mega rich.

With Arroyo’s inclusion into the worlds’ most powerful women you would expect a triumphal return akin to Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi heroes welcome in Libya. It should pose no problem after all she is “influential” with her Palaka dominated congress who will have no problem bussing truckloads of rent a crowd as her cheering boisterous pangs errr fans. "Admirers" who probably will scream even louder that the “birthers” and anti-death panel at the American town hall meetings on health care reform. Of course she is a "hero" in Lubao, with jueteng intact the number one livelihood program of the province dislodging Lahar Quarrying plunder (spoiled by Among Ed Panlilio's honest collection effort so he must be dislodge by of course the wife of alleged Jueteng Lord), the crowd will swell with Jueteng Cobramen and women (illegal numbers game bet collector) owing her a debt of gratitude for not being serious in eradicating their source of "income."

They should really celebrate especially now that they have Imelda “Imeldific” Marcos the Queen of excess and decadence to their rescue in an interview by Mario Dumaual of ABS-CBN:
You know, we're talking about a dinner for a President for an anniversary, and in America, it's double, triple the prices. And you cannot put them in the sidewalk for their anniversary. Maawa naman kayo, para 'yon lang! Nakakahiya 'yong pinag-aawayan. Doon sa Amerika, 'di malaki iyon (Have pity, it is just one of those! It is embarrassing that we fight over this. In America, it is not a big deal).
Look who’s talking, the mother of all excesses who had the “honor” in landing the Guinness book of world record. Of course she has to defend her nephew the pork barrel bagman of the Arroyo’s who is entrusted with taxpayers’ money in billions of pesos for their political maneuverings. Ayayayay, Imeldific the shoe lady should just shut up lest she makes Gloria Arroyo looking good compared to her delusions and squandering habits. Just because the Aquino family accepted their condolence it does not follow that she was given a “license” to once again insist on a hero’s burial for the frozen one.

Of course Imelda Marcos will naturally identify and empathize with Gloria Arroyo since both of have one thing in common with Elda Beguinua the Contessa de Kulasa. What? Elda Beguinua the self-proclaimed "tredizillionaire" heir to Galleon trade bullions dwarfing the mythical gold treasure of Ferdinand Marcos
? As Lutong Mancao ask in disbeliefe on what exactly was the connection. Well, the three muskeeters errrr the three ladies share the same entitlement on enjoying the finer things in life. Elda Beguinua the Lady Contessa de Kulasa like Gloria Arroyo and Imelda Marcos has a weakness for beautiful signature clothes, accessories, fine dinning, fine wines and gets chauffered in a limousine to be seen in places where famous people hang out.

Going back to Forbes, it is a mistake to have included La Gloria Arroyo and I say there goes their credibility and an affront to those legitimate most powerful women of the world. But then again, it was not exactly powerful and influential in a good way so no harm no foul. Her being powerful was more of thick hide impudence and influential that is more of influence peddling.

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